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How I Build My Hubs

Seafarer Mama has been a very active, prolific member of the Hub Pages community since 2009.

Building Hubs for Optimal Internet Attention

If you are reading this article because you have stumbled upon it while surfing the "net," then I have done my job and I welcome you. Here is your virtual red carpet. Please be my guest and walk upon it to join the Hub Pages community if you desire to make some money as a self-published writer.

I am writing this hub as a form of encouragement to new hubbers. It takes hours for me to set up a hub and the feedback I receive from fellow hubbers as a result of my efforts is very gratifying. Being able to come up with new material day after day is a wonderful gift from my muse, and being able to express that material in a way that is meaningful to others is an awesome experience.

My goal is to make my living as a writer, with Hub Pages being but one way. There is a great spirit of community on Hub Pages and I am proud to be involved in both the greater Hub Pages community and the community of hubbers involved in the 60 day challenge initiated by Sunforged. This support inspires me to keep writing more hubs, and to write this hub specifically.

The goal of this hub is to welcome new hubbers and to be of some help to you. If a "veteran" hubber finds it useful, I will be doubly pleased with that result. Here is my process for creating hubs that are intended to be informative to a large population of internet users, and of high quality. The more capsules there are, with a balance between text and other types of capsules such as links, photos, videos, tables, and suggested products offered by affiliate programs such as Amazon and eBay, the more chances you have to make money from your writing and to reach out to attract more readers. And that is a very good thing. Just make sure you write out your own descriptions of the products you promote in your Amazon and eBay capsules.

Steps for Creating My Hubs

Step 1: Beginning

Click on "Start a New Hub" and begin the process. The first choice to make is what type of hub you want to put together. Will it be a recipe hub, a video hub, or a basic article? Once my hub type, subject and related search categories are chosen, I create a catchy title and subtitle, choose my layout, then begin writing and organizing the text related to the subject. The Title Turner program may be of help to new hubbers when deciding the title of your hubs.

Step 2: Photos

Placing photos on my hubs is a three-fold process:

1.) Create a subtitle for my photo capsule

2.) Upload photos from my computer

3.) Create captions for each image.

It is important to me that I give the proper credit for the photos I use, which are usually my own, or my husband's, and occasionally images contributed by friends and family members.

Tables. Maps, and Polls

Tables: Occasionally there is a subject ~ usually a DIY how-to project or other real-time endeavor that I am reading about ~ that inspires me to build a table organized around the steps or tasks involved in completing the project, ingredients or supplies needed, or categorizing various aspects of the project that might be important for the reader to know. This capsule is also one that enhances the vale of a hub. It can offer a pictorial summary of the information in the hub that may help the reader to process the information more readily than words alone. They also keep readers on your hub's page longer, which is as important as having them get there in the first place.

Maps: I usually add a map if I am writing about a place that I have visited, such as in a review. The feature will add visual cues, give more information about the location of the site, and also give information about other sites close to the feature place if you add the markers on the map. The addresses for a multitude of sites are readily available on the internet, which makes this research quick.

Polls: Polls are a fun way to increase the interactive element to your hub by asking readers a question that they can respond to. You can choose to have the results of the poll displayed as a pie chart or a bar graph.

Step 3: Adding More Capsules

Add extra capsules, such as links, tables, videos, Amazon, and eBay, and start providing extra information that is directly related to your hubs. Then decide on the best order for them. Once new capsules are introduced, they can be arranged in the order you desire for them to appear in your hub by opening the "Organize Your Content" menu link to the right of the hub. Then arrange the capsules in a way that you would like to see it appear when your hub is published. Hub Pages will immediately reorder the hubs as you rearrange the capsule bar icons. I found that a hub looks best on a mobile devise if the product capsules follow the text capsules that they are related to, so I re-configured my hubs accordingly and they look much better anywhere they are viewed.

Step 4: Supplying Links Related to the Subject of your Hub

Open the link capsule in your new hub, then open a new web browser window for easy copying and pasting. Start researching and choosing links to include in the link capsule. Creating a subtitle for this capsule and writing a description of each link will draw more clicks. It gives readers an idea of what you are linking them to. It is also creative and fun.

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One of my favorite parts of this process is perusing web sites related to the subjects closest to my heart, and letting others know where they are. Well-crafted web pages are a pleasure to look at and explore. From them, I learn more about what interests me most. In return, I attract more traffic to that site, which I am sure makes its web master happy.

Step 5: Amazon and eBay Product Links

When you want to choose Amazon products to promote in your hub, open the Amazon capsule, then open an additional internet browser window open to research and choose Amazon products to recommend in your Amazon capsule. The process is very similar to the one for the Links capsule. It takes time to make money off Amazon's affiliate program, but I believe in controlling which products are recommended on each hub is important. These choices will best reflect the voice and spirit of the hub, and be most directly related to the subjects covered within the hub. Hub Pages allows only 1 Amazon item per capsule and 1 capsule per 100 words of text, so keep track of that ratio when constructing your hub. I do not use eBay, but you may want to if you sell something on that site related to the subject of your hub.

Simple Pleasures I Enjoy around Writing My Hubs:

Clothes I tie-dyed for my family

Clothes I tie-dyed for my family

The woodland labyrinth near my home

The woodland labyrinth near my home

A wildflower in my garden

A wildflower in my garden

drawing, painting, and crafts

drawing, painting, and crafts

Step 6: Summarize

Directly under your title there is a capsule for writing a brief summary for your hub. This will help draw in readers who want to know more about the subject you are passionate about. Pouring some creative thought toward the wording of this summary is worth the time and effort involved.

