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Hubpages Alchemy - Where Common Topics Become Exraordinary


What is Alchemy and Why Talk About It Here?

As a person who loves words, I subscribe to several web sites that offer a ‘word of the day” feature. Today, one of my words was - alchemy.

The definition offered on the site was this:

  • Alchemy n. 1. A power or process of transforming something common into something special. 2. An inexplicable or mysterious process by which paradoxical results are achieved with no obvious rational explanation

Fascinating! I would never have thought to describe some of the amazing writers here on as “alchemists”, but indeed, it is a perfect description. Some of the writers I follow consistently turn something common into something special, extraordinary even. When you have followed a Hubber for a while, you know when a piece they have written exceeds rational explanation. Sometimes it just happens. A writer begins to write and something magnificent happens. Some mysterious force takes over the process of writing and when it is finished, the writer is as surprised as the reader. It is magical.

To share a list of Hubbers that are proven alchemists (in my opinion) is risky. I am sure to omit someone or hurt someone’s feelings. To not share would be selfish and so, it is worth the risk. This may become a hub that I build on from time to time but for today, it is simply my list of Hubbers who I feel are true alchemists. I hope you will enjoy their work as much as I have.



  • billybuc on HubPages
    Billybuc inspires and encourages me. Hewas the first Hubber to reach out to me as a newbie. I love his work because he writes from the heart and his heart is huge. He should be awareded the title - Ambassador of Hubpages.

Some of My Favorite Hubs by billybuc



  • MizBejabbers on HubPages
    With a background in broadcasting and news reporting. MizBeabbers has a critical eye, a sense of humor, and an attitude that just shines. She is my most reliable critic and she does it with gentle kindness. She is an awesome storyteller.

Some of My Favorite Hubs by MizBejabbers

Millionaire Tips

  • Millionaire Tips on HubPages
    Millionaire Tips is an incredible writer and, a Hupages Apprentice. Millionaire takes the struggle out of everyday challenges with a practical solutions for almost everything. Millionaire Tips is a resource as well as an awesome writer.

Some of My Favorite Hubs by Millionaire Tips

  • What is a Millionaire?
    The first step in becoming a millionaire is to set a goal. The definition of millionaire is discussed, and the two different kinds of millionaires.
  • What Are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Being Poor...
    Being poor can sometimes be more advantageous to you on your road to financial success. Learn about the advantages of being poor, the disadvantages, and how you can leverage your financial history to becoming financially successful, maybe even become
  • How to Make Genealogy Come Alive For Your Bored Fami...
    Does your family fall asleep when you try to talk to them about family history and genealogy? Here are some proven techniques, ideas and tips on how to keep your family interested in genealogy and family history.


  • Mhatter99 on HubPages
    Mhatter99 surprises me. I never know what to expect when I click on a new piece of his work. His Limericks both entertain and confuse me. They leave me wondering where he comes up with the concept or phrases. He is a master of words. Enjoy!

Some of My Favorite Hubs by Mhatter99


Gratitude for the Professionals

I am sure this hub will be only the first in a series as Hubpages has so many wonderfully talented alchemists to study and learn from. Some write beautifully creative works while others provide very useful, practical information for writing and, for living. One thing is certain, if you put the work into it, and show that you are serious about becoming a better writer, these talented writers will extend their hand in friendship and support. It is only fair that they be recognized for their talent, their kindness, and their generosity. Thank you guys! You are my inspiration. You do indeed transform something common into something special and achieve paradoxical results.

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Linda Crist (author) from Central Virginia on November 13, 2012:

Hi Mary. Thanks so much for the compliment. I am always amazed at the talent here and I learn something every day. The exchange with Teresa was really good, wasn't it? I wonder how many others skip right past the other comments and miss out on learning something. Not me. I read everything. lol No wonder I don't get much done. Thanks for the vote up too.

Mary Craig from New York on November 13, 2012:

What a lovely twist on an introduction to some great hubbers! Billy, Millionaire and Lord have been on the top of my list for a long time. Anything they write is always worth reading. I will have to check out the others since you made them sound so interesting!

I loved the exchange between you and Theresa as I learned from that as well!

Voted up, useful, and interesting.

Linda Crist (author) from Central Virginia on November 11, 2012:

Teresa, I hav enjoyed this exchange and am glad we had the chance to get to know each other a little better. Actually, your comments have been very helpful. I completely agree that writing becomes a chore when I concentrate of keywords, SEO, ads, etc. When I write from my heart and don't consider those things, I find pure joy in the task. Guess which way I'm going? lol I hope you have a great week at work and will be catching up with you as time allows. Thanks again.

Theresa Ast from Atlanta, Georgia on November 11, 2012:

Linda - I have never ever applied SEO in any way, shape or form (even though lots of hubbers have good naturedly encouraged me to). I find it irritating, stifling, and you said it -- block-producing. The results are usually quite awkward producing titles that were obviously created to try and hit 3 or 4 high ranking google SEO words! No thanks, I have better things to do with my time.

Within the first couple of months on HP I realized I had to make a decision. (1) Spend lots of time on SEO and analytics and posting elsewhere and crossing and sending links, all in hopes of creating at some distant point in the future a "passive income stream. " Basically write three "How To's" per week with lots of attention to SEO. That sounded horrible to me and is my personal definition of misery.

Or (2) Write exactly what I want, when I want, never think about SEO or income streams, never worry about add placements, utilize the biggest , most striking, and most beautiful pictures I can locate, never fill space in a hub with surveys or questionnaires, write long or short as I please, write 3 poems in one week or one academic essay every four weeks, and absolutely love and feel good about what I am doing.

After a couple of months I did decide to add an Amazon capsule to my hubs, because I absolutely love books, so sharing those seems natural and good to me. So after month six I started earning 10-12 dollars a month, don't know exactly how, don't care to know. Every so often HP snds me a check for 50-60 dollars. I don't count on it; I treat it like found money and do something I wouldn't normally do. If I never get another check, it won't affect my monthly budget or bills.

My joy and purpose at HP is the reading and writing and commenting and encouraging and reading and writing some more. That's it...and I am happy and peaceful. The first few months I was stressed because there was all this stuff to learn and implement. It does not have to be that way.

Now I have a full-time job so I do not need to make an income off the internet or HP. I understand that some people do and I wish them well, but unless you absolutely have to, or the money is just pouring in, I would put it all aside and write for the joy of it, rant because there are issues to be addressed, build relationships with other writers because you can. I can see now that this should have been a hub. :)

I don't usually write at this length (well, occasionally I do) but it is the weekend when I can spend more time on HP if I want to. Tomorrow morning it is back to work and any comments make will probably be very short. :) Our conversation just happened at a perfect time. Have a great week. ~~Theresa

Ignore anything I said that isn't helpful. :)

Linda Crist (author) from Central Virginia on November 11, 2012:

Teresa, I can't thank you enough for your great suggestion. Do you not worry about keywords in your title or is that part of your consideration after the 12-36 hours? I think that's part of my block is trying to find keywords for a topic I want to write about and then trying to make the title fit the keywords. I really appreciate you!

Theresa Ast from Atlanta, Georgia on November 11, 2012:

Linda - Speaking of titles, I used to really struggle with that a lot. But it has gotten easier. I come up with a preliminary topic/title and then write my article. Let it sit for 12 to 36 hours (depends on my teaching schedule) edit and smooth out the language. Once I have my final draft, I scan the article looking for interesting phrases or words to build a title out of it. It might work for you, although we all have a different creative process. Here's hoping your mental block about titles will disappear. :)

Oh I forgot, after a Hub is about 4-6 months old, sometimes I go back in , maybe make minor changes, and replace an old boring title with a new one.

Linda Crist (author) from Central Virginia on November 11, 2012:

phdast7 - you have done what few will do and that is offer unsolicited advice. I am thrilled and very, very grateful for the tip. Mind my business anytime. lol

I have a mental block about hub titles. I'm trying to overcome it but it is a real problem. I also despise SEO writing and How To's. I am an emotional writer and will never be anything but that. If I don't feel it, I can't write it well.

I will take your advice to heart and see if I can improve the traffic to some hubs that mean a lot to me. Thank you so, so much!

Theresa Ast from Atlanta, Georgia on November 11, 2012:

What a great Alchemical Hub Linda. I do know exactly what you mean about suddenly laughing out loud! :) I follow Billybuc of course and Millionaire Tips, but I shall have to give the others a look or two. You know the problem is that there are simply too many good and great hubbers on HP to follow them all -- I would have to quit my job, but then the electricity would be cut off and where would I be? :) Definitely Sharing! :)

P.S. I have a hard time minding my own business occasionally, but here goes. Sometimes a really good hub gets little notice because of the timing of its release. So a couple of things I do from time to time to ameliorate that situation.

(1) After a week or two I will re-share my own hub trying to target a different group ob hubbers, maybe two or three times (once a week at different times). (2) I have learned that I am more likely to catch certain constituencies at certain times. Mon-Thurs 4pm to 12 pm catches most of the "serious" writers, politics, health care, education, etc. Mon-Sun 7am - 2pm -- crafts, recipes, projects, gardening, travel, some poetry/fiction. Weekends are similar with a lot more poetry and fiction.

A huge percentage of Hubs are "how to do" or "where to buy" or "how to earn more" and I do not read them, because that is not why I am on HP and I have no spare time to "do" all the things that will someday, maybe give me an additional income stream. Si I can;t tll you what the best times or days are for those hubs. Hope this helps a little and that I have not offended you.

I just always want good work to receive the attention it deserves. Have a good week.

Linda Crist (author) from Central Virginia on October 17, 2012:

Millionaire Tips, you are far too kind. I have a long way to go to join the elite class of awesome writers described here. But, I am thrilled to be among your fans!

Shasta Matova from USA on October 17, 2012:

Thank you Linda - that was very sweet of you to say! You belong to the group as well!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on September 09, 2012:

Love it! Can't wait!!

Linda Crist (author) from Central Virginia on September 09, 2012:

Thanks bravewarrior. Stay tuned, there is more to come. :-)

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on September 09, 2012:

What a perfect analogy! The hubbers you mentioned are the true definition of "alchemy". Well done and very well written!

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