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Oh, No! The Paste Icon Has Frozen My Computer Screen in HubPages!

I'm an aspiring writer, but overall, I am an American who seeks a better United States of America. Come join me in my journey of truth.

"OpenClipart-Vectors" is the creator of this image.

"OpenClipart-Vectors" is the creator of this image.

1. Introduction

I have been a hubber for nearly six years, and there is this one glitch on the HubPages writing platform that greatly baffles me. Whenever I am typing text in an editing dialogue box to insert in a capsule and I wish to copy and paste something, I have to remember to avoid clicking the paste icon during the process or something really annoying happens on my computer screen. In that event, a message will appear at the center of my computer screen that reads:

Currently not supported by your browser, use keyboard shortcuts instead.

Now, the first time that this ever happened to me, I did not feel alarmed. I thought that all I had to do to return to what I was doing previously was to click the "cancel" icon, and all would be well. Unfortunately, this incident did not play out the way I wanted it. I repeatedly clicked the "cancel" icon on that same message, and the computer screen remained frozen and the message would not go away.

As you probably already realize by now, I was very unhappy about this mishap. In fact, I wanted to scream. It only went from bad to worse when I tried to shut down that same window by clicking the "x" on the upper right hand corner of my computer screen, and I got a message at the top of my computer screen warning me that I stood to lose all of the text that I had typed for that same capsule if I exited out of that window. I was completely taken off guard.

Nevertheless, I attempted to cut my losses and I took a screenshot of the frozen computer screen so that I could have some kind of photographic record of at least some of the text I had typed in the editing dialogue box of the capsule. I closed down that window, and I had to rethink what I had previously typed in the above-described capsule of my article after finding that all of my work for it had been completely deleted. I went back into that same unfinished article in my HubPagess acount, and I once again typed the information I had done initially in the editing dialogue box for the capsule in question, and I quoted what text I could see on the screenshot I had taken, word for word.

I resolved never to click the paste icon ever again in an editing dialogue box until I was to receive some kind of feedback from someone on the HubPages writing platform that this icon had been fixed. The message that I had gotten as a result of previously clicking the paste button made it appear that I was using the wrong browser. Back then I only had Google Chrome and Internet Explorer on my laptop computer. I normally used Google Chrome, and I did not want to take my chances with the Internet Explorer browser. I now have the Mozilla Firefox browser on my laptop computer, but I haven't used it to test out the paste icon in the HubPages writing platform.

I never thought that anything of this nature would ever happen again, but, lo and behold, it did. This time I felt as though I could have clonked myself over the head, because then I had remembered promising myself that I would never click the paste icon in a dialogue box of a capsule again. However, here I was in front of my computer, and that dreaded message was in the center of my computer screen once again after all these years. They say that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place, but this experience caused me to beg to differ.

Did you ever wish that time travel existed? Well, this type of situation will definitely make you want to be able to go backwards 10 to 15 minutes in time so that you could avoid it altogether. I was so agitated when it happened that I could not think of what to type in the editing dialogue box of the above-described capsule to word everything the way I wanted to do so. After I had clicked into my HubPages account to bring what I had composed of the article back to my computer screen, only one sentence remained in that capsule that I had been working on. My train of thought felt shattered.

Much to my relief, the fickle finger of fate decided to cut me some slack this time around, and I discovered a way to recover the text that I had lost from that one capsule I had been working on previously. This time I wasn't going to allow myself to be a victim of circumstances or to be defeated. I was going to recover all of that lost text by hook or by crook.

2. The Recover-Draft Feature

Whenever I pull up an editing dialogue box to insert text into a particular capsule, I have no problem with all of the different icons that normally allow me to modify the text therein. However, for one reason or another, the paste icon has never worked for me since the time that I first became a hubber.

Anyhow, when you are typing text in an editing dialogue box, you're going to notice that the words "recover draft" eventually appear at the bottom left-hand corner of it. To the left of it is a green dot. To the right of it, you'll find information that reads "[d]raft saved at" a given time on a given date. I never really paid much attention to this information at the bottom of the editing dialogue box. However, in this particular instance, I was willing to try anything to undo the tragedy that had befallen me.

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I, therefore, hovered my cursor over the words "recover draft," and I noticed that an underline appeared below these two words every time that I did so. A small message then appeared next to my cursor that read:

Press this button to recover using an autosaved draft

I clicked onto the words "recover draft," and a series of options displayed at the middle of my computer screen that provided recovery points for text that I had previously typed into the editing dialogue box. I clicked each one of them, and I learned that each of these options contained the text that I had lost in the above-described ordeal at different recovery points. Like a miracle sent down from above, I was able to utilize this same feature to recover each and every word of text that I had accidentally lost upon clicking the paste icon.

I sensed a sigh of relief overtaking my soul. I was able to undo the entire debacle that had overpowered me from the moment that I had clicked the paste icon. I probably should contact the HubPages Team to find out what needs to be done to keep the paste icon in question from ever placing me in that horrendous situation again. Nonetheless, for now, at least I know how to recover any text that I lose whenever something goes wrong while I am composing an article on the HubPages writing platform.

There is a wealth of excellent information here on the HubPages writing platform about how to use the recover-draft feature in ordeals like these. However, the major problem is that most hubbers don't know that such a feature even exists; and when they find themselves in similar circumstances as mine with the paste icon, they probably seldom ever know how to deal with it unless they have already found out about the recover-draft feature beforehand. After reading this article here of mine, you'll now be well-equipped to pull yourself out of this nerve-wracking situation should you ever encounter it.

3. Articles Rather Than Headaches

On the HubPages writing platform, you want to spend all your time composing articles and/or partaking in discussion threads. You do not want to be sucked into the trap of trying to figure out how to recover lost text from an editing dialogue box. You work way too hard putting these articles together to let some technical glitch stand in the way of your dreams of becoming a successful writer. Below is a video that describes the HubPages experience from a bird's eye view.

Michael Brockbank Describes His Experience With The HubPages Writing Platform

At 6:27 of the video above, Mr. Brockbank shows an example of an editing dialogue box for a capsule to which I refer throughout this article here of mine. Keep in mind that the HubPages writing platform has almost completely phased out the use of Google Adsense as a method of paying their writers.

"geralt" is the author of this photograph.

"geralt" is the author of this photograph.

4. Conclusion

Composing articles for the HubPages writing platform can be like an ongoing learning process. Confronting a problem in which your computer screen freezes up and you lose most of the text, if not all of the text, that you typed in the editing dialogue box of a capsule doesn't have to become a tragedy. In my case, I made the careless mistake of clicking on the paste icon in the editing dialogue box of a capsule, and my computer screen froze without giving me any way of getting out of it unscathed.

The recover-draft feature on the HubPages writing platform is a way of salvaging any text that you lose as a result of a mishap similar or identical to the one I described herein. Simply go to the bottom left-hand corner of the editing dialogue box where the loss occurred and click onto "recover draft." A set of recovery points will appear on your computer screen that will provide you with everything you need in order to restore all the text that you lost in the previous mishap.

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