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How to Earn More Money on Hubpages


Make more money on Hubpages

If like me, you want to make more money on platforms such as Hubpages, you are always looking for new ways to boost your income by writing informative, engaging content. I started publishing on Hubpages more than ten years ago, I took break and came back to the platform most recently however, I’ve discovered some effective ways of boosting my income by implementing specific strategies.

In this article, I will provide some effective tips to help you boost your Hubpages income.

Think Outside the Box

I like to write about personal development, health and making money online however, it’s ok to think outside the box once in a while. One of my most successful articles here on Hubpages was about philosophy and I rarely articles about philosophy so, if you want to widen your audience, step outside your comfort zone and create some new, fresh ideas.

The importance of thinking outside the box when it comes to content creation:

When it comes to content creation, stepping outside your comfort zone can take your efforts from being average to extraordinary. It's easy to fall into a rut of churning out the same kind of content on the same topics over and over again, but creating something new and different is often more impactful.

Taking risks in terms of content type, topic, or subject matter has the potential to draw in an audience that was previously unaware of your brand and it might even break through the noise on social media. Even if you face a few bumps along the way, straying from what you know can be a meaningful part of growing your reach online.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on

Photo by charlesdeluvio on

Engage wholeheartedly

People often say that one of the best things you can do to boost traffic to your content is to engage with other people’s content however, this only works if you engage wholeheartedly. Leaving comments such as “good job” or “nice article” won’t help. You need to write, long, thoughtful comments that add value to the original piece of content.

Use the Immersion Method

What is the “immersion method?” The immersion method is when you create lots of content based on the same topic. Therefore, instead of creating one piece of content about grapefruit, you create at least five to ten articles about grapefruits. Then, you link all your articles together to boost traction and build topical authority.

Focus on Informative Content

Create content that adds value and helps people. Answer questions in your content and provide detailed responses to burning questions.

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For example:

“How to remove stickers from glass jars.”

This is a problem that many people have and if you can provide a thoughtful answer to the question, a detailed answer that leaves the reader feeling satisfied, you’ll find that your content will begin to gain traction over time. Obviously, it won’t happen overnight however, if you create lots of content, engage and share your content, you will no doubt see a hike in your earnings in the coming weeks or months.


Share your content on platforms like Many Stories

Share your content on platforms like Many Stories

Many Stories is a content-sharing platform which is so popular that it has a waiting list right now. If you want to sign up to start sharing your content, you can sign up however, you will need to wait some days or weeks to get accepted. There are thousands of eager readers on Many Stories and it’s a great way to get more eyes on your content.

Flipboard is another platform that I love using. It’s place where you can curate mini online magazines and fill them with your favorite content from around the web. It reminds of Pinterest and Stumbleupon. I like to create multiple flipboards and add my own content and other content that relates to mine in each board.


Comment on blogs

Comment on blogs

Commenting is an excellent way to boost your traffic however, you can also spend time commenting on blogs that relate to the type of content you create on Hubpages. When you leave comments on blogs, you will need to add a link such as your website or blog however, instead of adding your website, you can add one of your Hubpages articles instead.

Create content about other people

Create content about other people

Create content about bloggers, writers, business owners and public figures. When you publish your article, send the person an email or direct message letting them know that you’ve written an article about them. You never know, they might share it on their social media pages which will certainly boost traffic to your article. Also, when you create content about people who are already popular, it boosts your chances of attracting more eyes to your content.

Write honest reviews

As you might know, Hubpages allows you to make money from Amazon affiliate commissions. Therefore, if you write thoughtful reviews about specific products, when people purchase the product through your link, you get paid a commission. You must write a detailed review of more than 1000 words (Hubpages recommends 700 words as a minimum) however, I recommend 1000 words because when people want to make big buying decisions, they want to know all the pros and cons before they make the decision to buy.

I recommend focusing on high-ticket products instead of low ticket products like books or toys. For example, you could focus on promoting high-end gadgets, that’s if you’ve had the opportunity to try these products to give an honest and thoughtful review.


Remember, Hubpages, like any other platform requires quality, patience and consistency. If you want to boost your earnings, you must create valuable content, answer questions, engage thoughtfully and be willing to think outside the box.

Did you find these suggestions helpful? If so, leave me a comment.

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