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How to Upload Videos to GoDaddy Website


Online Video Sharing

Online video sharing is a popular internet trend, an estimated one billion videos are viewed everyday on the internet. Video.ME, Go Daddy’s online video hosting service, allows users to share and upload video. Video.ME also provides tools to integrate uploaded videos into other websites such as social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Uploading videos is a great way to share memories and events with family and friends. This article will discuss you can upload videos using Go Daddy’s video hosting service.


Go to the GoDaddy’s website, and select or alternatively go directly to the website, and login in with your username and password. If you do not have an account, create and register an account.

In your Video.ME Account, Click and select the “Upload” button and read and agree to the terms and conditions of Video.ME

Open and select the file you want to upload in the upload window that opens. Video.Me supports many popular video formats including MP4, Windows Media Video, and AVI. Upon selection of the video files, click “Open”.

Select the “privacy settings” drop-down bar. Specify which settings you will use for the video you wish to upload. Protect videos with the “password-protect” option and type in a specific password.

Select “Close” upon completion. The Upload Window will show you a summary of files to upload. Select “upload” and begin uploading the video.

Click the “Edit Details” tab below the “Title” field and insert a video name for the “Title”. Edit details for the “Video Name” and “Description” to add details about the video being uploaded.

Select specific keywords related to the video under the “Tags” option. Use the “Organize Your Video” option to edit/insert the category the video falls under.

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Select “Save” and wait for the video to be uploaded. As each video is uploaded, a progress bar will be displayed until the upload is complete. Click “Finish” to complete the uploading of the video.

What Is the Best Video Site?

Great Products for Uploading Video

Selecting a Pocket Camcorder

The internet and social media have been very instrumental in the widespread popularity of internet video sharing and web videos. Finding a pocket camcorder that supports web video is not difficult but there because there are different price points and features, it can become too easy to overlook the camera capabilities of a mobile phone in favour of a pocket camcorder or the other way round, overlooking the uniqueness of a pocket camcorders over a mobile phone.

It is possible to find a pocket camcorder that can offer you a lot of features that a mobile phone cannot. It all depends on what your main purpose of using the pocket camcorder is for. For most consumers, it is for recording vacations, random inspirational moments, sight-seeing and other social activities as well as for work related capable of shooting video for journalism, news and reviews. 

Todays’ pocket camcorders are very light weight and some are about the size of a packet of cigarettes while being extremely versatile. Most pocket digital camcorders are about 2.5”inches by 4.5” inches, anything that is bigger this can be bulky and won’t fit into the average pocket which means it will not be a pocket camcorder. 

Another thing is the pocket camcorder’s expandability, most pocket camcorders are able to record up to 1 hour of High-definition (HD) but a real bonus is to find a camcorder that can allows for memory expansion. Pocket camcorders like the Sony bloggie series come with two memory card slots. The decision is ultimately down to the usage and function.

The next deal breaker would be the camcorders battery and whether it is rechargeable, some camera makers’ pocket camcorders come with removable rechargeable batteries which are great for those long trips where a power plug may be scarce for a bit. This enables users to buy additional batteries to use with the pocket camcorder.
The screen size of the camcorder is also important, a lot of pocket camcorders have a viewing screen size of about 2”, some have larger screens with sizes going up to 3” for touch based models. 

Two often overlooked extras are the ease of use and output connectivity, if recording in High Definition (HD), the pocket camcorder should at least support HD output via either an HDMI port of another connection port. Some pocket camcorders come with easy to use software packages, the Flip Mino series comes with in-built software that works on multiple OS systems. Some pocket camcorders can even load and reformat video for web uploading.

If you will use your pocket camcorder for web videos this feature alone can be the deal breaker. Making sure that the camcorder you are buying fits your usage list is very important and although most consider pocket camcorders to be low risk items, there is no way to replace recorded videos once it has been recorded and memories are all you have left. Making the right choice the first time around is always the best choice.

Tips and Warnings

  • Ensure that your video does not exceed your Go Daddy and Video.ME’s storage plan. Each Go Daddy and Video.ME hosting plan comes with a predetermined amount of storage space. The Video.Me FREE service comes with a monthly account of 200MB and the base option for $1.99 with a monthly account of 500MB and a single channel and several video albums.
  • For the embedded video option, select and enable/disable drop-down menu settings for “viewer comments”, “video sharing” and “auto play”.
  • When uploading files, ensure that you are uploading the right directory. Use the “Organize Your Video Tab” to select the relevant category for your video so it can easily be found.
  • Be careful not to delete or overwrite any video files. Keep a regular backup of video files you have uploaded.

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