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Why Write a Hub

Kathy was a rehabilitation therapist. After receiving a life-changing diagnosis, she felt a spiritual call to share life's journey in Hubs.

Why I Started Writing On HubPages


Why Start a Hub or at Least Why I Did?

Hub Pages, "What's that?" I hear this all the time from folks. Well, let me answer that! I would describe it as a gathering spot where writers come together in an enormous informational hub with terminals everywhere. In this writing community, you can find many genres where several writers welcome entry into their world of imagination and reality. All you need to do is pick a destination and take off.

For myself, it was the landing spot for a writing ministry where I share my work with awesome people of passion and opinion. In Hub Pages, you're free to read, encourage, and constructively criticize while sharing life, as long as you follow the guidelines.

The door to this library is always open, and all you need to do is go inside. However, please put on your armor, as someone is apt to get you discombobulated, but that can be a good thing as it keeps us in conversation and in a state of openness.

To write a hub is personal, and each is unique for its purpose or point of connection. No one can truly understand the why of a Hubber until they take some time to get to know their work. I suppose this is why I picture myself on this Hub. I am not a fan of photos as they leave a vulnerability of comparison, judgment, or attack. However, is this not what a Hub does as well?

Is it not a snapshot as the writers leave their imprint on the page? One can see their hearts, passions, talents, truths, and travels. Writer leaves their work open to the world. Ready for the pounce of the critics!

The personal motivators for a Hub page are as diverse as the ocean vast and the many reasons people share regardless of opinion.

You have a voice and the right to share it. No matter what others say or how they interpret it. You are free to share your heart because no one but you knows what is inside it. You may be the one touch-point someone needs to get through a day. The recipe they can't conjure up, the how-to- they can't figure out, the sense of purpose to get through one more day in the battle of life.

My parents would say, "to know and see the world, go to the library to open a book, and it will take you anywhere you want to go." They said, "Books teach you wisdom beyond what you can imagine!" In this generation, this could become a faded beauty. Yet, places such as Hub Pages keep seeking adventure, travel, and wisdom in the written word alive.

Hub Pages, for me, is part of my writing ministry. Back years ago, writing was a new venture for me. I prayed long and hard about my original work, focusing on my faith journey. My goal was to share a message of hope and life experiences, focusing on my faith in God - my Director!

I have heard when you write; you should write what you know. So, using life experiences, I jot down my story as it unfolds, sometimes skipping a few chapters or picking up at different points. For this Hubber, my writing ministry began unassumingly and for personal reasons.

I was not a seasoned writer, nor did I intend to change the world with my prose. However, if one life story helps another, we connect somehow; my account could have a far more critical purpose than mine.

My original writings were a memoir of sorts, basing my future on predicting that I would possibly not be around for a significant amount of time. A prediction I now look back on with joy and amazement. My children were young when Doctors shared what, to the best of their knowledge, was a hopeless situation regarding my health, and still, I stand on the point, But God!

In hindsight, I realize how ludicrous timelines of finality can become. Purpose and calls are by no means in our control.

I suppose I hurriedly began to spew my heart after hearing the assumptive outcomes they had shared with my prognosis. I also realized I had no preparation or expertise to share the written word. But I didn't care! I just wanted to purge and help and share. Now years have passed, and I have become seasoned as a person, perhaps not as a writer; nonetheless, I continue to write. Because I have today and I will use it!


Slowing Down

Currently, I am learning to slow down a bit; the dim prognosis train has pulled into the station for the time being. While it requires intervention and maintenance, we have this day — this amazing one more to make something matter.

I hope I make someone feel that they matter. If nothing else, every today is essential. Words make a difference! I know we can at least take a moment of purpose worth sharing. So go out on the plank of life and pull someone back into their mission. Give them your uniqueness, and perhaps they will share theirs as well.

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We all enjoy connections, people love learning and sharing stories along the way, and most want to continue to grow as a person. While none is perfect, we remain sponges for growth, humility, and forgiveness. God allows much within our day. In this truth, I hope to continue as a writer and, more importantly, a human open to new viewpoints.

The connection with fellow Hub writers affords a great venue to continue that process by encouraging constructive criticism while meeting some fantastic people.

Before I started, I struggled with whether I was doing it for the right reasons? Would it be self-serving? If it was, I wanted nothing to do with it and considered letting it go into the abyss. Was I following God’s plan for me, or was this a distraction from my faith journey? If I was becoming confused, some dear friends directed me to these Bible verses, 2 Corinthians 3:1-5. These verses state that we are a letter to be read by everyone, proving you are a letter from Christ and not written with ink but rather with the Spirit of the living God. Not on tablets of stone but tablets of human hearts.

See, the Bible says you are a letter to be read. And thus, your purpose matters within God’s purpose!

