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7 Articles on How to Increase Traffic to Website That You Should Read

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Learn how to get free traffic to your website

Learn how to get free traffic to your website

How to Get Traffic to Your Website

I have read several good articles on how to get traffic to your site or blog, written by several talented writers here, on HubPages. I bookmarked some of these articles but didn't do for all that I had read. This created a problem when I wanted to search for that particular article as I had forgotten the author's name as well as the title.

Directory of Top Articles on Getting Website Visitors, on HubPages

So, I decided to compile a directory of the top articles on getting website visitors, written by fellow Hubbers on HubPages, as an easy reference, not just for me but for all of us. This way, you need to bookmark only this article instead of having to bookmark several different sites.

The listing is not in any particular order of merits.

If I missed any articles that you think should be listed in this directory, please let me know in the comment section, below.

Quick Recap on 'What is Website Traffic'

Before we go to the directory, here is a quick recap on "What is Website Traffic".

If you want to make a lot of money, then you need website visitors to go to your site, read your article, and get paid through Google Adsense. The more visitors that visit your site, the more money you will make. If they click on the advertisement or buy items on your Amazon or eBay capsules, then you may earn additional income.

Increase Website Traffic

So, how to get lots of website traffic, or more specifically how to get free traffic?

Getting these free website visitors or traffic is one of the most crucial work for all of us who want to succeed in doing online business. It is a continuous task and you must constantly be doing it. It is not just the internal traffic from HubPages but most importantly, organic traffic through the search engines.

How Are the Articles for This Directory Selected

There are several excellent articles written on how to get free traffic to your site by gifted writers on HubPages. It is really tough selecting them.

I use the Hubscore as a reference to the popularity and effectiveness of the way the article was written (keyword, SEO friendly, etc.) as one criterion in the selection.

I also select articles that have something unique and different, so that you will learn something new from each of the listed articles in this directory.

So, what are you waiting for? Read the following articles on ways to get website traffic to your site.

Getting Traffic

1. Grab that Traffic! Improve and Increase HubPages Traffic by missolive

missolive's article on 'Grab that Traffic! Improve and Increase HubPages Traffic' gave 20 valuable tips on how to improve and increase traffic, and followers to your website.

She also provides links to related hubs that will support your effort in driving traffic to your site. These include links to SEO techniques, keyword search, and back-linking.

One of the techniques that she uses to get traffic, that stands out from the rest of the other articles listed here, is the need to ANALYZE.

By ANALYZE, she means doing research on how the top Hubbers get top Hub Scores, SEO and keywords used for the URL-title, tagged words used, seeing how the first paragraph is worded to incorporate the URL-title and keywords. This will also include reviewing the Amazon and eBay capsules, and strategies used on how the hub is formatted.

Phew!!! These are time-consuming and a lot of work, you will say. But you want to succeed right? So why not copy and follow the leaders and successful people!

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Get Free Traffic

2. Unusual Ways to Get Free Traffic by Barbara Kay

Unusual ways to get free traffic by Barbara Kay list eight unusual ways, including using to get free traffic.

Barbara sells books on She also has an interest in crochet and offers free crochet patterns on her crochet website. Every time she sells books on Amazon, especially in the craft category, she will include the URL to her crochet website. She will also highlight the free crochet patterns that are available on that website. Since anything free is worth having, people will definitely visit her website! So that was one way how she drives free traffic to her site.

If you have something similar, you can follow this tip, not just for but maybe on eBay as well.

Improve Your On-Page SEO to Help Drive Free Traffic

Improve Your On-Page SEO to Help Drive Free Traffic

On-Page SEO

3. Get traffic with ON-PAGE SEO - Tweak Your Hubs - 60DC by sunforged

sunforged's article on how to get traffic with on-page SEO is easy to follow especially since he relates the story of how to succeed in the hot dog business, as an analogy, to help explain the importance of marketing and getting traffic to your website.

He suggested that you use keywords in your title, in the URL, in headline and sub-headline, repeating those keywords in the body of content but not too much as it could be interpreted as spamming, in ALT attributes, and in the file name, amongst others.

Post a Link on Reddit

4. Increase Website Traffic by Posting Links on Reddit -- Part I by alocsin

Although most of the articles written on how to increase your website traffic will include posting to social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, I decided to include alocsin's article as it gave specific instructions on how to do this.

The article is written in two parts and there's also the introduction:

So, what is Reddit? Reddit is a social news website where members can post either a link or a text "self" post. Depending on how and where you post your link, you will see a temporary spike in traffic.

However, you still have to work hard on other methods to get long-term traffic.

Please remember that Reddit has strict rules on how to particulate on its website. If you don't follow the procedures, you could end up being banned from using your account.

Drop in Traffic

5. What to Do if Your Subdomain has a Sudden Drop in Traffic by HubPages, Learning Center

While this is not about how to increase website traffic, it is still relevant as you may experience a sudden drop in traffic and you should know why and how to redress this problem.

The article listed four possible reasons why you had seen a dropped in traffic and four steps to take, to rectify this.

Another good article from the HubPages Learning Centre that you should check out is How to Update Hubs to Increase Traffic.

Share, to Drive Traffic

6. Do You Like to Share? Let's Help Everyone Get More Readers! by Brett.Tesol

You probably have seen the word "SHARED" in many comments on Hubs, lately.

HubPages is a great community where members help and support each other.

If you come across a good article, then one way to help and increase traffic to this hub is by SHARING it with your followers. Although this is only internal traffic from HP, it still helps.

Brett.Tesol's article explains why and how to do this.

NOTE: By writing this directory, I am also SHARING the articles written by these writers, but not just internally to my followers on HubPages, but externally to other readers, as they will get picked by the search engines.

Traffic Calendar

7. Hubpages Tip: Make a "Traffic Calendar" by Greekgeek

This article is not about how to get traffic to your site on a long-term basis. It is about how to get a temporary increase in traffic by writing on the specific subject matter.

Greekgeek gave a brilliant idea of taking advantage of specific annual events such as Christmas, to drive seasonal traffic to your site. You do this by writing quality articles specific to that season and events.

Make a traffic calendar of all events or holidays for each month, that might get traffic and write an article on it.

It is that simple!

How to Get Traffic to Your Site - Directory of Top Articles on Getting Website Visitors, on HubPages

I hope this compilation, How to Get Traffic to Your Site - Directory of Top Articles on Getting Website Visitors, on HubPages, will help you in improving your library of reference materials for success in your on-line business.

Please let me know if there are other articles on how to increase website traffic, that should be included in this directory. Ideally it should have tips and advice that are not in this directory yet.

Have fun and success in your writing and on-line business.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2012 Mazlan A


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Mazlan A (author) from Malaysia on April 23, 2015:

Hi Jacobb9205 . For royalty free photos, I usually go to Creative Common website at and will usually use CC photos from Flickr. Other websites with CC & royalty free photos are from Wikipedia, Pixabay, Canva,, Unsplash. etc. There are many more and you can google free stock photos for these websites. However, Flickr has lots of decent CC photos and you can start with them.

If there are no photos that relate directly to your hub content, think what else you can use that can link to your hub.

In my article on Issues on Malaysian Tax for Expatriates and Non-Residents, there not many interesting photos on Income tax, so I use photos on Malaysian lifestyle to show the excitement of working in Malaysia.

Hope this helps

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