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How to Find the Most Interesting Topics to Write About and Have Fun With the Search

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There are three stages to consider while deciding the most interesting topics to write about.

Let's have a look at them.

  1. Find a niche.
  2. Do online research.
  3. Review and refine.
Getting over writer's block

Getting over writer's block

Find a Niche

What's your passion?

This is the most important step. You have to enjoy what you are doing, whether at work, at home or just as a hobby.

Think of what you enjoy doing. I know that many of you will come up with multiple interest-areas and you will get confused. While others might not come up with any interest-area at all.

Try to answer these questions to decide your interest areas:

  1. If there are no constraints on time and money, what would you do on an ideal day?
  2. What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you find some free time?
  3. What are the types of books you read, types of television channels you watch, radio programmes you listen to?
  4. What type of stories do you read in magazines or online?
  5. When you are with friends, what are the topics you discuss?
  6. What kind of advice your friends seek from you?

These questions should give you a good flavour of topics that you would be interested in writing about.

Do Online Research

Now that you know your interest areas, get online and research your topic areas. It's one thing to be interested in something and it's quite another to get an audience that would want to listen to you.

There are plenty of research tools available, but here are the main tools that I use.

WordTracker: This used to be a free service many years ago when I had subscribed to it. Now it is a paid service, but you can download a free trial. Very effective to know what people are looking for.

Google Trends: Here you can compare two websites and see which one is driving more traffic. You can also compare two or more keywords. This research is fun and you learn a lot about what works on the internet.

Google Adword Keyword Tracking Tool: I have saved the best for last. This is my most favourite tool, and it is the best. When you put a phrase or keyword, it suggests a range of keywords people are searching for. It also shows the number of monthly searches. Of course, you need an Adwords account to access it, but it is free to sign up for Adwords.

I would also recommend reading this book: Click by HitWise Head of Research, Bill Tracer. It gives you a good idea of what people search for, when and why. It is a very interesting read.

Review and Refine

Keep doing this research every day to see what's trending and what's hot. Then make sure you are writing articles that address the issues people are concerned about, on topics that people want to read.

There is no foolproof formula. It is important that you give what people want, and for you to have loads of fun while doing that.

Take a Break

You know how footballers prepare? You would think the obvious—by practising. Yes, they do practice. But they don't play football all the time while practising. They are trained to play other sports as part of the practice.

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Our brain is a funny machine. It can create connections even while doing unrelated activities. In fact, it creates stronger connections while it is not stressed. This kind of stress-free training can be achieved when you are doing something other than the regular activity.

For example, haven't you had writing ideas while you were busy buying fruits in the flea market? It has happened to all of us.

So, put that pen down and walk away from your desk. Take a walk in the garden, or put your laundry on the washing line, or make a salad.

If you enjoy music, then pick up a musical instrument and start writing your own tune. Our brain grows manifold while creating music. It improves creativity, intelligence and memory.


Practise makes perfect. If you are a pitcher, you will only get better by pitching in the nets regularly.

If you are a salesman, your selling skills can only improve by making routine sales-calls.

It's no different for writing. The more you write, more fluent your thought process will become. You are likely to get more ideas.

Nothing succeeds like success.

Make a habit of writing at least 1000 words every day. 100 words. Every day. That's how you will get in the flow.

And here's the secret. It doesn't matter what you write about. You may be a sports-writer, but you may get great sports-writing ideas while writing your diary about your pets, for example.

That's just the way the human brain works. What you practise, you become.

Do you have any tips for getting writing ideas? Share them in the comments section below.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


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