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I am Nandan,Sixteen years old. I put up in shalimar bagh.Thier support makes me do good in my life to achiebe my goals.gaming is my passion.



I have two sides that I rarely talk to.
I'm afraid the world will think me crazy.

  • Everyone sees the first happy side.

Smiling. laughing. Listening.
When you want a bad day
Shoulders everyone loves to cry their heart out.
It is the answer to the 3 AM message and the answer to your random phone call.
This is what keeps you from asking-
Something different about you, what's wrong?

And then there is the other side.
Sad. Worried. And failure in my own eyes.
The worst days are together.
Which prevents people from getting too close.
It is harsh and it is never regretted.
And it just likes being alone.

Tomorrow without prior notice
My happy side went for a walk.
And so I have been waiting since morning, hoping it will come back home.

But I have never done this.
It never returns on its own.
And for the company only with the other side,
I got restless with each passing hour.

So I set out to find it.
In the usual place, I thought it would not be.
I love this café for years.
Where they have fairy lights, a dog and my favorite music.

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I sat on an empty chair.
I waited while the three beers chugged down.
Then opened a Calvin and Hobbes book.
And read about life in bits and pieces.

I gave the dog a belly and licked a lot of cocks.
Ate the whole burger without a second thought.

And there it was.
As I was about to leave.
My happy side, ear to ear.

  • In reflection of counter mirrors.

So we went back home laughing. Until I searched before opening the door.
Then smiled knowing that this key was not missing.
But this time, it was the other side of me who went for a walk.

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