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How Do I Get Started On HubPages? Guidelines To Get Noticed by Writing and Publishing Evergreen SEO Hub Page Articles

Meet The Author!

Freelance Writer and Published Author on

Freelance Writer and Published Author on

If You Can Write than You Can Be Successful!

Anyone with a background in English writing can become a successful online blogger and writer. Learn what is takes and you can be where you want to be in a very short time.

Anyone with a background in English writing can become a successful online blogger and writer. Learn what is takes and you can be where you want to be in a very short time.

What is HubPages?

So you came across HubPages and think that you are a good fit for the Community...Awesome!

Welcome to HubPages!

HubPages is a place where you can Create and Publish Original Articles:

Videos, Poems, Guides, How-to Articles and so much more!

As long as you follow the HubPages Guidelines, you can write about whatever you want!

You Own the Rights to What You Write and Publish! This makes you a Published Author!

What do you like to write about?

Do you enjoy Music, Video Games, or Poetry? Maybe you want to share some of your Home-Made Recipes?

Maybe you want to Write Reviews about Books or Movies you have recently read or watched.

Are you a Sports Addict?

Maybe you like to write and share your Religious Faith.

Maybe you want to tell the world why you have no faith.

Maybe its Autos you're into, or Family and Parenting ideas. Perhaps you are a Fashionable dresser and want to share your style with the world!! There are unlimited topics that you can write about on HubPages!

That's what's great about being a member of the HubPages community! You can write about whatever you want as long as you follow the HubPages Guidelines and be respectful to other writers. It's that easy!

Write Down Your Goals!

Chalkboards do well for holding yourself accountable to Daily Goals!

Chalkboards do well for holding yourself accountable to Daily Goals!

What Should I do To Get Started?

Allow me to share my own Experience.

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I started writing Hubs 2 years ago. I have always loved to write. I began writing down poems as young as 10 years old. My mother is a writer; I guess it is in my blood.

Anyway, I was working at a window manufacturing factory and was laid off when the company closed it's doors.

I came across HubPages while I was searching online for information about Freelance Writing. I had a lot of time on my hands, it was early summer here in New England, and I had nothing else to do!

And so I joined Hubpages.

At first I did some Movie Reviews.

I love watching movies, particularly horror and comedy. I figured, why not write down my opinions about them?

I started slow, a few Hubs here and there. A few months went by and I didn't do much. I was still searching for writing sites to join.

Then I'd publish a Hub and try to see if I was making money. Guess what? I wasn't!

That's when I decided to get a bit more serious with this writing thing. I did some Research on success on HubPages and started reading a lot of other people's Hubs, and Commenting as well.

You know what happened? I started getting followers and comments! People seemed to like what I was publishing! I found some really awesome writers here on HubPages! Some people start on fire and never stop burning! Others like myself are a little bit slower. It really doesn't matter.

The thing that counts is quality and eventually, quantity

Something that I started doing to keep track of my productivity on HubPages was to create a Personal Productivity Sheet. On my productivity sheets I have categories such as My Questions , My Answers , My Comments (I have left on other people's Hubs), My Hub Comments , New Followers , and number of New Hubs Published.

I set a daily goal and try to keep track of my activity. My goals were to ask 3 questions a day, answer at least 5 questions and try to get at least 5 new followers each day. I also try to comment on other people's Hubs at least 5 times per day. I immediately noticed an increase in my traffic.

One of the best things that you can do if you are able to, is to attend a HubCamp. HubCamps will give you the information that you need to create money-making Hubs. You will learn about Google AdSense and how to choose a perfect title that will be noticed in search engines.

I was lucky enough to attend HubCamp Boston on May 15, 2011 at the prestigious Back Bay Hotel.

I met a few cool Hubbers including thranax and Carolyn2008, who had a lot of experience to share themselves.

We had the opportunity to be educated by Awesome HubPages' Staff Members Robin Edmondson and Simone Smith.

Need Help With Grammar?

