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My Vlogging Activity

I am a librarian by profession as well as an author of few senior high school and college textbooks.


What happened to me?

It took me so many months if I am not mistaken, already been a year since I've posted my last hub here. I'm bit busy with some sort of stuff such as full 8-hour night work shift. I'm almost trying to fulfill my duties as a YouTube Video creator. It took me almost 3-4 uploads in a week.

There's different topics in every upload. Some about personal life and some about commentaries such as about the Russian-Ukraine conflict right now. I also upload some content looking for advertisers and some about just a voice over of gaming and religious information.

As of the moment, I'm still in the middle of my redeemable income with YouTube. I'm not saying this to encourage all of you to watch my YouTube activities that most of the YouTube vloggers aiming to gain financially. I've began uploading YouTube videos for more than 16 years already but not professionally uploading aiming for a financial gain. However, I've started to take it seriously when I've reached my 1,200+ subscribers and continuously growing up to now as 2,189 subscribers as of the moment. But still nothing reaching the minimum redeemable financial gain.

It doesn't matter if how many days, weeks, months and even years to get my minimum payout of $100. As long as I've given information and entertainment to my subscribers as well as to other non-subscribers.

Why I'm vlogging?

I'm just vlogging because I need to express my freedom of expression. I'm vlogging because I need to share my thoughts and expertise in regards with the topics that I wanted to share. Specifically, my expertise is about Librarianship since I'm a librarian by profession. Although, working right now as a full-time customer service representative of an online shopping of a fashion site based in United Kingdom. However, this fashion site caters all the customers the entire world. Although as of this writing, we've been informed that on March 22, 2022, we'll be transferred to specifically to United States of America and Canadian customers to attend perfectly of their needs.

Going back to my topic, why I'm vlogging? I'm vlogging because I'm sharing my thoughts about current issues such as Russian-Ukrainian conflicts. No one in the world didn't know about this issue even children knows about this conflicts.

What's the mission of Russia to Ukraine?

Just wanted to share

One of my vlogs discussed about my comments in the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict started last middle of February 2022 already reached about 300+ views. Although, this is not big compare to other vlogs. However, it doesn't matter as long as I've shared my thoughts and comments about this. I've shared this vlog through my native language. In the advent of technology, you can do the subtitles in your own language while listening my comments.

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I am also sharing some bible verses and some commentaries about it as part of my devotional playlists. There's some videos that I've played my favorite musical instrument which is the bass guitar.

I am also sharing some expertise in Librarianship specifically through PowerPoint presentation to help some students and librarians extend more ideas about the topic.

I am also sharing about my excitement during the time I've received my 2nd royalty payout with one of the publishing industry here in the Philippines.

What's the Effect of Sanctions to Russia?

To End This...

To end this hub, I'm not sharing this all information to promote nor to gain financially. I'm just sharing what I'm doing as of now.

As of this writing, I have about to go back to sleep to gain strength in preparation of my work shift later at 11:00 in the evening. I have to extend my help as a customer service representative the best I can to the entire 8-hour shift. After that, tomorrow, after shift, I'll take my breakfast and before going back to sleep, I'm going to do the vlogging as much as possible to continue doing some commentaries specifically with the Russian and Ukrainian conflict. Hope that the war will end soon. God bless you all and stay safe always.

I'm praying that not only the war between that two countries will end, praying for the immediate recovery of the COVID-19. COVID-19 hit as for more than 2 years already. I'm been working at home for more than 2 years already due to this COVID-19 pandemic. To tell you honestly, I'm one of the patients who suffers COVID-19 last year and Thank God that I'm fully recovered after one month.

God bless us all again and stay safe.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Luis G Asuncion

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