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Improve Your HubPages Earnings

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Earn More From Your Hubs

While some people are here at HubPages for the joy of pure writing, many Hub authors hope that their writing and Hubs will earn them some money. Web writing can be a source of secondary income which earns alongside other work, or it might be your ambition to break from a regular day job and support yourself entirely with an online career.

I decided to the second option a try to after about six years of as much effort as a day job, I'm free of a regular desk job, a time clock, a dress code and a general schedule. Now take a moment and go back and read the part of the previous sentence right before you get to the first comma. It took me a few years of making content before I was making anything close to a living by writing online, and it still takes up as much time or more than a regular day job where you work for someone else and get a regular paycheck. if you haven't got patience and aren't willing to put in the same amount of work that you'd put into a regular job, online writing will most likely stay a hobby for you.

I started at HubPages just as they were coming out of their beta phase in the summer of 2006. I didn't really get going with the site until December of that year and I've gotten to see a lot of changes along the way. My number one piece of advice is to forget about how you write for other sites or systems and learn how HubPages works and what the rules are here. This site is not like having a blog, it's not like writing for other content sites and it's not like writing for your own website. I learned by trial and error, and you'll have to go through some of that on your own in order to learn what works best for you and what your strengths are. Not only that, but over the years the rules have changed and you have to be willing to not only keep up with knowing what those changes are but you may have to be ready to edit a lot of Hubs on short notice.

There are a variety of ways to earn money built into the HubPages system and I'm going to talk about the following on this Hub: HubPages Ad Program, AdSense, Amazon, eBay, and Referrals. Nothing I'm going to talk about here is a revelation or some sort of special trick, it's just plain common web sense, but a lot of people have a tendency to overlook the simple stuff.

How long have you been using HubPages?

How've You Been Doing On Your Own So Far?

About the Earnings Poll

The above poll reflects data from August 2011 going forward. The dollar earning options were adjusted slightly, as were options for the question on membership time. If you have an active account and are making Hubs on this site, please answer both questions, thanks!

From mid-August 2011 to early August 2012 there were 587 users who contributed to the poll. The image shown here is a snapshot of that poll taken right before the poll and parameters were reset on August 11, 2012. As you can see 66% are still experiencing monthly earnings of $10 or less. That's up from 55% from last year and matches the stats from 2009-2010.