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Technology Copywriting: Understanding the Basics

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Technology Copywriting


Technoloy Copywriting Basics

1. What is a Copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who is in the business of writing to promote a product or service. They create informative content for companies to guide the reader’s research. Copywriters are, therefore, responsible for the informative texts you see on billboards, brochures, emails, websites, catalogs, advertisements, and much more.

Unlike editorial or news writing, copywriting is about getting you the consumer (reader) to take action. In most cases, the response might be to opt-in, purchase, or engage with a product or company. In most places, you will find a copywriter being described as a salesman due to this analogy.

Copywriting shouldn’t be confused with the word ‘copyright’ which means the company or individual exclusive legal right to publish, reproduce, distribute, or sell someone’s work. The purpose of copyright is to protect material and prevent any illegal use by unauthorized agents.

A copywriter doesn’t need any qualifications, and anyone can work in this industry. All you need to become a copywriter is internet connection and a computer. The copywriting field contains a lot of different individuals from stay-at-home moms to people with college degrees and others who didn’t even finish high school.

2. What is a Technology Copywriter?

A technology copywriter aims to explain and persuade readers on a technical topic without needing to include the instructions. Now a technology copywriter is mostly confused with a technology writer when these two are entirely different.

A technology writer simply gives instructions on how to use or set-up technical equipment. They aim at writing a procedure to provide you with a clear understanding of how to use something that might be rather technical.

A technology copywriter on the other hand, aims at telling the reader the benefits that they will get from a tech product and how the product will help them overcome obstacles in their daily activities. This means that a technology copywriter persuades the reader to purchase technical equipment due to the benefits.

A technology copywriter has an in-depth understanding of high-tech services and products such as PaaS, Saas, software applications, professional services such as enterprise application implementation, and hardware products such as network storage and servers.

3. What Does a Technology Copywriter Do?

A technology copywriter uses specialized skills and knowledge to reveal the benefits of a tech product to the market. They have to write blog posts, product descriptions, articles, email newsletters, web pages, and auto responders to ensure that they sell the tech product to the readers.

A technology copywriter offers three primary services to tech clients. These services include: translating technical information into simple English for the targeted audience, applying principles of copywriting such as lead generation and web page layout to the technical knowledge, and adding a much-needed human element to the technical information.

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A technology copywriter will ensure that the technology companies have an appealing pitch that buyers can relate with and therefore decide to purchase. Increasing sales of tech products are hinged upon convincing a buyer that they need the product in their daily lives.

Understand that technology companies have a complicated language when it comes to showcasing their products. The writing is usually filled with industry-specific principles and terminologies that most people simply don’t understand. A technology copywriter translates these 5-syllable words and abstract concepts for the intended audience.

4. What are Some Other Terms for Technology Copywriter?

A technology copywriter can be referred to using several different names. Some of the commonly used names include the following:

  • Tech copywriter
  • IT copywriter
  • Technical copywriter

All these are different terminologies used to refer to a technology copywriter. Now sometimes they are used to emphasize the areas of specialization. For example, an IT copywriter can be associated with the jargon of product designers and developers, while a technical copywriter can be seen as more of a technological company expert.

However, all the above terms refer to technological copywriters. You can use a tech copywriter, IT copyrighter, technical copywriter, or technological copywriter to refer to the same person. All these copywriters perform the same function.

The commonly used term, however, is a technical copywriter. This term is mostly used because technology copywriters are associated with industrial goods and services. Most companies and individuals will use the term tech copywriter, which is just fine.

4. What Are the Three Main Types of Technical Copy?

Copy can broadly be defined as text within a composition or publication. In copywriting, one specializes in how to write ad copy because they are in the business of selling. However, ad copy is categorized into different types depending on the copywriter specialization. In technical copywriting, there are three main types of copy which include the following:

· Copy that sells technology products

Copy that sells technology products needs to accomplish two goals; inform and persuade. When dealing with more complex products, the copy needs to be more detailed. It should adequately address any fears and concerns that a buyer might have. All buyer barriers need to be addressed so that more sales are generated from the copy.

· Copy that sells technology software including apps

Selling technology software such as apps is not as simple as it looks. There are so many complex issues that a tech copywriter needs to accomplish. The copy needs to include what makes this software different and unique. A consumer needs to know all the benefits that they will get from the software.

· Software that sells a technology service

This type of copy can be challenging to write since you need to explain a complex idea in simple language. A technical copywriter will have to tell what the user gets and why this is important

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