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Free Hub Hug

Linda (Kaywood) Bilyeu is a self-published author. Her books are available on Amazon. She writes from the heart—there is no other way.

Hug Vow....

Hug Vow: This hub hug is being given to you with the most sincere intentions. It comes from the heart. The most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt from within.

I hope you feel the power of this hug and move forward knowing that someone wants the best that life has to offer for you.

May it help alleviate your sorrows and give you comfort when needed the most. May you feel the joy and excitement that it carries for your wonderful moments of happiness.

Any way you need it this hub hug is yours to keep and treasure. Can you feel the power? I sure hope so!

My granddaughter Faith hugging a puppy during one of our visits to the pet store.

My granddaughter Faith hugging a puppy during one of our visits to the pet store.

Hugs are free!

Hugs can be warm, tender or just plain mushy. A hub hug is a special kind of hug. It's a virtual hug sent out to those we care about but can't be there in person.

When we have a friend or family member who needs an embrace send them this hub hug and let them know you are there for them in spirit and thought.

Again let me emphasize "it's FREE" and who doesn't like a good bargain!

At one time or another for one reason or another we all need to know that someone has our back.

Did you know that when a person is at their grouchiest is when they need a hug the most? Go ahead and try it (with caution of course).

You just might be extremely surprised at their reaction (hopefully it was a pleasant one).

There are all types of hugs! A hug from a child is the most precious of all hugs. When their small, delicate hands wrap around your neck you remember that life is good and everything else is insignificant.

Faith and her best friend :)

Faith and her best friend :)

Have you hugged someone today?

Mark Twain once said the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up. What better way to do that but with a caring hug.

Hopefully we were all blessed at a time in our lives to receive a grandparent hug.

Grandparent hugs are the best. Their hugs are one of a unique sense of pride. It's the tight squeeze when your body goes limp and your arms drop to your side and you wonder if you will lose consciousness, but you survive and go for a second hug!

A pet is considered man's best friend. They give you unconditional love and ask for little in return. Whenever we need a hug our four legged friends are always available with paws wide open.

Hugs can be for anything from welcoming a new friend into your life or for the friend who just got released from prison. You never know when someone you care about will need that hug. Send one just to send one! Hugs are always appreciated and welcomed with open arms! This hub hug is for of charge!!!

© 2011 Linda Bilyeu

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Nithya Venkat from Dubai on December 27, 2012:

I can go on and on remembering this wonderful hub and all the warmth and love of hug. Great hub, a great way to start my day. Voted way up,

Jools Hogg from North-East UK on October 30, 2012:

I think a few people might be taking you up on this hub hug today Linda. I came back just because I never turn down a hug!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on October 29, 2012:

Dana ~ Jen ~ Dianna ... Hugs to y'all

Dianna Mendez on October 05, 2012:

Hugs again!! Love this hub.

jenbeach21 from Orlando, FL on October 05, 2012:

Such a happy and uplifting hub!

Dana Strang from Ohio on October 05, 2012:

I absolutely ADORE the intro to this.... sending this to someone i know that could use a hug.


Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on September 29, 2012:

Mary ~ Moonlake ~ ignugent17 ~ vocalcoach ~ remaniki ... Hub Hugs to all of you from Faith and I :)

Rema T V from Chennai, India on September 29, 2012:

Thank you Linda for the warm hub hug. Here's one loving hub hug back from me! A beautiful hub! Aw!Faith is so sweet! God Bless! Cheers, Rema.

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on September 29, 2012:

Dear Linda - I had to come back for another hub hug. Your hugs are heavenly. And so is Faith. What a beauty she is. Hmmm...reminds me of another beautiful lady I know :)

I like this : " The most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt from within."

I love this hub! Hugs to you lovely lady!

ignugent17 on September 29, 2012:

Thank you very much. This is very beautiful hub!

Voted up and shared your hugs! :-)

moonlake from America on September 29, 2012:

I enjoyed that hug. I love your pictures. Your granddaughter and her friend are so cute. I could just hug them. Hugs to you and voted uP!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on September 29, 2012:

Thanks for the big Hug, Linda: I needed that! Here's one right back to you.....Faith and her friend look like sisters, they are beautiful.

I voted this UP, etc. will share so we can all hug each other today! Will Pin to.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 21, 2012:

Hugs back to you Ish! :)

Ishwaryaa Dhandapani from Chennai, India on August 21, 2012:

A wonderful hub! Your little grandchild Faith looked very sweet! I am blessed to have received hugs from my late beloved great-grandmothers, my affectionate grandmother, my dear parents, few close cousins and few good friends! I am a big fan of hugs! Shyfully, I send you a hub-hug from India, my friend! A fetching hub!

