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How To Upload Photos to Your Hubs

A Primer for Newbies

A new Hubber recently visited my Hub, What are Your Best Resources to Find Free Images and Photos for Your Hub? and was apparently expecting to learn how to upload her photos from her computer to her Hubs. She left a comment which stated in part, I have pictures in my jpeg windows application. How do I add these photos to my hubs? Please help me!

This Hub is in response to that request and has been written with the intent of helping the requester and other new Hubbers wanting to illustrate their Hubs with their own photos.

As you will see below, the process is actually very easy.


Adding Photo Capsules

When you start a new Hub, one photo capsule is usually included automatically.  If you want additional photo capsules you can add them by clicking on the photo icon in the Add More Capsules (see graphic above) box that appears in the upper right of your Hub while it is in edit mode.

If you want to add a photo capsule while working in the body of the Hub you don't have to scroll back to the top of the screen as HubPages now has a floating bar with icons for additional capsules along that bar which remains at the top of your work area (see graphic below)


New Capsules Appear at Bottom of Hub

When you click and add a new photo or other capsule, it will initially appear at the bottom of the work area below the last capsule (which is usually the Comments capsule) that existed before you added the new one.

In the graphic below you can see a new photo capsule below the Comments capsule.

Click the edit button on the right end of the photo capsule bar to open it and begin uploading photos.


Adding a Photo From the Web

When you click the photo capsules edit button and open it you will see two options for adding photos:

- My Computer

- The Web

if you click on the radio button (circle) to the left of the words The Web instructions will appear telling you how to import pictures from the Web along with a warning not to import any photo that you do not have rights to use.


Uploading Photos from Your Computer

Since the focus of this Hub is uploading your photos from your computer, the rest of this Hub will deal with loading your photos.

The first thing to do is to click on the radio button (circle) next to the words My Computer (see graphic image below).

You will then see instructions telling you that you can upload .jpeg, .gif or .png photos from your computer. Below this text is a grey box with a button labeled Browse.

Click on the Browse button to go to your computer to get your photos.

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Finding Your Photos on Your Computer

Unless you have created a different filing system, if you are using MS Windows for your operating system you photos will more than likely be found in the MY Pictures folder that Windows automatically creates in the My Documents folder.

The first thing you want to click is the My Documents (see first Graphic below) folder icon which comes up on the side after clicking on the Browse button in the Photo capsule.

Click on the My Pictures icon that appears on the next screen (see second graphic below) after clicking on the My Documents folder.

My Documents Folder


My Pictures Folder


Select Your Photos

If you stored, deliberately or by default (i.e., let Microsoft Windows decide), your photos in the My Pictures file, you will see them when you open the My Pictures folder (see first graphic below).

Use your mouse pointer to point to the picture you want to upload and double click.

The system will return you to the photo capsule in HubPages (see second graphic below) and you will note that the name and location on your computer's hard drive is now in the box next to thee Browse button.

If you want to upload a second picture in this capsule, you can point to the words in blue below the Browse button that read Add another image from my computer, and click. This will give you a second Browse button and allow you to repeat the above process to select a second picture.

You can repeat this and add as many pictures as you want so long as the the size of all of the pictures selected does not exceed 4MB. However, be warned that the more pictures you select the longer it will take to upload them.


Uploading Your Photos

As soon as you have finished selecting the pictures you want, point to and click the button marked "Load images" (see first graphic below.

Once the uploading starts the three-arrow HubPages logo will appear and begin rotating clockwise in the bottom of the capsule (see second graphic below).  It will rotate until the uploading is complete and then disappear.


Your pictures have now been uploaded to HubPages and are ready to be displayed in your new Hub.

Before saving the capsule (see graphic below) you can type a title in the box next to the words "Capsule Subtitle:" at the top (this is optional)

You can also type captions in the boxes to the right of your photos (what you type will appear BELOW the photo when it appears in your Hub.  Finally, you can rearrange the order of the photos by placing your mouse pointer on an image and moving it up or down to a new position in the column of photos.

When you have finished your work in the capsule, click the save button in the blue bar at the top to save the contents of the capsule.


This is What your Photos Will Look Like to Your Viewers


Job Done

And this is all you have to do to add your photos from your computer to you Hub.

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© 2009 Chuck Nugent


caitmo1 from Lancashire England on August 11, 2011:

This is a very useful hub for a beginner like me. Thanks

jenniferhughs on December 15, 2009:

Well written Hub. Good information.

Pollyannalana from US on December 03, 2009:

So kind of you to help us just getting in, thank you so much!

Nan on November 15, 2009:

Thanks Chuck, I have already loaded some images, but I haven't mastered the project. I will print out the info and go over it again.

Gendarme from Jamaica on October 21, 2009:

Great job of tremendous help to me. Increases my computer skills. Thanks.

Vizey on October 20, 2009:

Thanks for sharing your views with us. It is been great help. Frankly before reading your hub i had no idea how to load pictures on hub.

Carolyn Blacknall from Houston, Texas on October 18, 2009:

Great job. Don't forget to say how to move the photo up, so it isn't alone at the bottom of the page.

Say something like, 'Click to edit the hub, then look at the right, where it shows the capsules. Drag the photo capsule up, make any other changes so capsules are in order you want, then click “reorder now”.' - Carol

Ralph Deeds from Birmingham, Michigan on October 18, 2009:

Well done, Chuck. I wish HubPages would add a full screen view feature. (I've suggested it and am waiting patiently.)

Beth Arch from Pearl of the Orient Seas on October 18, 2009:

Good job! I'm sure all newbies here will bookmark this hub.

Jerilee Wei from United States on October 17, 2009:

Wish you'd written this hub back when I was first starting out on hubpages. Great and easy to understand explanation.

lyricsingray on October 17, 2009:

Great Job and Thank you -it will help many, Kimberly

Vladimir Uhri from HubPages, FB on October 17, 2009:

Thank you for you education hub.

linda-patriot on October 17, 2009:

Chuck, what an absolute Angel you are to have written this hub for me and newbies like me. I just skimmed over it but I am going to add to favorites and follow all your instructions. My file was jpg not jpeg as I said. But I am sure I will be able to put photos and images in my hubs from now on. I just got the writing bug, but at the same time i'm trying to do things other than email. I am surprised anyone would read my hubs, they are too long and no photo's at all. I am learning from gracious people like you and James Watkins and others as well. I can't wait to check out alot more of your hubs. My husband hogs our Pc so i finally got a lap top to use back in my bedroom/office.This hub helps me out so very much! I can't tell you how delighted I was to find this in my email today. You went into alot of time and trouble to do this for all newcomers who have to figure all these things out!Thanks Again!

Csjun89 on October 17, 2009:

This has been a great help!


OTmommy from Southern USA on October 17, 2009:

Great job of explaining how to add photos to a hub page. I am a "newbie" and appreciate any help I can get!

frogyfish from Central United States of America on October 17, 2009:

I had to learn this stuff the 'hard way', Chuck, but you have made an EXCELLENT step by step guide for the photos work. Thanks for sharing your work/expertise!

turnup4thebooks from UK on October 17, 2009:

A very well written and clear step by step guide. There is also the option of displaying the photo half width or quarter width meaning you can move it to the right and display it alongside text.

Thanks Chuck, keep up the good work.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on October 16, 2009:

Good job of explaining adding extra photos to your hubs.

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