When reading those verses, I felt the whisper of the Holy Spirit, knowing that if my story could help one person, it would be the ministry I hoped could develop. I was encouraged to share my journey as I did not expect the best outcome, yet I am still here to praise God for that.

Though life is an ongoing challenge, I enjoy the blessings of each day. I have an incredible team of friends at Hub Pages and in my life, along with my fabulous family. Yes, I am still fighting the good fight and learning along the way, taking every breath one at a time. I hope to share the journey with others on their ride.

  • Write because it’s fantastic to share your thoughts and feelings.
  • Write because it’s therapeutic.
  • Write because you can!
  • Write because you have the right!
  • Write not to be perfect, but for the love of writing!
  • Write on Hub Pages because it is a beautiful community of writers.
  • Write because you are a letter from God and your purpose matters!
  • Write to allow conversations and openness.
  • Write to keep people reading; we need our libraries of works to continue!

Listen for the Whispers


We are a Letter to be Read

Allow God to use all things that come from you for a purpose. It has been a few years since my first writings, and I have to say, “It has been a ministry.” I know we all have a story, and I shared mine, hoping to learn from others on their journeys.

It has been a blessing to meet new people seeking God or trying to re-focus on their direction. Faith is the focus of my Hub. The life journey has brought me many hurts and joys. However, life strengthens us, regardless of ourselves.

Writing has brought me to a place where I feel God continues polishing me, and for this, I’m grateful. Hub Pages is a blessing; interacting with people from everywhere is incredible. Keyboard to keyboard connecting through ideas! How awesome is that?

Connection, community, and building on the hope for our future, smiling at the joys of surviving and learning from the brokenness while making our moments matter! Shine in a dimming world so that others back off their plank and into their purpose.

It is well

It Only Takes A Spark

Why should you write? Well, because you are the spark for someone! We have only one voice in a vast world. We have but one set of ears to listen to the cries of many, one set of eyes to see the good and also see the sad destruction of our humanity.

Regardless of trials, there are blessings when we have faith in the storms of life, and yet we realize we live in the flesh. How we wish our flesh would not control our thoughts or feelings for even one second, hoping for complete surrender to God our loving Father. Knowing Him, we can rest in the peace that He dwells inside of us, and it is well, yet we see war is raging, a spiritual battle that attempts to root us in this world.

We wish the hurdles would no longer present themselves, but that is not possible here in this earthly world. We must accept our trials and learn to do so with grace and forgiveness, we walk in faith, and in the example of Jesus Christ, our Savior. He catapults us over the hurdles if we trust Him.

But, our flesh limits complete peace! Every day we fight against the rage of the world that becomes part of our earthly body. This worldly destruction presents itself in many simple ways, in a harsh word, impatience, frustration, and the many things we are in our imperfection. So, my friends, we will wait here for God's perfect plan to unwind.

Be the challenge to humanity, don't judge one another, instead reach out and link arms to be a force of strength believing in God's promises. His example was amazing. He wrote some awesome stuff, you may want to take a look at it, in the Bible. Stop comparing your difference, stop hurting others believing your touches are without consequence, get out of your comfort zone with your circle, and reach out to others who need what you know.

Welcome others into your understanding. Sharing Hubs is one small way to connect and link with others. Listen to others, read their hubs. Maybe then we can all live with the awareness of one another.

Write because you can, and be open to the opinions of others. Learn from one another. Write from your heart, be passionate, stop judging another long enough to see into their world.

This open library allows us to experience differences, likenesses, surprising places, and wonderful exploration. I love Hub Pages for that reason!

Do we get discouraged? Sure! But that is just another stage, be excited for each journey, and for learning the journeys of others.

Close your eyes for just a moment and imagine a world of only love and kindness. Now open those eyes! That is what heaven will be like I want us all to be there! We can step it up I know we can. It only takes a spark! Share your spark in Hubs, I will be checking for you whenever I am able. Everyone's spark is vital to keeping the fire burning. So, why not start a Hub, or check one out on occasion!

© 2011 Kathy Henderson


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on December 14, 2020:


Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this article. I am inspired by many writers here and appreciate our community. Blessing to you!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on December 13, 2020:


This is an amazing article. It is inspirational on so many levels.

I am glad I was fortunate enough to stumble across this one to read.

Take care and keep spreading your messages.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on December 13, 2020:


Thank you so much for the encouragement and beautiful comment. You're the best! I eagerly await 2021 with you. God Bless you and yours in this season.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on December 07, 2020:

I loved this. I love your love of writing. I love your desire to give back and to help people. I just love the tone of this uplifting piece of writing, my friend.

Let's hope 2021 gets here quickly and does some magic for us. We all need a change of pace.