Thanks for SHARING. Beautiful & Awesome. Voted up & Shared on Facebook

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2012:

Hub hugs right backatya Dianna, Travmaj and Nell :)

Nell Rose from England on August 16, 2012:

I love Hugs! so sending lots of hugs all around the world and back again! lol!

travmaj from australia on August 16, 2012:

Beautiful photo - now that's what I call a hug...hugs from me.

Dianna Mendez on August 16, 2012:

Hugs sent your way for this lovely hub! Hugs are priceless and can solve just about anything. Love it when my pet gives be one too. Voted up!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 16, 2012:

Curiad ~ Billybuc ~ Daisy ~ Julie ~ Jools99 ~ Jeannieinabottle ~ DeborahNeyens ~ Thoughtsandwiches ~ Mary615 ~ rcrumple ... Thank you for the hugs, support, witty comments and for being awesome! :)

Rich from Kentucky on August 16, 2012:

A hug a day is what you say

they keep blues and sadness away

but watch those hands

careful where lands

or cash to the lawyers you pay

Great Hub, Linda! Keep the hugs and smiles comin'!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on August 16, 2012:

Well, Sunshine: Here's a big Hug from me, OK? Your granddaughter is just precious!

We all love you! Mary

ThoughtSandwiches from Reno, Nevada on August 16, 2012:


Hugs from Reno!!


Deborah Neyens from Iowa on August 16, 2012:

Love the pictures of Faith. What a cutie!

Jeannie Marie from Baltimore, MD on August 16, 2012:

And I am now send you a hug right back! Also, I am sharing this hub since everyone needs a hug sometimes.

Jools Hogg from North-East UK on August 16, 2012:

One hub hub is never enough so I'm sharing this with everyone so we can all have a hubhugathon :o)

Blurter of Indiscretions from Clinton CT on August 16, 2012:

Another view for you!

Daisy Mariposa from Orange County (Southern California) on August 16, 2012:

Linda (Sunshine),

What a huggable Hub! Please keep spreading the word.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on August 16, 2012:

Now you have one more view....great message....we all need hugs!

Curiad on August 16, 2012:


Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 16, 2012:

Hi Martie! I like the way Mark Twain thinks! :)

Martie Coetser from South Africa on August 14, 2012:

Lovely hub! And what a beautiful, meaningful, speaking picture of your granddaughter hugging that puppy!

So true: "Mark Twain once said the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up."

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on June 25, 2012:

Hugs right back India!!

Hi Sue, Thank you for the birthday hug, I appreciate it!!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on June 25, 2012:

Docmo, You do have a way with words. Thank you!:)

Suelynn from Manitoba, Canada on June 25, 2012:

(((HUGS))) right back, Linda! And a {{{HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUG}}} also!

Beautiful hub! Voted up and beautiful... sharing... I don't know who is more adorable... Faith or the puppy.... I think I'll go with Faith! xxx

India Arnold from Northern, California on June 25, 2012:

You know I love this hub! (((HUBHUGS))) just in case you need one Linda! What a rich and very cute way to give a cyber hub. Thanks for this delightful read.


Mohan Kumar from UK on June 24, 2012:

I 'm gonna keep this open on one of my browser tabs permanently! For the theme, for the oh-so-cute pictures of Faith, for the enormous amount of hub love emanating from this page and the sheer closeness of a massive hub hug. Here's one right back at you, Linda, the eternal sunshine of hubland! love it!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on June 24, 2012:

Feeling the hublove and sending it right back to y'all with lots a hugs! :)

Jools Hogg from North-East UK on June 24, 2012:

I came back for another hug - and I'm glad I did :o), you can never have enough hugs and this hub hug is the next best thing to a real one.

mwilliams66 from Left Coast, USA on June 23, 2012:

How lovely Sunshine. I just adored this hub. We can never get too many hugs

Sending huge hugs right back at you.

Voting way up!

Terrye Toombs from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map. on June 23, 2012:

OK, I just got WAY to much sweetness from reading this! Too dang cute! :) I'd share, but I'm afraid of being hurt! :) I did, however, vote the stuffing out of it. :) And on that note, I'm going to bed to hug my pillow...and maybe the hubby. :)

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on June 23, 2012:

Oh, I love hugs. In Hawaii everyone hugs each other as a way of saying hello. All ages, at any place and under any circumstance - hugging is "Aloha."

Love this Sunshine. can't ever get enough hugs! Voted up and sharing.

DragonBallSuper on June 23, 2012:

Hi Shine, sending you a big bear hug from Neverland!

Nithya Venkat from Dubai on June 23, 2012:

Hugs right back at you and wishing all happiness in life and days filled with bright sunshine forever and always. Thank you, felt warm and happy as I read your hub. Your grand daughter looks so cute. Voted up - awesome and beautiful.

