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Signup For A Hubpages Account And Make Money Too!



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If you like to write, hubpages is a great place to do it and to display your work. Millions of people a day are reading hubpages authors' hubs.

You can write about anything you want..there is no limit, as long as it meets hubpages standards for quality and other guidelines. If you like to write about gardening, boating, hunting, history, guns, the civil war, the old west, American history, movies etc

You can do it on hubpages.


The articles you write on hubpages are called hubs.

What's a hub you're probably saying to yourself (so did I).Well a hub is basically, a one page web article where you can give advice about some topic, information on some topic, insight on some topic or about anything that interests you or that you think readers will be interested in reading. You can add videos, pictures, links, you can monetize your hubs and more.Or you don't have to add any of those things. It's all of to you.


The way you add those extras to your hubs is by placing hubpages capsules in your hubs. There are capsules for adding photos, either from your computer, digital camera, or the Web. You can add capsules for your favorite YouTube or Google videos. For Google Maps. For links to other related Web pages. For Polls and quizzes

This all very low tech and easy to do

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Hubpages authors as well as readers can leave comments on your hubs.This is great way to find out how various readers and hubbers view what you write about.They can leave you praise.Thanks (if your Hub helps them in some way). Expressions of agreement or disagreement. Follow-up questions.Related information and/or links to information they'd like to share with you.

You can comment back to them and carry on running dialogue with them that can be fun and interesting. 30 million reader a month are reading hubpages author’s hubs.

Facebook And Twitter

You can use Facebook, Twitter and other social networking tools to increase readership for your hubs.Hub authors and readers who follow you will be notified whenever you publish a new hub. HubPages uses state-of-the art technology, so that Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines can find their writers hubs. So lots of readers will definitely read your hubs.

Making Money

In addition to all that, You can make money from your hubs, if you want to.Hubpages allows you to set up affiliate accounts with Google AdSense, Amazon Affiliates, and other programs.

Google AdSense automatically displays ads on your Hubs that are related to the topic you write about. You decide which products you want to list in your Amazon and eBay capsules. HubPages earns money from the ads displayed on your hubs and splits that money with you 60% to 40% in your favor.

I’d say that’s pretty good deal wouldn’t you?

The Learning Center

Hubpages goes into a lot more detail about this process in their very informative learning center, to help make sure that you know everything you need to know, to be a successful hubpages author. So if you want to be part of this great experience and opportunity, just signup for a hubpages account today. It’s free and easy to do.

Just click this link to signup and become part of this great, fun and empowering experience

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Joseph T. Gibson Jr. on July 31, 2018:

This is Joe's commentary, I find all of this fascinating and would like to have a hub account. The white man better hope he does have some African blood because he will find the reason he should hope he does soon enough.

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