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Hubpages: How to Calculate Your Earnings Based on Views

Cheryl is a freelance writer, published poet, author and former newspaper columnist.


Hubpages earnings

I am a natural-born writer who has been writing since age 12 and I have been contributing to Hubpages for 4 years. I also write for Vocal Media where you are paid $3.80 for every 1,000 views. If you become a Vocal Plus member for $10.00 a month you make about $6.50 for every thousand views. There are other perks to Vocal Plus so that the membership pays for itself if you are diligent. Somewhere along the line on Hubpage, I had the mistaken idea that HP paid around $3.50 for 1000 views and my earnings seemed to bear this out. I could find no information on this subject that satisfied my curiosity so I decided to ask those in charge. I never had Google Adsense so I had the impression that HL was paying us. I now understand that on this site the writers are paid by the advertisers based on page impressions. When I checked with the HP team, I received the following answer from Luke:

"There isn't a way to check how much money each article earns, or which articles will be more successful. Our advertisers decide what they pay for CPM which determines how much you will earn. Articles that receive more search engine traffic are more likely to make more money as search engine traffic is more valuable than social media traffic. In general, the more traffic an article gets, the more impressions it will get, which then generates revenue. I suggest focusing on writing high-quality content and improving your existing articles. Writing about topics that you're passionate about will most likely produce the informative, engaging content that HubPages values.
Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns."


Calculating your earnings

I appreciate the feedback but as a writer, I like to know where I stand and I really wanted to find out how much money I was averaging on Hubpage. I need motivation. For me to simply write without having any idea of what to expect or knowing if my work was profitable did not seem logical.

I recently found out that you can indeed figure out what you are making on average per article on this writing site. I did just that and I share it now for anyone else who is curious. I write for the joy of sharing information with the readers but as I am making money I desire to know my value on this platform. I knew there must be a way to do it and a few days ago I found out I was right. As I was looking at my article list and also my earnings page I realized the answer has always been there hidden in plain sight, Both pages show what has been obtained for a seven-day period so I divided the number of reads for seven days by the dollar amount for that same period and my answer was $3.68. This reveals that I averaged $3.68 per article for this week. I did it again today and it came out to $3.33. This gives me some idea of how I am doing and I share this for those of you who may want to figure it out for yourself.

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An additional method of calculation

Keep in mind that this is not foolproof and it changes depending on what the advertisers are paying. But tt will at least give you some idea of where you stand. Also, remember that we don't know what time of day HP cuts off the calculations for views, which can be confusing. I had close to 10,000 views in 24 hours this past Sunday but on Monday I only had $8.00. The following day I had made a total of $43.00 so obviously some of the views, perhaps those later in the day were calculated later. There is another method of getting an idea of how well your stories are performing on Hubpages which is to pay attention to daily numbers. Take a look at your total views by the afternoon or early evening which leaves room for later postings to be added the following day. Divide your total views that are listed by the dollar amount you receive the following day to get an assessment of your daily earnings. I had a little over 3,000 reads yesterday and today my earnings reflected $10.00 which again tells me how well I am doing.

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