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How to Earn Money Through Articles on HubPages

How to Earn Through HubPages

How to Earn Through HubPages

Founded in 2006, HubPages is an arena where users contribute to the content of the website. I can still remember the day I first tumbled upon this site. It was definitely a positive accident, as I like to call it. I have always been fond of writing but I was unable to find a place to share it with the world. So I did what most people do, I Googled. The aim of the research that day was to find a legit outlet where I could post my thoughts and share my knowledge with the world. Little did I know I would stumble upon a great tool just to do the same, while helping me earn alongside writing. Little did I know, I would soon become so fond of the website.

In this article, I would be sharing my thoughts on the website, and tell you how to make the most of it to eventually earn from the website. One thing would stay constant in the process of becoming successful on HubPages, and that is perseverance.

The Process

First, I will take a moment to talk about the process that would eventually lead up to earning from the website.

A User needs to first register on the website, which is absolutely free. The process of signing up is also very easy, one has to just fill up a form.

The next step is to start posting content that one is passionate about. It is very important to stay consistent and generate quality content to be able to earn better. Every page, or an article is referred to as a HUB. The hubs are monitored by HubPages Admin, who filter quality content. To get your article or hub featured, it must be of good quality so that it can be easily accepted by the HubPages Admin as quality content.

One will also need to set up a valid PayPal account, so that the earnings that are accrued can be transferred to the account. After validation of the PayPal account is done, one needs to start with the HubPages Earning Program, which is how one can monetize through HubPages. One needs to earn a threshold of $50, once that is reached, HubPages directly credits the amount into the registered PayPal account.

You can also refer to the HubPages Help forum, where you can find step-by-step procedure for doing the same.

How It Works

It is also important to understand how the monetization process works on HubPages. When you publish content on the website, ads are added to the content. When the visitors click on these ads through the hubs, a commission is made by HubPages. That commission is shared by the website with the hubber (the user on the website). This is a part of the HubPages Earnings Program. The ratio of the commission is 60/40, which means 60% would be shared with the hubber.

There are other method which is a part of the HubPages Earnings Program is the Amazon Program, which is essentially affiliate marketing, where you place a link to an amazon product on your hub, and if the visitor clicks on that and purchases the item, you make a commission off of that.

There is also something called Contest Earnings (a part of the HubPages Earnings Program), which are basically earnings through contests that are frequently run on the website. If you win the contest, the winning amount is credited to your account.


Advantages and My Experience

There are many advantages of writing on HubPages in my experience, some of which are listed below

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  • For people wanting to start writing, this is a great platform to start doing so.
  • Over and above, one can earn through the HubPages Earnings program.
  • The HubPages community is a great way to interact and gather knowledge from fellow hubbers.
  • This can be a good source for passive income.

My overall experience has been a great learning curve for me and my development as a writer. After being on HubPages for almost three years, I can definitely say that perseverance is truly important if you want to earn on HubPages. My first earning from a couple of articles in the first few days was just $0.01. This can be a little demotivating, but it is very important to keep patience as slowly you will start receiving views on your hubs, The second important thing is quality of articles. It is essential to post great quality pictures and good quality content in your articles to be able to be Featured on the website.

Some of my tips are as follows:

  • Try writing timeless content, the one which does not just fit onto one particular timeframe, something which I would call would be an “evergreen” article
  • Update the content regularly
  • Do not copy from the internet and do a lot of research before writing
  • For pictures, it is better if you can use your own content, rather can copying from somewhere. If you want to use pictures from somewhere, I would suggest to use only licensed images with correct source
  • Apply your articles for their customized websites, so that the traffic can be increased on your hubs
  • Share your articles with your friends, family to help get views on your articles. Social media can also help you get views on the hubs

These are the tips I personally have used over the time I have been on this website, and I saw a huge difference in my hub views.



You can only grow better from here is something that I would say. I have come to love HubPages as a platform to showcase my writing and writing about the topics that interest me, hoping to inspire other people to do the same if you share my passion. I would be honest with you, I never thought this would continue to become a great outlet for me to write. Seeing the passionate writers in the community has kept me going, to pursue my passion for writing. And, I would continue to do the same. If you love writing like I do, I would not suggest a better place to start writing.

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PGupta0919 (author) on April 08, 2020:

Thanks for the appreciation. Also, I agree with you. As articles increase in quality, they are bound to get noticed.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on April 08, 2020:

You have given a good bird's eye view of the hubpages and presented nicely as how one can use this portal for showcasing one's articles. I also agree that it is one of the best places for this activity. Revenue earnings are at the lowest nowadays as mentioned by many hubbers. I joined about 3 years back and still hovering from 0 to 0.01 each day. May be it improves when my articles substantially increase in quality as well as in numbers.

If you get time, just have a look on my articles. Where do I stand? Thanks in advance and keep in touch.

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