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What Should Be the Symptoms of A Good Man?

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I am an English writer. Today, in this article, I want to give some points of good person.


Characteristic Of Good Person

What should be the symptoms of a good man? If you ask someone like that, they will say that you are crazy. Because every human being is going to say that we have all the good qualities. In fact, the picture looks a bit different. So in today's fast paced life it is very difficult to cultivate good qualities. Today's man is living a selfish life.

In this age a person does not respect another person. Such a person is immersed in his own universe. The best characteristic of a person is that he should love everyone. It should never be discriminated against. A person with good symptoms should always help others. A good person should have a place in another person's heart.

Today's people are selfish and self-centered. As a result, the attitude of the people in the society has changed. Today man sees his selfishness everywhere. There are many factors in society that depend on others. They expect someone to help them. Only a person with good symptoms can fulfill all their expectations.

There are some words in the life of a common man in his daily life which do not immediately realize its meaning. But we can't imagine what a bitter experience those words are. The symptoms of a good man come from their experience. How a person with good symptoms behaves, how he speaks, and how he treats another person. It all depends on his qualities.


Character Is More Important Than Education

Today, society needs a person with good symptoms. This will lead to the progress of the society and the nation. Because of such people, the name of that society and nation is progressing in the world. Everyone knows this. But good qualities do not come automatically in any person, they have to be acquired. But this is not possible for all individuals.

The definition of the word humanity is limitless. Humanity is a religion that everyone should follow. Humanity is in dire need of the society and the nation today. It does not matter how long a person lives and what kind of life he lives. Most importantly, what good qualities that person has contributed to society and the nation.

Character is more important than human education. Not every educated person is charismatic and not every charismatic person is educated. Man takes a bad path to fulfil his basic needs. Therefore, such a person is dangerous for everyone. A person who cares for the interests of the society and the nation is loved by all.

Everyone knows that a person's personality is revealed through his thoughts and actions. Everyone tries to make themselves look beautiful, but it's all mortal. The good qualities of that person are everlasting. Psychologists say that communicating and balancing the intellect, emotions and willpower is the development of all the faculties of life. Balancing all of this is a sign of a well-rounded personality.

Individuals and society, individuals and nature, life and intimacy should be the most harmonious. According to Swami Vivekananda, a person with good character should use his intellect wisely. Similarly, endurance and forgiveness are two very important qualities. It is important that a good person does not endanger the health of the community.

It is a sign of a good person not to allow unreasonable stress in personal life. Life should be lived in peace and happiness. The Lord made the moon so that the light of the sun could not tolerate the world. Man should never live helplessly. The virtue of a good person should always be satisfied.


To Uplift Our Society

Every person should try to capture good qualities from scripture. Because such scripture teaches every man, how to live a life. Saints are the incarnation of God. Saint is a knowledgeable person, they knew that which qualities common man acquired? But while living our life, we neglect such a thing.

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Today the whole world is suffering from a global epidemic called covid-19. Communication of people are arises to some great extent. Whatever the real community problem, good qualities and etiquette are needed to solve it. It providing the necessary facilities and services to the underprivileged people at the bottom of the society to live a life of selflessness in times of crisis is also a recognition of good qualities.

The corona has disrupted the lives of ordinary people. But a person with good intellect and symptoms in the society is improving the life of the deprived person in the society. So today we know how much the society and the nation need good people. The foundation of the nation and society is built on the thinking of good people.

People with good symptoms are getting good response from all sections of the society. Everyone wants wealth, so every person is ruining after money. Everyone dreams to live a happy life. So that person is working tirelessly. A good person fulfills all the desires and aspirations of that family. Today, material happiness and the way of life have changed. A person who has a lot of money and wealth is considered very well by the society today. But this is wrong.

There are many types of human wealth i.e. a wealth of mind, wealth of body, wealth of personality, and wealth of knowledge. But wealth of mind is most important for human. There are two types of wealth in the true sense, one is external and the other is internal intellect. In all this, richness of mind is very necessary. A person who has the gift of sharp intellect is also a sign of a good man. That is, such a country and the person in that country will definitely develop. A country that has cultured and good people will be number one in the world. The life of the people of that country will be happy. It is very important that every person in the society should have this character. This character gives a different kind of richness to the life of a rich man.

For this, human body, mind, intellect and health are very important. We all know that the life style of every person in the society is important for the upliftment of the society and the nation, the human life on this earth is very nice and beautiful. But the love that every person gets in the society is due to his conduct and the virtues and good qualities in him.

In short, the symptoms of a person are determined by how he behaves as a person. Suffice it to say that today everyone is experiencing restlessness, and loneliness. Man is hurting himself and others. A revolution can happen if we try to combine the good qualities in us. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

If a good person shows his influence in the society, then surely a revolution will take place in the society and the society will move forward.

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Jaya (author) from Pune, India on July 08, 2021:

Thanks for suggestion.

Rupert Taylor from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada on July 08, 2021:

Your bio says you are an English writer, but your mastery of the language falls rather short.

You write about the "symptoms" of a good man, but "attributes" would be a much better word.

Your submission has several grammar errors. Try running the text through a free program such as Grammarly.

Also, you make wild generalizations such as "Today's man is living a selfish life." Where is your evidence? Some men are selfish, so are some women.

The content strikes me as being thin on useful information and thick on personal opinion.

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