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How to Attract Unlimited Readers to Your Articles: 12 Ways of Attracting Readers

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You may be asking yourself this question.” How can I attract many visitors to my articles?” This question can be very disturbing since you really don’t know where to start. Getting unlimited views and readers to your articles can be a simple thing if you know what your audience wants. Here are some of the many ways that can guide you to get an unlimited number of readers to your articles hence making your dream come true.

Make money through writing amazing articles.

Make money through writing amazing articles.

1. Choose The Right Niches

Which topics are you more interested in? If you like writing about health, relationships and etc., then you should be well fortified in them, in order to capture your audience. Some niches are not really liked by readers but some of them like health have more traffic. Answering questions your audience want is the best way to go and this will surprise you with a lot of readers yearning to read your articles.

2. Avoid Too Much Jargon

Jargon means that you are using words that your audience cannot really understand unless they confirm from the dictionary. In writing wonderful articles, it doesn’t require you to show us how many tough vocabularies you know but all that is needed is how your audience can understand and get the message that they wanted. Too much jargon will automatically scare away the audience opting for another article that is well written in simple and clear language.

3. Use Attractive Photos In Your Articles

Have you ever read a book that has no photos or has unrelated photos to what is being talked about in the story? It feels boring and can completely scare you away. Putting beautiful and attractive photos that are related to what you are talking about in your article can be eye-catching for your audience. This will make them read your article as long as it has all that they want.

Include attractive photos

Include attractive photos

4. Include Videos In Your Articles

Videos are also important if included in your article. They are very helpful in additional information that maybe you did not include in your article. Or videos can be a guide to what you are explaining to your audience especially when the article is about how to cook certain food, or how to fix issues related to computers and etc.

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5. Do a lot of Research Before Writing

We don’t just wake up and start writing articles all of a sudden. Some of the topics we write need a lot of research since we don’t want to leave our readers hanging or make them go for another article. Extensive research is needed so that your article can have every detail that your readers may want. We want readers to stick to your articles for a long time reading them again and again. It sounds good and encouraging when that happens. In short, do some research before writing since this can make you have more ideas to write becoming more outstanding than other writers.

Capture more content before writing

Capture more content before writing

6. Be Short And Precise

Readers are scared away by articles that have long stories instead of answering what they wanted. When writing your articles, try to answer the readers’ questions instead of telling them long stories that end up not meeting their needs. For example, when writing about a topic ’how to cook potatoes’ don’t start telling them how they are grown. Just give them the procedure for cooking it since they need short and quick answers.

We cannot write every detail in our articles since we also have some limits to the number of words an article should have. Since you are not able to capture everything in your article, it is always good to add some links where you feel maybe the reader would want to know more about it.Do some extensive research and find links that are helpful to your reader. They should not be broken or unrelated links to what your article is about.

8. Let Your Ideas Flow

Don’t let your readers start asking questions like, ”what was he trying to imply here?” This will make them stop reading your article because they don’t understand what you were trying to tell them. Explain your ideas well to an extent that your readers are getting satisfied every moment they visit your article.

9. Avoid Too Much Questions

As an article writer, your work is to provide answers or a view about something but not ask your readers’ questions. This will completely discourage them since they have no answers to what they wanted. It is very saddening having a well attractive heading to your article but there is no content for your readers. sometimes questions may be used, but try answering them for your audience since that question was only meant to capture the feelings or their view about it or put them in a thinking mood about what you asked.

10. Be Creative

Creativity is the key to every successful article. Even if you have some ideas about what you want to write in your article from somewhere else, it doesn’t mean you write as that person. Find your own way of putting the ideas down in your own creativity. It doesn’t matter, you may be having the same ideas as someone else. What matters, is how you have presented your ideas in your own unique way to become outstanding among all those who have the same ideas as you.

11. Find Materials That Can Help You become a Good Writer

We are not all perfect. We all started from somewhere. There are those who started writing and had no idea about article writing but now they are very great, while others knew something about it and they have been improving it every day. Learning is a continuous process and it's good for article writing to be part of your learning process as a writer too. It is very important to learn from others so that you can continue building a strong foundation in writing good and amazing articles. Reading articles that are ranking high in the search engine and other materials can be very helpful to make you as a writer grow and develop knowledgeably by gaining more skills in that field.

Read more materials to become a better writer.

Read more materials to become a better writer.

12. Collect Comments From Your Readers

Your readers can make you become a perfect writer. Allow them to comment on every article that you publish since they will let you know what they want and what they don’t like. This will automatically make you change your ways and start writing something good for them.

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