Michelle Liew from Singapore on June 23, 2012:

Aww! This is really sweet! We must remember to give someone a hug more often!

Annie Fenn from Australia on June 23, 2012:

Love your hub, Sunshine, love your hugs!!! You bought back memories for me of the beautiful hugs my Grandpa used to give me, he would wrap me up in his arms while I sat on his knee and nothing felt warmer or more secure and loving than Grandpa's hugs. If he were still alive he would be around 109 now. Maybe one day I get to expereince his hugs once more!!!

Hugs to you my friend and thank you. My votes and sharing.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on May 20, 2012:

Sending y'all (((( HUGS )))) be sure and share!

Jools Hogg from North-East UK on May 20, 2012:

Linda, thanks! Today I needed a hug - I have been working from home since 6am and have just finished the work and emailed it back to my work email address. It's been a long, long day and a hug is much appreciated, even in this virtual form :o) Ta, doll!

Poetic Fool on May 20, 2012:

Hi, Linda! I came back for another hub hug. Thank you! I needed it.

Jonathan McCloskey from Cinnaminson, New Jersey on February 18, 2012:

This made my day, thanks for the hug!

Marcy Goodfleisch from Planet Earth on February 18, 2012:

Awwww - I've needed a hug all week - now I feel loved! Thank you! The puppy picture is just priceless - what an expression on her face! Voted up and beautiful.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on February 18, 2012:

(((( Hugs )))) right back at you!

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on February 18, 2012:

Hugs definitely work for me. Here's one back at you. Voting this Up and Beautiful.

Robin Oatley on February 18, 2012:

Hugs for a nice hub by a great hubber!

Poetic Fool on February 18, 2012:

Aw, Linda is a big softie! Nice hub.

Jeff from Where ever the road takes me.... on February 11, 2012:

Hahaha...I'll take a group hug....Thanks!!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on February 11, 2012:

@Tammy no we didn't get the puppy:)

@Justin I bet your hugs do rock cause you are awesome!

@Jeff, GROUP HUB!:)

@Rika, Yes I received your hug from South Africa! Thank you!

@Ardie, I've never felt a granny hug either so I give my grandkids plenty. Thanks for the BFF Hub! XOXO

Sondra from Neverland on February 11, 2012:

Aaw sweet! I think one hug can say so much more than a million words if given correctly. I've never felt a Grandma Hug but I can imagine it. The Kid hug? Oooh yah, the best! Here is my hug to you. Its a bff hug :) love you!

Rika Susan from South Africa on February 11, 2012:

Another great one, Sunshine! Made me think of Joe Martin, an amazing guy who had ALS and always said, 'a good hug is great theology'! True words. Ever had a hug all the way from South Africa? Here it comes...

Justin W Price from Juneau, Alaska on January 21, 2012:

Linda, not only do I like to hug (and cuddle) I'm also pretty darn good at it :-)

Jeff on January 15, 2012:

GROUP HUG!!....There now, isn't THAT better?!! Works for me...hehe :)

Tammy from North Carolina on January 14, 2012:

What a warm fuzzy hub. Your little Grandbaby is so cute. I hope you will let her have that cute puppy. Voted way up!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 06, 2011:

Thank you kindly HSB:)

Cindy Murdoch from Texas on November 06, 2011:

I enjoyed your hub so much that I included it in my hub luv series - Spreading Hub Luv in the Magical Land of HubPages #3

Great job!

Dr Anupma Srivastava from India on November 04, 2011:

Hug is the most intimate physical activity. It tells how much you love someone. A special thanks and hug for you for such a beautiful hub.

carriethomson from United Kingdom on November 03, 2011:

hugs sunshine!! an your faith hugging that lil puppy pic is so lovely!! CUTE!! A huge hug to your granddaughter as well and lots of love ;)


Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 03, 2011:

efferj! I love that video on You Tube, I watched it when I was researching videos for this hub! I appreciate your hug!! Thank you! :))

Suzie from Carson City on November 03, 2011:

Sunshine....Leave it to you to cheer up an entire community & send them just what they needed! I think if we live to be 100...we'll never experience someone who doesn't accept a hug and give one right back!! Saw one of those "man on the street," shows and the guy was hugging passers by, complete strangers, men, women, was great. He'd just walk up to them smiling and give them a hug!! People smiled, hugged back, laughed out loud.....Not a one of them was taken aback or firghtened by him. You're absolutely on target. Everybody loves a HUG......sending a HUGE BEAR HUG to you lovely Lady!!!