Can You Make Money On HubPages?

Short answer; Yes. But it isn't guaranteed and it definitely doesn't happen overnight!

For some, including myself, it can take more than a year. How do you make money? By Creating Original, search-friendly content.

To be monetarily successful on HubPages you need to do a lot of things. First, as mentioned above, you need to create Quality Content in Your Hubs.

Second, you need to get followers. I find that the best way to get people to follow you is to read their Hubs and comment on them. You have to be genuine; don't be superficial leaving comments on Hubs you haven't read or that you didn't enjoy reading.

When you like a Hub Rate It: "Up" and select an Appropriate Reason Why You Liked It.

Was the Article Useful, Beautiful, Funny, or Interesting?

Ratings help increase Hub score and lets the author know what people think about what they wrote. When you do this, you are showing other Hubbers that you like their work and are willing to read more from them. If you don't like a particular topic, don't explore it just to get Hub activity.

Will you be a millionaire? Probably not. In fact, most likely you will earn a moderate income from HubPages. Some people are making some pretty decent money out here. Many have been able to use HubPages income from AdSense revenue to quit their day job and become full-time writers. Many of these writers also publish their work on other sites as well. The point is that the more quality work you have with great exposure, then you have great potential to make a decent earning from your efforts.

Simple Goals: Create a Chart!

Elements of A Successful Article

There are certain things to consider if you want to reach the best search engine results from your articles. Probably the most important thing that will make your article stand out from all the others (on the entire web) is what you choose to write about. Here is the "Golden Rule":

Keep Your Digital Camera Ready! You Never Know What You Can Capture!

Original Photo taken by the Author!

Original Photo taken by the Author!

What Elements Make an Article Stand Out in Search Engines?

HubPages has been around for more than 5 years now and they have learned a lot as a company as to what types of content are successful, through trial and error. The HubPages Team monitors trends site-wide and recently released a list of the things that successful Hubs have in them.

HubPages hosted a program called "Flagship Hubs" which was a program designed to follow several Hubs over a long period of time (starting in 2007) and the statistics showed that certain common elements within those Hubs made them stand out. Here are the results:

Each Hub Contained All of the Following Successful Elements:

  • Contained at least 1,500 Words: No "Fluff", just awesome, original content
  • Contained at least 5 Original Photos. These photos have to be High Resolution and Used Legally with proper attributes. Personal Photos Work Best! (photos you take yourself)
  • These Hubs Contained at least 1 High-Quality Video (from multiple sources; your own will do best) The best videos teach "How To Do" something.
  • Contained at least 1 Map
  • Had a Table Embedded in the Article
  • Included at least 1 Poll and, or Quiz properly placed in the article
  • Included a minimum of 10 relevant Tags and included a variation of multiple spellings (Ex. HubPages, Hub Pages---Southeast, Southeast)
  • A Brief Summary (150 words or less, generally 2-3 sentences) that explains the purpose of your Hub.
  • An Easy to Read and Aesthetically Pleasing Format. Paragraphs in the article are broken up within several Text Capsules, Ads (Amazon and eBay) are Strategically Placed as well are Tables, Quizzes, Photos, Videos, and Polls.

Additional Tips for Making Your Hub Stand Out

Although there are a lot of tips within this Hub, don't get overwhelmed! You may want to Bookmark this Hub for future reference. I did not write this entire Hub in one sitting! I have edited, re-edited and I am constantly adding information as I learn about what makes successful articles.

The HubPages Learning Center has become my best friend, and there are many experienced Hubbers out there that offer excellent information; you should take advantage of both! Here are some additional tips that I have learned over time:

  • Break parts of your article into Several Text Capsules. This increases the overall look of your Hub, makes it easier to read and allows for better Ad Placement.
  • Use Bullets (just as I am doing here with the little "dots" to the left of each point. Using Bullets in your articles presents the information in a list form. You can also use Numbers when you feel it will help get your point across or if you are listing specifically ordered steps on how to do something (ex. Recipe, How To Hubs...)
  • NEVER use "All Caps" (did you see that?) for more than a few words here and there to stress an important point. It's loud, rude and will turn away readers.
  • Constant Underlining is also something that you should avoid as it makes the article very busy and hard to read.
  • Never use stolen, copied or unauthorized photos. That is a violation of the HubPages Terms of Use and Google doesn't like it. You may be subject to legal action against you as this is a form of plagiarism, and your reputation as an Author will be tainted. Any photos you post should be your own or used with permission from the owner. You must site your source!

