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Social Media Tips for Writers


Don't count on those you know

As writers we desire our work to be appreciated but this will not come from those who know us or believe that they do. Over the years I have shared my articles on social media and an interesting fact comes to light/ My family and friends including Facebook friends I have never met are not my biggest supporters. I wrote an article last year about the origin of candy canes and reshared it about 3 weeks ago. I asked my Facebook friends to please read and reshare. Since that time 500 people have read the article and I am thankful. I did not get but 2 comments on Facebook so I believe the readers came from the Christmas groups I belong to and random internet searches. Had most of my close to 2,000 FB friends read and shared this article and their friends did the same it would have gone viral.


Sensationalism sells

A few years back I wrote an article about pastor Fred Price Jr. stepping down from his pulpit and 8,000 people read it within a week. When I wrote that pastor Price went back to pastoring I barely got 200 views. This shows that people. Christians in particular like gossip and sensationalism. I had hoped that by the time I wrote this on Christmas Eve I could say that the gospel as it pertained to candy canes had been shared many thousands of times over the internet but I cannot. To be truthful I was not expecting much more than the results as they are but I was hoping. You can read about the origin of candy canes and how they relate to the gospel of Christ by clicking on the following link. My experiment was not about me and getting views but to find out how my Facebook friends would respond. It is a sad commentary that people will not share something that is uplifting and positive but will run an article that is fake news into the ground. A few years back a story was circulated about a child who was shot in the head with a nail gun. This false story went around for 3 or 4 years I various forms. In one version it was a boy that was hospitalized and in another, it was a girl. I was amazed at how many people shared it and commented that they were praying when it was a lie. As writers, if we can produce a few articles that are in the current headlines or sensational and worthy of the National Enquier they will get lots of views.

Ber true to yourself

Everyone's story is different so there may be someone whose social media friends/followers did read an article they wrote in record numbers. What I have found is that sharing my stories in groups is what brings views. I write Soap Opera spoilers and breaking news as well as articles about retro television and movies. These are the two areas where those in the groups really appreciate my writings. These are individual who do not know me personally but enjoy my work and I am thankful. The one piece of advice I would give to writers is to be true to yourself. Never write to try to please people but write what comes naturally for you. I have a hunch that some of my Facebook friends do read the articles I share but they will never like, comment, or talk to me about it because that's just human nature. Pay attention to where your views are coming from and appreciate that audience.


Challenge not accepted

When I first offered the challenge there were 539 reads for the Candy Cane story. As I finish this article on Christmas morning there are exactly 1000 views. In a way, this is disappointing but not unexpected. My advice for new writers is to keep what you have read in mind so let's recap.

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1. Views will more than likely come from strangers.

2. In the Internet age sensationalism sells.

3. Religious topics even during the holidays do not generate much traffic.

4. Facebook groups for specific topics will add views.

5. Be ready for feedback.

People are very opinionated on social media and may not like what you write. be prepared to receive criticism and don't take it personal.

Don't let holidays stop you

Until this year (2021) I had noticed a drop in views on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but this year my views increased a bit. Everyone does not view holidays the same so there will always be readers for your work. If your schedule allows continue writing near or on the holidays because you never know how may views you may get through social media.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Cheryl E Preston

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