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What Kind of Income Can You Really Expect on HubPages?


When I decided that I wanted to earn an income writing online and considered joining HubPages, I had to ask myself the question "What kind of income can you REALLY expect to earn on HubPages?"

So, what does any good writer do before they ever start to write on a subject?? Why RESEARCH of course!!

Thus I began my journey of study to educate myself on this new and confusing realm of potential income.

What I Found

First, I began by studying everything I could get my hands on to learn the best tips and ways to START the money rolling in and then KEEP the money rolling in on a consistent monthly basis, which is what I believe most of us are on here for - along with a love for writing in general.

In my research I have learned there are two popular versions of what kind of income a person is told that they can expect to earn on HubPages.

  1. The "Dream Job" payouts and "Success Story" income amounts of up to $3,000.00+ per month.
  2. Writers who have been on HP for a year or more that have not earned one payout.

I believe there are always three versions of the truth, "Her version, His version, and then what REALLY happened!" So applying that same logic to this subject as well would say that there is probably a happy medium between these two levels where the true expectations can be found.

The "Dream Job" Payouts and "Success Story" Incomes

Did your head spin with thoughts of retirement, paying for that dream car, or taking your family on that dream vacation just by writing a couple of hubs and then being able to just sit back and watch the money roll in from now till eternity?!?!

If that is what you thought earning money online was about then I truly hate to burst your bubble, but it is just not reality.

The "Dream Job" payouts and "Success Story" income levels, I have found, are gained by writers who are willing to sacrifice through "sweat on their brow and calluses on their typing fingers" - hard and consistent work!

Most post articles on more than one site and typically spend 10 to 20 hours a week writing.

Keep in mind that those 10 - 20 hours a week are AFTER they have established a following and gotten all their sites set up and all their affiliates approved and processed.

The process of just getting everything set up and running took me over a week by itself. Throw in trying to post a couple of quality articles in that mixture and you will have a pretty busy time of it at first.

Writers Who Make Nothing

Now, let me say right here and right now - THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with not getting a paycheck from HubPages!!

Some people write strictly for the love of writing and need a forum for their creativity's where they can socialize with other writers - HubPages is THE place to be for that kind of atmosphere and there is not one thing wrong with it!

To Earn or Not to Earn - THAT is the Question!!

The important thing to remember is that if you want to earn a living online writing on HubPages, or anywhere else for that matter, is simply this - the money is out there to be made! All you have to do is be willing to work hard at it while being patient for the results, and keep your expectations realistic.

Just keep at it and remember the best motto if you want to earn a living writing is:

"Content is KING, but Quantity is QUEEN!!"

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Laura Rash (author) from Arkansas, USA on May 01, 2013:

Thanks for the great comment misslong123. It does take a while to build things up, but once you start getting first page rankings on Yahoo and Google you'll be amazed at how fast things start to turn around... Just keep writing good quality hubs and the benefits will come!

Michele Kelsey from Edmond, Oklahoma on April 25, 2013:

I really enjoyed this hub. I was wondering how much money you could make on hubpages. That's very interesting that people write 10 to 20 hours per week. I feel like I could write a bit faster if the capsules would load a little faster. I usually pre-write in Microsoft Word and copy and paste onto the hubpage. Keep up the excellent advice!

Laura Rash (author) from Arkansas, USA on March 20, 2013:

Thanks Oscar - and good luck... welcome to HP's!!

Oscar from Canada on March 13, 2013:

"Content is KING, but Quantity is QUEEN!!"

Haha I like that motto :)

Thanks for the nice article it was an interesting read. I plan on starting writing to make a few bucks for an extra coffee or what not and I am not expecting a ton of money. I'm going to do the 30 hubs in 60 days challenge to get my profile jumpstarted in about a week (When my adsense account gets approved). Anyway I'm going to follow your future articles. Keep up the good work!

Laura Rash (author) from Arkansas, USA on March 02, 2012:

Thank you, so much Bretsuki for your wonderful comments. I take such feedback from someone as successful as you in great regards!

William Elliott from California USA on March 02, 2012:

Hello Laura, Thanks for a very good hub.

I think hubs like this one should be a compulsary read for newcomers to HubPages. So often, it seems people have a starry eyed view of writing online. This puts that idea in perfect balance with the reality.

For sure you will go far within HubPages with such items as this.

Happy Hubbing

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