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Build a Wordpress Blog to Drive More Traffic to Your Works.

Don is a Writer and a Storyteller. He has published over 9 books on varied subjects along with many articles and commentary on his blogs.

This simple logo belongs to Wordpress.a top blog development and management resource.

This simple logo belongs to Wordpress.a top blog development and management resource.

Blog Proliferation

I have several popular Blogs on the web where I exhibit my writings. It seems that eventually, we all end of with more than one Blog these days.

If you have been writing on the web for a while, all of your success' and failures, good ideas and bad, are out there, located in all of those strange places where you originally placed them, as you learned how to use the web.

I'm no different than the average writer as I listened to a lot of other people in the web writing world and I later realized that I was often a little too fast in taking their advice.

It turned out that some of these "knowledgeable people" were actually giving out valuable advice, while others, sad to say, were just manipulating people like me, the novice web writer, for their own gains.

I admit it, I was probably duped by some sites that were popular at that time and are now either shut down, or are just "dead sites" with no real audience any more.

Using the advice of others and often discovering the errors or my decisions were hard learned lessons for me, but, I can say that eventually, I did learn my lesson. Some of the sites and Blogs I once used, I ended up deleting and removing my works.

Other of my own Blogs had audiences, for their specialized subjects, and I still write on them regularly, even though they are for, periods of time, not the main focus of my interests.

So, as you might imagine, after years of my own evolution of interests and improvements in my writing skills I have an insane menagerie of sites for exhibiting my writings,that, quite honestly, I have been hard pressed to find a way to combine into one central resource.

So, the questions I had for myself were;

  • Do I "copy and delete" articles from older sites and eventually shut them down?
  • Do I just close the least visited and ignore what I wrote at the time?
  • Or, do I selectively rewrite some of these articles making them more vibrant and popular?

The Problems with Scattered Writings.

Eventually you, like myself, may end up being a writer who is wondering how to get more traffic to your articles.

Of course, we all attempt to write quality and entertaining articles that will, in themselves, draw readers.

We all learn, eventually, that we must become conscious of the Technology of Management of our writings on the web.

We end up using such things as keywords, diverse writing styles and formatting techniques along with other technical "devices" and work them into our writings to make the search engines rank our works as highly as possible.

The problem for us, so often, is that even after all of this, we know that we need to get more exposure to more readers.

Many of us start looking for other sites that will drive people to find us and our works. I will not even list all of the options that you could and probably have tried in your efforts to get yourself and your writings recognized.

These specialty sites are so numerous that just a search for what site might suit a writers needs can take weeks. I am just going to suggest that you consider using Wordpress as it is a free, yet professional tool you can use to improve your article visibility.

How to build a WordPress website

What is WordPress

WordPress is a very popular company that provides some quality tools for people to use and generate their own "web page or Blog".

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It provides the templates and tools for a non-technical person to easily set up their own site, utilizing a set of very easy to use templates and what they call "widgets"

First of all, I should mention that there are two paths for the new user of WordPress.

Non-Commercial Site

You can take the path and they automatically update your template, widgets and other of their tools automatically for you. There are no special skills required of you.

But there are certain limitations to what you are allowed to do. For example, you will only get a limited number of HTML commands that you can use in certain places, for one.

One warning though, a site is not allowed to be commercial. I other words, you cannot build a store, with checkout and credit card acceptance or other such tools.

But, Wordpress does allow you to add PayPal Buttons in their sites where you can utilize Paypal to collect money from your customer.

Commercial Site

The other path is to take is the one where you are allowed a great deal of freedom in how much you can modify the HTML code in their templates and widgets.

But, be aware. when they issue changes and updates, they do not accept any responsibility for code changes that you or a sub-contractor might have made to their standard tools and widgets..

So, if you get into the HTML code and make mistakes, or if you make changes that conflict with their requirements, then you had better be a good code trouble-shooter, because you will be on your own.

Even so, when it comes to building a commercial site that you can use to build a store and all of the necessary business sales tools, is the site for you.

WordPress does provide cheap domains and hundreds of very good templates for use, some of which are free and others that you must pay a relatively small price annually to use.

And, at any time, you can consider changing templates by using their tool that allows you to try other templates and see how you site will look, without it changing or deleting any of your data.

There are other WordPress restrictions and rules, but you can read about them if you go to their site.

Build a Single Home Site

Back to me and my personal problem.

I thought for a while, and I decided that what I really wanted was a site that allowed me to;

  1. provide links to certain of my articles on my host site.
  2. provide links to my Blogs that I still managed on Blogger.
  3. provide a link, in the future to a commercial site that I wanted to generate, and
  4. write some shorter articles, including more creative works that are no longer popular with the public.

So, after some serious study of the barely usable WordPress Help system, I was confident that I could accomplish what I wanted using

And, after investing less than $20 with WordPress for my own domain and finding a great free template, I went to work.

Presently, I have written dozens of unique posts and the same number of what they call "Pages"

I have pop-down pages at the top of my site that allow me to list links to categories of my writings.

I have also written quite a few posts that describe certain of my articles, what they are about and a link for others to follow to my actual article.

Freedom and Flexibility for the Writer

Has my traffic increased significantly, yet?

Well, I am seeing new traffic to my articles that wasn't there before. You see, just like my home hosting site has a large and faithful audience of readers, so does a WordPress managed site.

So if I use the appropriate keywords and tags I get some, at times, significant interest in my referenced Hub.

I am tapping into this new audience, slowly, with new WordPress Followers and Readers.

If you remember, when you started out with your home hosting site this is a long-term process of 50% Action and 50% Learning.

I think the greatest thing, to me, about my new WordPress site is that I now have a path for managing my future writings and evolving my older works over to the appropriate site in the future.

And, I get to have fun just writing about anything I want at times. I get to write nice, short and (i hope) interesting and creative works, without it having a major effect on my overall Hub score or Googles attitude about my works.

And, as I evolve my writings, I have a place that leads to everything of mine, on the web; in fact, check out my main Wordpress site.

How to use WordPress, for Beginners

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.