Blessings and love to you always!


Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on August 29, 2019:


Thanks for the comment, I enjoy that you share that voice. Glad I found your Hub.


Denise McGill from Fresno CA on August 29, 2019:

Very motivational. I started with the same purpose. I have a voice and things to say and I was blessed to find this forum for that voice. Thanks for these reasons.



Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on August 07, 2019:

Thank you Lady Summerset and many blessings to you.

Lady Summerset from Willingboro, New Jersey on August 06, 2019:

What a beautiful reason for writing! But God! His purpose often begins to be revealed when we reach that "BUT." However, He is faithful and it is always a pleasure to meet other believers who know Him! Enjoyed reading through your experience!

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on March 03, 2016:


You are a beautiful inspiration and your words uplifting. Thank you very much, sweet lady.

Hugs and blessings always

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 26, 2016:

Kathy, your struggle to write for the right reason comes from your desire to please God, and you are doing just that. Encouragement is a gift. More blessings on you as you bless others!

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on July 13, 2015:

Patricia thank you so much, angels heading right back to ya, hugs and blessings.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on July 13, 2015:

Thank you Jo for your sweet comment God Bless you always!

Patricia Scott from North Central Florida on July 05, 2015:

The Stages of Me....It takes courage to do what may prove to be less than what we expect. But even if your work has only touched one person it was worth the effort.

What a blessing.

Many Angels are headed your way this afternoon ps

Jo_Goldsmith11 on July 05, 2015:

I feel very blessed to be re-introduced to you again. So very encouraging and filled with so much love through your words.

I enjoyed very much what felt like a one on one conversation in your living room. Great writing. Shared and Up for all the right reasons!

Wishing you many blessings. Peace and creativity! :-))

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on January 31, 2014:

Inspired heart

Thank you for the sweet comment. I wish you many blessings as well and always peace in your own stages.

Yvette Stupart from Jamaica on January 31, 2014:

Congratulations for stepping out and and doing what you had in your heart to do! Much blessings.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on November 15, 2013:

Cam ~

Amen to your comment I see you understand quite well that we have but one Director. Blessings to you as you continue to allow Him to guide you. Always in His grip :)

Chris Mills from Traverse City, MI on November 15, 2013:

The Stages Of Me, I love your emphasis here of not judging, but reaching out to others to provide strength. We are all travelers here. God is the Guide. May we allow Him to do His work His way in each life.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on August 14, 2013:

Why thank you Prairieprincess for stopping in. I do hope your days are blessed and your own future stages are full of His Direction and love.

Peace in your stages

Sharilee Swaity from Canada on August 14, 2013:

This is beautifully written and makes me want to read your book, too. Glad to be your latest follower. Blessings to you.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on April 06, 2013:

Thank you Caleb for the encouraging comment and tip ~ have a wonderful and blessed day :)

Caleb DRC on April 05, 2013:

Hello Kathy,

I'm glad you decided to publish your book. Whenever we become apprehensive concerning whether or not action should be taken, then just asking the question, "Will this action benefit others?" usually makes the decision clear.

Kathy, to get ALL your hubs on your profile do this:

1. Go to your profile, and click "edit profile." 2. Scroll all the way down to "Show only featured hubs on my profile," and click "NO". 3. Go down to "Save changes", and click that. After you do that all your hubs will be on your profile.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on December 02, 2011:

Awe ann ... now I am blushing ~ really thanks so much ~ my writing is very cathartic in this stage of my life. I am battling a little bit in the health area but everything else is full speed joy. I am loving every minute of every day with my hubby, kids and friends but most of all with God. It is amazing how when trials come that grab us by the ankles God has the ability to calm us inwardly. He continually sends guidance through the Holy Spirit and I suppose when in a bit of suffering we are so in tune with the message of HIS WORD ~ blessings to you and see you in Hubville :)

anndavis25 from Clearwater, Fl. on December 02, 2011:

You are an inspiration. God bless.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on November 13, 2011:

Frogyfish ~ Thank you for your comment. Yes one of my favorite reminders when in trials of this life is close your eyes and remember your Father is right next to you by our side in highs and lows.

frogyfish from Central United States of America on November 13, 2011:

Wherever we are, whatever our surroundings...God is there. And He just keeps working while we wait...or write. Thank you for sharing your gentle heart.

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on October 28, 2011:

Thanks Mike ~ it will be so awesome :)

mikeq107 on October 28, 2011:

Stages of me :0)

thank you that was a beautiful looking forward to Heaven :0)

Mike :0)

Kathy Henderson (author) from Pa on August 23, 2011:

Thank you sweet Courtney ~

Courtney on August 23, 2011:

Everyone should read this book! It is an inspiration for EVERYONE and will change your life!

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