View Your Individual Hub Statistics! Here's How: (click on photos below to enlarge image)

Click "Stats" to Access Your Individual Hub's Statistics. Once you do, the Menu Shown Below will allow you to Break Down your Hub Stats.

Click "Stats" to Access Your Individual Hub's Statistics. Once you do, the Menu Shown Below will allow you to Break Down your Hub Stats.

Click on the Tabs in this Menu to review Specific Statistical Data for Your Hub.

Click on the Tabs in this Menu to review Specific Statistical Data for Your Hub.

Regularly Come Back to your Hubs and Reevaluate Them To See What Changes Can Be Made:

  • Make sure you didn't miss any Spelling or Grammar Errors.
  • When possible, Add Additional Content and make sure your Information is Up To Date!
  • Check up on Keywords by using the "Analyze Stats Tool". You can see what keywords are being used in search but not included in your articles
  1. Go to "My Account"
  2. Click on the Hub that you want to analyze (don't click "edit", just click on the Hub's link)
  3. On the top left, click "Stats"
  4. You can Analyze your Individual Hubs with these tabs.
  • Daily Stats
  • Weekly Stats
  • Monthly Stats
  • Total Stats
  • Keywords
  • Hub Metrics
  • eBay Stats

Checking these statistics regularly and using the Free Tools available will help you improve your Hubs and you will increase your knowledge on how to Optimize your Articles. You should get in the habit of doing this on a regular basis and if you accumulate many articles, you may want to record your update frequency so that no Hub gets left behind!

What Should I Do Next?

The best thing you can do is understand that writing on HubPages is a journey and you will not learn everything all at once. Over time you will learn some tricks to the trade and you will create some wonderful friendships with awesome writers in the community.

Get out there and Learn, Read, Comment, Share and above all else...Write! Jump in and don't be afraid to ask questions. You can e-mail the HubGreeters or Staff Members with questions about HubPages and you can also check out the forums and post your questions there.

I hope that you have found this guide useful and I would love to hear your comments. Remember, don't get overwhelmed and go at your own pace. Most Hubbers don't find instant success right away, but over time with a lot of effort, you will succeed! Best of Success!

The following links contain useful and specific information on a variety of topics on HubPages. Many of these Hub Articles where written as responses to Question asked on HubPages.

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Hit A Wall In Your Writing?

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Thank you! I have just finished my 5th article on Hubpages and have had a lot of questions. Thanks for clearing some of it up for me.

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I'm wondering why so many of your words in this article are "struck out," or have lines through them. Are they mistakes, editing notes, or some kind of an internet publishing oddity?

Arleen Roja from Philippines on July 07, 2017:

Thank you for this! I am also starting out and yes it is true, earnings does not come overnight but I'm very patient. It's good that I have my target market and I know where to find them. I'm just hoping that this views will be consistent. I'm grabbing your tips like have at least a map or poll in my hubs. Thanks again!

Shelly-Ann Smalling from Jamaica on February 16, 2016:

Thank you so much for this awesome post. I'm a new Hubber and you have inspired me to keep at it. I took notes :-). Have a great day.

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@misslong123: Hello again Michele! I am glad that you found great info on this Hub! Thanks for the editing suggestions it's always appreciated! I really appreciate your constructive suggestions and your honest comments! Thank you!


