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Medium Vs Hubpages Challenge- 30 Articles in 30 Days

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Challenging Yourself is Good


Medium Vs Hubpages-Writing 30 Articles in 30 Days

Medium Vs Hubpages Challenge

I write for both Medium and Hubpages, I mainly focus on health topics on Hubpages and personal development, health, and topical articles on Medium. For the next 30 days, starting today, I will be posting the same article on Medium and Hubpages to compare my earnings on each platform. When I first started writing on Hubpages, I quickly made $700 a month and sometimes $1,000 a month with hardly any effort. Mostly posting a couple of articles a week, set it and forget it. I rarely promoted my articles on social media channels; I would just write and leave it. However, when Panda came along, things changed, and the earnings dropped. These days, I make less than $100 per month on Hubpages, but it’s an extra income that I am grateful for.

I recently started writing on Medium, I am a newbie, but I love the journey so far. I know some people are going to say that because I have been writing on Hubpages for a while, I have gained traction on there, so it is hardly comparing like with like. My response to this is, I stopped writing on Hubpages for a while, I have just started publishing fresh content on there due to having more free time during the quarantine. My online copywriting business took a nose dive during quarantine, so I started blogging again and making YouTube videos as a creative outlet. Currently, my Hubpages account is pretty much dead; I make about $0.01 every couple of days from my 100 articles that are already on there. I plan on revamping some of the pieces once the 30-day challenge is over, doing this works wonders, Hubpages picks it up as a new article and the views increase pretty much instantly.

Medium Vs Hubpages

Medium and Hubpages are revenue share platforms, but they work differently. Hubpages shares its advertising revenue with the content creator; they have their own in-house version of Google Adwords. Writers are paid based on the number of views and engagement articles receive. Their pay system works by paying content creators a certain amount per one thousand views (CPM) One good thing about Hubpages is that if you write ten articles and each article gains 100 views, this counts as your one thousand views. Just say, your CPM is $3 per thousand views, you would need to get 100 views on ten articles, or 250 views on four pieces, it doesn’t matter, you will get paid for every 1000 views your content receives.

Medium works slightly; differently, members pay $5 per month to read member-only content. The creators get a share of that money. I am still totally baffled as to how it works, to be honest, I am not going to pretend I am an expert on this because I am certainly not. I wrote an article about my Vegan Lifestyle, and so far, I have gained 12 views, 6 Reads. 50% ratio and two fans. I have earned a total of $0.40 for that article. I recently wrote an article titled Here’s What to Do if Your Partner Never Says “I Love You” According to Experts, and that article has gained 44 views so far, one read, 2% ratio, and a single fan. So far, I have earned $0.00 from that particular article.

I learned that earnings are based on the number of claps you get, engagement, and how long the person spends reading your content. Therefore, you could essentially get 10,000 views and just a handful of reads and a few claps and earn less than if you got 20 views, ten reads, and ten claps. Anyway, this will be the first article I post for the 30 day Hubpages and Medium challenge. I might write more than 30 articles; however, I will focus on the articles I write specifically for the challenge to see how much money I can make. I am tempted to use a new Hubpages account to make it fair, however, my Hubpages account is pretty much dead anyway at this point so I don’t think it will make much difference.

Today is day 1 of the challenge; it is Sunday 23rd August 2020. Let’s go


intriguewriter (author) from worldwide on July 02, 2021:

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I know that Medium are ok with duplicate content but HUbpages don't allow it. I think it is best to just write new content for Medium. Personally, I prefer Medium. I earn $1000 a month on there now and they give bonuses too. Last two months, I had $500 bonuses from them.

Abby Slutsky from America on September 07, 2020:

I don't write for medium. I am just signed up for it. I just asked about it. However, I questioned what Intrigue was doing?

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on September 07, 2020:

Abby,(and intriguewriter) Thats a no-no. HubPages does not permit duplicate content. You'll have to choose.

Abby Slutsky from America on September 07, 2020:

I am only at Hub a few months, so it is too early to say. I am probably doing better than most newbies, but that is relative to the time it takes. I haven't posted anything on medium yet, but I did sign up. Is my understanding that you can post the exact articles on both platforms correct?

intriguewriter (author) from worldwide on August 27, 2020:

I have been forced to focus all my efforts on Medium for the 30 day challenge because Hubpages flagged one of my articles as a duplicate. I can't write two different articles because I run a business from home so it will just be impossible at this point. I will come back to Hubpages to write content here and there, who knows, I might do a challenge next month. Maybe not a 30 day challenge, maybe 14 days or something like that. Thanks for commenting on my article. I appreciate it. Personally, I think Medium is a great platform and you can earn a lot of money on there if you put the work in. Hubpages, not so much for me anymore. How do you find Hubpages ?

Abby Slutsky from America on August 24, 2020:

I joined Medium, but I haven't written anything there. I did not realize you could put the same exact article on both platforms. Is that what you are doing? I will be a day behind you, but I may try to keep up with your pace, at least for HubPages. I am not sure if I can do it though. I average three or four articles a week right now, and I have only been here a few months. I will be interested to see your results. Good luck.

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