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How to create a successful youtube channel


First things first.

Getting started -

The first thing you have to do after setting up your channel (of course) is deciding what type of videos you will be making. Will you be making gaming videos? Vlogs? tutorials? and so on. The different types of videos you can choose to create are endless and specialising in one of them is the first thing you must do. Once you have chosen your specific topic it is best to stick to it as people who subscribed for your driving videos wont be too pleased if you start putting out gardening videos. You wont find yourself getting 500 random subscribers but you will get 500 people who are big fans of the area you specialise in!

Ray William Johnson a master of the schedule.



A great way to get subscribers and excited for your content is by setting up a schedule. For example by releasing a new video every Tuesday of the week people will begin to anticipate your content as-well as that it will also make sure you are consistent with your videos and don't get lazy.


By setting yourself tasks that you wish to achieve for your channel you will gain a focus and hopefully become determined.When setting goals you have to remember to be realistic as setting yourself outlandish goals such as a million views in your first month will only put you in a bad state of mind as you inevitably fail to achieve them while if you do achieve your realistic goals you will become inspired and get motivated to continue expanding and reach your next goal.

Dive into the community!

People in the community are always trying to help each other out, this is especially true of big you-tubers who are grateful and trying to give something back to their subscribers. For instance they run a competition to do a dual vlog with them ,I can't stress how invaluable these videos are if you get a chance to do a video with a big you tuber you can expect your channel traffic to literally triple overnight!

Also by becoming active on the comments of other videos gets your name out there and make encourage people to have a look at your channel and if they like what they see its another subscriber for you!

Its always a good idea to encourage actiity on your videos you can this by asking people to leave a comment on your video or else by asking a question e.g What do you think of...... When people respond it will come up on their friends feed and so on. Also it is likes and comments that get your videos featured on the youtube homepage so always ask your viewers to like and leave a comment.

People do it for a reason


Coin your own catch phrase!

At the start and end your video you should have a phrase you repeat. Although it may seem trivial now having a good one is really a great idea trust me it is what you will be remembered for. Make sure your phrase is snappy and catchy then as you tube usernames aren't the most personal thing people will being to associate your catchphrase with your videos and if its good enough that they begin to say it in real life well then you can say hello to a lot of new subs. Your phrase should have something to do with the videos you create take Tejbz as an example ( video games) is phrase " To tha face, to tha face" has become absolute gold.

Youtube friends list

When you first start your channel go onto other peoples videos and just simply start adding as many people as you can to your youtube friendslist you will be surprised at the huge amount of people that will accept your request even if they don't know you.

Once you have a substantial amount of friends aim for at least a hundred then when you have a video coming out send out a mass message to all your friends so they know you have one on the way. Then if even 50 percent of your friends view it you will have gained at least 50 extra views on your video even if it seems small now you have to start somewhere!

Look at the video I posted below for a tutorial on how to mass message

Be happy and enthusiastic


Keep active and enthusiastic

You will not get famous over night this is the number one thing to remember. People think that by making one or two videos they will begin making money and bringing in huge views, this is not the case to create an anyway type of successful channel requires huge investments of both time and creativity. It is important you stay active on your channel as if you don't bring out videos especially when you say you will people will get fed up and simply unsubscribe to your channel. It is also important that you remain upbeat if you are talking on your videos people don't want to listen to someone complain about how their channel isn't as popular as they would like or how they deserve better they want to listen to as happy person so if you are enthusiastic on the mike they will feed off this energy and it will be reflected in your comments and likes.

Promote your channel on social media

The advent of new websites such as twitter is great for people trying to promote their you tube channel. Message all your friends on Facebook telling them that you have set up a channel and they should check it out! also if you operate your channel under a pseudonym then set up a twitter page under that name it's a great way for your subscribers to get involved with you they can give you suggestions for future videos and also give you feedback on your current ones.

Competitions are a great way to generate buzz for your channel as by making people re-tweet or share your channel to be included in the running for a prize means that your channel gets exposed to all their friends/followers and creates a snowball effect.

Get partnered

Once you have gained a sufficient number of subscribers and views on your views it is time to monetise your channel and the best way to do that is through the youtube partner program. The program was set up by youtube in around 2007 and basically rewards content creators who bring traffic to you tube by paying them. Lots of people make great livings of the partner program as the more views you get the more you earn. At the minute you apply to the program via an on-line application ,there are a number of criteria you must satisfy before you apply but if you fulfil them then you are eligible to be partnered.

Becoming partnered doesn't only benefit you in a financial sense it also shows you viewer demographics of your videos, you can now broadcast in HD and you gain copyright protection so its a win win situation.

An invaluble platform for promotion


How to mass message on youtube


I hope if you choose to create a channel that is successful in every way and also that this guide helped you in any way. If you have any suggestions about how I could improve this guide or simply just want to give me some feedback on it , then I would love to hear it in the comments below.:)


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