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Of course, I found lots of great info here. I'm most certainly going to review my notes to include your advice. Just thought if point out a couple things: quit THEIR day jobs (wrong use of that word, might check last sentence in that paragraph, and eBay I'm pretty sure but not positive is no longer available. Sorry, wonderful article - you know I think that! - but I'd want to know those things if someone caught them in mine, which I'm sure anyone could as most of mine have never been edited! Lol. Later gator and again, super awesome article that I love reading over and over again. Can't get enough! Michele Kelsey

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JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on September 27, 2014:

@emi sue : Hello and Welcome to HubPages! I am so very glad that this Hub was helpful to you. You have come to the right site as a beginning online writer!

There is the Learning Center (, the Help Forums ( and there are many Hubs and Hubbers who are more than willing to help new Hubbers!

So welcome to the community and have a great time writing and meeting new and interesting people! Best of success!


Emma B Lantry from Tennessee on September 25, 2014:

Thank you. I thought this post was very helpful. I am new to hubpages and I am actually new to writing articles entirely. At this moment, I am just kind of writing on a few here or there topics trying to get a feel for everything. I plan to improve the quality of my content very soon, but I appreciate any feedback that anyone could give me. I have been exploring other hubs and I would love to explore yours. Thank you in advance fellow hubbers! ;)

JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on September 04, 2014:

@lyns : That's great! I am glad that you came back for a refresher and I appreciate you mentioning that. Thanks for stopping by again!


JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on September 04, 2014:

@stbrians : Sorry, I have been away for a little while. I am so happy that this was useful to you and that you found it "...the most interesting and most information I have ever received since joining Hubpages." Thank you and best of success!


JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on September 04, 2014:

You are most welcome Alexandre! Glad this helps.


Alexandre Vidinha on July 23, 2014:

Thank you for your hub. Come again with more tips. Best regards

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Meshack Bwoyele Keya from Vihiga County,Western Kenya on July 13, 2014:

This is the most interesting and most information I have ever received since joining Hubpages.THANKS

JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on January 08, 2014:

Hello Michele misslong123! I hope you are enjoying the New Year. I really appreciate you linking this Hub to yours. I am honored and humbled by your gratitude. I read your Hub (and will soon comment!) and I think it is really awesome! Especially about how to "Create a Hubpages Statistics Spreadsheet and Tracker" (#5). That really is awesome and I want to start doing it soon. You wrote a really awesome Hub with some great ideas. I could keep going but I need to save some words for when I comment on your Hub! I am so happy to be an inspiration to people and you totally made my day (week). Thanks again and best of success in 2014.


Michele Kelsey from Edmond, Oklahoma on January 04, 2014:

I still love this article and study it quite a bit. I included a link to it on this hub:

If that is a problem in any way, let me know! Just want to benefit my readers to help them start out by writing excellent hubs by following your advice.

Keep up the great writing! You are an inspiration to me!


JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on December 06, 2013:

@kenoung: Hi there. I found that when I used a productivity sheet I was more productive. It is a great tool to keep one motivated. Nice to meet you on HubPages. Thanks for stopping by!


Ken on December 06, 2013:

Think I will start using a productivity spreadsheet of my own to track my hubpages interactions. Thanks for the useful information!

JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on October 17, 2013:

Hello misslong123! Sorry for the delayed response but I have been away from my computer for the better of this past week. I am always so happy to hear that my Hubs can help people. That you took notes makes me smile ear to ear! If you ever have any questions you can always contact me. Happy Hubbing and best of success to you.


Michele Kelsey from Edmond, Oklahoma on October 09, 2013:

JS Matthew - I found this hub to be very helpful, useful, and it gave me lots to study. I took a couple weeks off of writing to do some studying. I have found that your hubs and those that you recommend are excellent! I have a notebook full of notes! I am still learning, but feel you have quite a bit of expertise to offer! I truly appreciate you sharing what you have learned and how you have grown as a writer with those of use who are just blooming! I look forward to taking your advice, studying more, reading more of your hubs, and following you. ~Michele

JS Matthew (author) from Massachusetts, USA on September 16, 2013: