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10 Tips & Tricks For Writing Better Hubpage Articles

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E.B. Black is a published author who writes fantasy, sci-fi, and romance novels.

Writing For Hubpages

Writing is difficult. Anyone who says otherwise has never been a writer.

There are different types of writers that face different challenges. Many write fiction, which includes things like novels, short stories, and scripts. But some write non-fiction, which likely includes you if you are interested in writing for hubpages.

I've been writing both fiction and non-fiction seriously ever since I turned 18, I am now 33, so it's been about 15 years now. I've been on hubpages a few years, learning the ropes of how this site works. While we all have more to learn from each other, I've learned a few things about writing for this site that can improve your experiences and success on this platform if you follow my advice. Of course, your mileage may vary, every writing career is different and these are just suggestions.


1. Brainstorm

This may surprise you, but I actually have three times as many drafted articles as I have published articles on hubpages. Every once in awhile, I might delete some of them, but most of the time, I go back to an article idea when I get inspiration for it, edit it, and fill it out way after I originally created the article.

This is how most writers work, no matter the field. I also write novels and I know a lot of authors who have a billion story ideas floating around their computer in word documents. We call them plot bunnies, which are ideas we have for writing a novel, that may or may not become a book later. There's never enough time to write all your idea, so you jot them down to use later.

In the same way, it can help to brainstorm article ideas. Not just thinking about them, but actually writing them down by creating documents or pages that you can edit and publish later. This gets your creative juices going and it allows you to ruminate over the many different possibilities. Don't worry, the best ideas always float to the top and become something tangible.

The good thing about brainstorming is that not all your ideas have to work, you're just letting your creativity run wild and free!

2. Be Thorough

When I'm creating new articles on this site, it can take me days to finish them. I take my time, think about what I want to say, and rewrite it if needed. I read through all the articles i link to and watch all the videos I post on each article, to make sure I am picking the right ones. This can take days of just researching alone, reading many different articles (that don't wind up fitting) and watching many different videos (that don't work.)

This is why people like reading my articles because they can sense it when someone just slapped something together. Don't link someone to something or recommend something when you haven't looked into those things yourself. You want people to trust your recommendations, so make sure you're giving good ones.

Don't forget to fact check yourself when talking about something and to take moments to research grammar and spelling if you need to. While there are editors on this site, no one can catch everything and it's always better to present your best work.

Yes, it's a lot of effort, but you'll be prouder of the final result and more people will appreciate it as well. Hubpages rates our writing on its quality. This can help improve your quality.

3. Follow The Suggestions

Hubpages has a lot of suggestions when it comes to formatting and they know what they're talking about. A lot of people have short attention spans when it comes to articles and they know how to help you format articles to keep people interested and reading.

I hated their requirements when I first joined. I just wanted to write a block of text. That's what I was used to writing when I wrote novels and writing blocks of text is easy! I had to find pictures and videos? But that takes time, time that I could be writing other things! Not to mention, I didn't know where to look or how to do it, so it was a learning curve as well and sometimes you just don't want to learn new things.

But overall, following their suggestions has made my writing better, not just on here, but I also have a blog and a newsletter that I write for my readers. I've used some of their suggestions and tricks to format those things as well. I get a higher volume of people reading me on those platforms as well because of hubpages and what it has taught me!

Because they know how to make an article look pleasing, they know how to attract attention. We are lucky to be on a site that takes article writing so seriously and holds our hand like this, guiding us on how to improve our writing. I've never seen anything like it on any other site and it's not a resource you want to take for granted.

So use it, even if it's difficult at first.

4. Give Your Opinions

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to write. My suggestion, in those instances, is to take something that interests you and write your opinion on it.

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The thing about hubpages is that it's not wikipedia. We can't just memorize facts and spit them out on our pages. In fact, in some instances that might be considered copyright infringement.

So what we need to do instead is take something and put our own spin on it, by giving our opinion on it. You don't have to say that in the article, you just have to write it out and be honest. It doesn't have to be about anything important either, like politics or history, it can just be about what your favorite part of your favorite video game is or why you like watching romantic comdies. You'll be surprised by how many things you can come up with.

5. Use Free Image Sites

It's very important not to steal images from people. Unfortunately, this happens a lot online. People think images are free, so they just google what they are looking for and steal whatever image comes out in the search results as long as it's what they like the best.

We wouldn't want people to steal our hubpage articles and claim them as their own. I've had that happen to me and it was infuriating. I work hard on these articles and to have people just take them without permission really hurts. So we shouldn't do it with people's images that they worked hard to create either.

Most of us do not have the money to pay for stock photos. I get it because I don't either. Luckily, there are different sites where you can find free images to use and I have linked them below.

6. Break Up Your Text

There is a reason that hubpages encourages us to write in multiple text blocks (instead of just one) and to add pictures and videos to our articles. Even when you read news articles, you'll find most of them are broken up by pictures, videos, and quotes. This is because if we see a giant block of text to read all at once, our eyes immediately get tired and we are much more likely to exit the page because of it. People come on here to enjoy themselves, not to feel like they are doing schoolwork.

Make lists. (This article is a list for example!) Add pictures between paragraphs. Whatever you can do to make the page look like more fun to read and look at.


7. Get Personal

The way to make an article unique is not to write an article that no one else has ever written. That may be your first thought, that you need to have an idea that no one else has ever had, but that's next to impossible.

What's unique about your article is you. Only you have your life experiences, opinions, and perspective. Only you have your personality and the voice you bring to your work. I covered this some earlier when I said to write about your opinions, but do more than that. Tell anecdotes if it's appropriate. Share experiences. Be vulnerable. Be you.

8. Practice Makes Perfect

Don't expect to master writing articles right away. I've written a lot and deleted a lot. I had a ton of writing experience already when I joined hubpages. But you can tell my earlier articles from my more recent ones because they are not as good.

There are giant blocks of text. Sometimes I ramble. It makes me cringe to look at them. But I've learned and I've improved through practice. I'm still learning and improving through practice.

You get better at something the more you do it and rewriting an article is okay if it doesn't come out right the first time. (I've done that a lot.) Be patient with yourself and don't be afraid to try, even when you make mistakes.

9. Take it One Section At A Time

Thinking about writing an entire article can be overwhelming. That's why usually I take each article I write in chunks.

Like I said, many of them take days to write. So I'll often start off with something easy, like looking for pictures for my article because I feel overwhelmed in the beginning. Doing an easier task in the beginning can make the later harder tasks seem less intimidating.

When I finish that task, it gives me a sense of accomplishment because I know I've completed a step in the process. That helps keep me motivated.

Then the next day, I might look for videos and links. The next day I might research. Another day, I might create headers for all my text blocks and outline what I am going to write. And then another day, I fill out all the words. I just do whatever I think I can handle that day and even if I do several steps all in one day, I still take it one task at a time to help motivate me.

Like I said, writing isn't easy and you need to do whatever you can to help yourself get to that finish line. This involves patting yourself on the back a lot to keep you from feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.

10. Write About Things You Enjoy

Excitement is contagious. People can tell when you care about something a lot. Like hubpages? I love writing articles for hubpages and I'm guess you can feel it based on what I am writing. I often procrastinate on writing my novels in order to write another article instead. That's how much I enjoy it.

Writing about things you enjoy not only makes the reading experience better for your readers, but it makes your writing experience easier, too. Naturally, you will know more about something that interests you. It will also be easier to research where you need to learn more because the research will be fun.. You'll have a deeper involvement in it and more ideas.

Hubpages is awesome because you can take something you really care about, like playing video games, and turn it into something productive that can make you money. All you have to do is talk about your interest and thoughts on videos games. This also leads to me feeling less guilty in life when I indulge in that youtube video or set aside an hour for a hobby because I can turn it into an article later. So it's almost like doing something more productive!


I hope my suggestions helped! Share your writing tips in the comments below!

If you have any writing tips for making better articles on hubpages, please share your experiences below, so we can all benefit and learn from one another.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2019 EB Black


Yvonne Teo from Singapore on May 21, 2019:

Thank you for sharing. I share the same frustration about getting pictures and videos. The links to the free image sites are really helpful as I do not have an eye for photography. Thanks again!

Margaret Schindel from Massachusetts on May 20, 2019:

Excellent tips for creating valuable, easy-to-read articles on the HubPages Network!

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