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How to Avoid Disturbing Dream?

To best way regarding nightmares is to wait for them and get involved in them.

Many dreams can be completely disturbing.

In dreams, we observe more thrillers than facts.

In dreams, we observe more thrillers than facts.

How to avoid disturbing dreams?

In the domain of nightmares and dreams, there are more thrillers and mysteries than facts.

In the domain of nightmares and dreams, there exist several thrillers and suspenseful incidences than facts.

There are different ways and therapies to minimize bad dreams and disturbing nightmares. The ideal way is to practice and follow a proper hygienic way of living to move towards an uninterrupted, peaceful sleep. A quiet sleep helps keep our mind and body fresh in the morning when we get up. Also, it is not always easy to entirely avoid bad and disturbing dreams, because, in a day, we go through and think about several unexpected and unwanted incidences that set the stage for the related views of the dreams. But a good sound sleep can always help to feel better and fresh. The psychologists agree that talking and discussing with friends and getting proper advice through social support can keep the subject in perspective and it is a prime way to curtail stress and anxiety related to nightmares.

Many times in my dream, I got lost in the forest wilderness, walking by myself, strolling alone in the woods. Some wild animals started chasing me, but I was unable to scream? In two instances, I had an identical dream of falling out of the window of my apartment, when I started moving slowly downwards, in slow motion, and then suddenly, I got up with a jerk. Many people remember some dreams for their clearness and intensity, and that can result in inherent fear and extended uneasiness.

No doubt! Every person dreams. They can be beautiful, favorable, or bizarre. However, the images we see and the sounds we hear can fill our heads to express their meaning, and this kind of sleep simply providing an idea of the meaning it conveys. Some dreams are guided by a mission and clear plans. If you are really confused, simply consider that, there is nothing to worry about it because, after all, they are nightmares, the game our mind plays at night. It has no meaning during the day. They are similar to imaginative thoughts and views we get indulged in, when awake. It will be a vain hope and efforts to avoid or prevent dreaming, but the right way is to indulge in whimsical ideas, fantasy and enjoy every aspect of it, to keep our mind content and bright.

For some people, the night views are blurring incidences, they do not recollect any dreams, simply wisps of musical instruments and flashing colors. There are people who get terrified by what their dream tries to explain.

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The mind gets activated in the sleeping and dreaming activities, mainly linked to incidences and events happening in our waking and conscious state of feelings and thoughts.

The scientific research on dream explains that all human beings pass through certain sleep cycles through which our brain go through numerous Rapid eye movement and non- Rapid eye movement, known as REM and non-REM sleep stages. Our dreaming occurs, mostly, in the REM sleep stage. In this state, our brain's several Neuro Electrical systems rise to the optimum activated levels, which are identical to the optimum waking stage of consciousness. But, dreaming events can also occur beyond the REM level of sleep.

In reality, a child gets the maximum REM sleep and hence, observes more dreams. The newborn babies spend 75% time dreaming in their sleep while remaining in the REM situation. The grown-up people normally observe 22% sleep dreaming state in the REM condition. In short, REM condition, and dreaming, perform a key function in the neural and psychological development of people.

The strange dreams we witness several times occur during the transitional stage of sleep and wakefulness or vice versa. This transitional sleeping stage happens during a short period when good or peculiar dream encounters take place. This also happens during the final stage of the usual sleep cycle at night or day. This is the time when the brain of a person shifts within two phases of non-REM and REM conditions of sleep. In that position, a comparatively high level of activation of the brain takes place. Therefore, it becomes difficult to identify the dream between the two stages of non-REM and REM.

Hence, the best way to live with our dreams is to invite and wait for them to occur and rejoice in the wonderful dreaming world.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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