Kelly Umphenour from St. Louis, MO on November 03, 2011:

Sunshine - you sure don't sleep on the job. Hugs from around the world - and mine is coming right from the Midwest:) Up and everything!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on November 03, 2011:

I'm glad your blues are gone Susan! I hope they stay away for good! :)

Homestead ... great minds think alike! I'll have to check out your hub!

Hi JT ... Dr. Sunshine has no fees unlike the other docs! :)

Cousin Fudd, thanks for the hug back!

SJ! I hope the sun will come out over Chicago soon, that weather doesn't sound like fun!

SJmorningsun25 on November 03, 2011:

Sunshine, you have the most unique angles for Hubs! I love this Hub-hug. Consider yourself hugged back! Thanks for sharing the sunshine today--here in Chicago it's a chilly 48 degrees and raining, raining, raining . . . perfect hug weather! Voted up and AWESOME. :-)

Cousin Fudd on November 03, 2011:

Great hub and who doesn't enjoy getting a hub. Those hugs which sometimes are unexpected are the ones that I seem to enjoy the most. Sending a hug your way. Thanks for sharing.

JT Walters from Florida on November 03, 2011:


Just what the doctor ordered for today!! Great Hub.


Cindy Murdoch from Texas on November 03, 2011:

Did you put this out there so I would see it and include it in my Hub Luv series? It is so perfect, so be looking for it in a Hub Luv hub coming to a hub near you. Send hub hugs to you too. Great hub!

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on November 03, 2011:

Here's a hug from me to you, until I read this I was feeling Blue. Thanks Sunshine for all the wonderful hubs you write!

M.Ishaq on September 06, 2011:

Beautiful hugsss. One really feels being hugged. simply awsome.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 30, 2011:

I'm loving all these hugs! Y'all are welcome and thank you :)

pinkish on August 30, 2011:

I hug you.. thanks for the warm hub hug :)

Sandi from Greenfield, Wisconsin on August 30, 2011:

Thanks so much Sunshine! What a nice hug. Love the video (That's What Friends Are For". Here is a ((hug)) back at you:)

Syed Hunbbel Meer from Karachi, Pakistan. on August 30, 2011:

So beautiful and cute. Free hugs to all! *HUGS*

Mamadrama from Upstate NY on August 30, 2011:

Hugs Sunshine!!!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 22, 2011:

Thank you tillsontitan! :)

Mary Craig from New York on August 22, 2011:

What a warm and lovely thought! Hugs to you as well.

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 21, 2011:

Hugs back to Sunnie from Sunshine :-)

Sunnie Day on August 21, 2011:

Sending one big hug to you today..

Thanks for a wonderful hub.


Recipe Gal on August 21, 2011:

The little girl and the puppy are so cute! I have a mini dachshund, and she looked just like that as a puppy! Aww!

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 11, 2011:

Thank you Jaye! The girl with the dog is my graddaughter Faith and in the other photo she's hugging her best friend :-)

Jaye Denman from Deep South, USA on August 11, 2011:

Terrific topic, Sunshine....A hug a day keeps the doctor away! People of all ages need hugs, so we should never be stingy with them. Thanks for the virtual hug. (Just looking at the photos of the little girl hugging the dog and the two friends hugging gives one a happy feeling.)

Thanks! Jaye

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 11, 2011:

(((((Hugs))))) to U!

Erin Bower from Georgia on August 11, 2011:

This hub made me realize that there's another universal language apart from smiles: Hugs! Thanks for sharing this happy hub; I voted it up and awesome!

alvinalex on August 10, 2011:

Awesome Hub!!!!!!!!! :)

marellen on August 10, 2011:

Thanks for the hub hug and smile.....Nice and hub hugs back at you.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on August 10, 2011:

Sunshine, you are just that: Sunshine Great HUG HUB Frank

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 10, 2011:

Got the hug Amy ... always appreciated :-)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 10, 2011:

I'm happy to hear that ... Have a wonderful wednesday rastamermaid! :)

Rastamermaid from Universe on August 10, 2011:

Thanx Sunshine625,logged into HP and this hub popped up in my feed.

Perfect timing and the perfect way to start the day!


ExoticHippieQueen on August 10, 2011:

Thanks for the hub hug, Linda, I needed that! Here's one for you............((((((.)))))

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 10, 2011:

Thank you viryabo and mkrandhawa! Hugs to you!

Manthy you know I got your back! :)

Linda Bilyeu (author) from Orlando, FL on August 10, 2011:

Gotta love the helpful hubbers :)

Mark from Alabama,USA on August 10, 2011:

Come on over baby whole lotta hugging goin on.


mkrandhawa from India on August 10, 2011:

Beautiful Hub..I like it very much.Awesome pictures of your granddaughter

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