Step 7: Publish!

As soon as I publish my hub, I share that news on Facebook . If you have a Twitter account set up with contacts already in place, "tweet" away. I will develop my twitter presence when I am done with the challenge in order to increase traffic to my hubs. I also click on the LinkedIn to update my profile status and the Pinterest button to post the new hub to one of my boards. Whether you use one or all, your chances of attracting additional traffic to and comments on your hub are increased by sharing all of your publishing accomplishments this way. Both help raise the score of that individual hub, and of your overall hubber score.

Step 8: Support Fellow Hubbers

Enjoy reading and responding to the comments of fellow hubbers and others who have taken the time to give their feedback. Then read the new hubs of those you already follow, begin following more hubbers, and make sure to post encouraging comments on as many as time allows.

Step 9: Relax and Have some Outdoor Fun

Enjoy some time outside, such as gardening or walking a labyrinth, while your writing works for you. When you return inside, read some literature related to subjects you would like to build hubs around. These things help you keep in touch with your muse and keep you inspired to generate more quality hub material that will attract a wide readership.

Selling online for optimal earning potential


It is my hope that I will generate more traffic with this method, and the traffic to some of my hubs seems to be rising. Including links to related web sites which may give the reader more detailed information seems to have helped, and it is a courtesy. It increases the hub's value and possibly increases the number of people who will spend time on your page and click on the Google ads or Amazon "catalog" you have provided. I enjoy choosing the Amazon products that appear on my site, instead of letting Amazon choose them. It is like pressing my nose up to the window of a candy store, with the promise that I would occasionally have a chance to 'taste' the treats when I am next paid for my work.

On one recent occasion, I received some important feedback on my hub titled Ten (10) Great Things About Cohousing. A cohousing coach who is not a "hubber" left a very detailed message in the comment section of the hub. I took the reader's advice and let him know when I "fixed" the things that would prevent him from linking my hub to his website related to co-housing. He contacted me back to let me know he would take another look. If that mutual linking happens between us, more people will have a chance to read that hub, which will point to others I have written.

Each time I publish a hub about home-schooling, I post an announcement about it on my Yahoo home-schooling group lists. This helps shepherd traffic to those hubs, and that traffic seems to keep flowing at a steady pace. If there are social/community groups you subscribe to, either on Yahoo, Google, or Meet-Up, let them know your hubs are out there if you think that the content will interest them.

Best of luck to you, and happy hubbing!

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© 2010 Karen A Szklany


Karen A Szklany (author) from New England on February 07, 2012:

Thank you for stopping by and reading, poshcoffeeco. Glad that you found it useful, even after being active on the site for half a year...and thanks for letting me know that you found the hub useful.

As you know, it's awesome to find out that older hubs still have some life in them after we've moved on to other subjects and/or niches. Love your HP name, too! :0)

Love you

Steve Mitchell from Cambridgeshire on February 07, 2012:

You cover some good points on this hub. I have been around here for 6 months and found your article very useful.Thanks for sharing it.

Karen A Szklany (author) from New England on June 25, 2011:

Thank you for stopping by and reading my hub. I am glad that you find it useful. Best of luck finding your unique style of building your hubs. :0)

airie from Davao City on June 25, 2011:

super have a lot of tips, actually I am a new hubber the firs step I did was read and read and read..I want to understand everything here,and feels that I am a part of this site.Anyway I am so glad that I joined here,very interesting all of the topic, but still I am learning how to make hub on my own.

Karen A Szklany (author) from New England on June 23, 2011:

Thanks for stopping by, reading, and responding, Donnie. I am glad that you found it useful. :0)

Donald Beres Jr from Valparaiso, Indiana on June 23, 2011:

Well Seafarer Mama, I wish I would have found this Hub a while back as now I know most of all that you mentioned.

I was still glad to read it and make sure these steps I have been taking were correct and some were not. I always push my articles out of their nest way to early. Thank God, my nest is on the ground floor. Lovely write Karen. Thanks for this share our newbies here at will do well if they find it straight away. Donnie/ Sinbad the Sailor Man

Karen A Szklany (author) from New England on May 28, 2011:

Thank you all for stopping by and writing! Glad you would find it useful!

Tony from At the Gemba on September 01, 2010:

Great hub.. it will be a useful aid to new hubbers joining here.

Shari from New York, NY on August 31, 2010:

great tips for the new Hubber. Hard to believe that I am hubbing for almost a year now. Looking back I know this would have been a great tool!

IzzyM from UK on August 31, 2010:

Easy to read and straightforward. I'm sure this hub'll be a boon to new hubbers :)

Karen A Szklany (author) from New England on August 31, 2010:

Thanks for all the encouraging feedback, fellow hubbers. glad it seems useful to you.:0)

Dobson from Virginia on August 31, 2010:

Nice work laying out the way to make a hub. All newbies should channel their way to your hub as a starting point!

Pandoras Box from A Seemingly Chaotic World on August 31, 2010:

What a great starter hub to point new HubPages writers to, Seafarer. Great informational hub!

Charles Fox from United Kingdom on August 31, 2010:

I was a newbie once. In my youth. It seems so long ago. That 4 months has passed by in the beat of a gnats wing. Fun, I've had it. Frustration, that too. Enjoyment, always. Knowledge, from the many. Kisses, from just one. Feedback, from not as many as I had hoped. Encouragement, when I needed it. Confusion, at the beginning. All emotions that you would enjoy at hubpages. And follow the guided tour around the joy of "start a new hub" and you won't go far wrong.

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