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Earning Millions Through Your Blog

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Earning Millions Through Your Blog

You've got to be an entrepreneur to make money blogging. You might have to sell ads, promote products, or even write an e-book. We'll help you figure out the best way to do things.

4 ways that blogging can make you money

If your blog gets a good amount of traffic, you could try any of the following. If your audience is small, you're probably better off with the first two. Either way, if you use more than one way to make money, you will have more chances to make money.

1. Advertising on screens

On websites you've visited, you've probably seen digital ads for cell phones, credit cards, and other products. Through a program like Google AdSense, companies can also bid to put ads on their blog. You decide what kinds of ads run and where they go on the page. When a reader clicks on one of your ads, you get paid.

It's hard to guess how much you could earn, but this detailed guide to making money with Google AdSense can help. Here's the main point: Say that in one month, 2,800 people visit your site and 1.5% of them click on a display ad. That's 42 clicks. If the advertiser bids 75 cents per click, you could make about $30.

"For a new blogger, seeing a $30 or $50 check can be all the motivation they need to keep up their blog and eventually get to those higher payouts," says Joseph Hogue, author of "Make Money Blogging."

How much can you make by writing a blog? Google says the following:

Google rules the content world. That is, what you write. Google decides if your content can be found in a search by people who might want to read it, and if it can, it pays you to put its ads on your blog.

Google also knows how much money you make based on how many people visit your blog. A Google content earnings calculator shows all of this.

Here are some examples of how much Google thinks you might make from ads on a blog with 50,000 page views per month in North America, based on the following content categories:

  • $2,538 for sports.
  • Arts and entertainment: $3,372.
  • $5,520 for cars and other vehicles.
  • $7,806 for beauty and health.
  • Shopping: $8,400.
  • Travel: $8,460.
  • Food and drink: $8,598.
  • Finance: $19,278.

Of course, you make more money if you have a bigger audience.

2. Used blog posts again

You already make content, so why not share it differently? You can sell your blog posts as chapters of an e-book on Amazon.

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Self-publishing probably won't make you rich, but Hogue says it's a great way to make money while you sleep. That means that once you put together the content and put it on Amazon, you can almost forget about it. Just get a payment every so often.

Plus, you already have the perfect marketing platform—your blog—with the right audience. Hogue's finance blog, PeerFinance101, is where he tells people about his e-books about investing and passive income.

Or, if your content can be turned into a video, look into how to make money on YouTube.

3. Marketing with affiliates

If you talk about products a lot on your blog, you might want to check out affiliate marketing. Say you have a blog about smoothies. In one of your posts, you could include a link to a specific blender for sale on Amazon. If a reader clicks on the link and buys the blender, you'll get a commission.

Hogue says that a single purchase can earn you anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred. Join an affiliate network like Share Sale, CJ Affiliate,, Rakuten Marketing, or Amazon Associates to find advertisers and products for your site.

Many bloggers make a lot of money through affiliate marketing. In 2017, Hogue made about $2,000 a month from two of his blogs in this way. He has heard of people who use it to make tens of thousands of dollars every month.

This method works best for popular blogs with a lot of visitors. More people will see the post, click the link, and buy the product if more people are reading it.

4. Sponsored content

Companies will pay you a flat fee to write a blog post about their product. For example, you or a blender company could write a post about a specific blender on your smoothie blog. The post could include a link to a website where people can buy the blender.

If your blog doesn't get much traffic, it might be hard to find sponsored content opportunities. Hogue says that even bloggers with low traffic should ask for at least $100 if they have the chance. If you have to write the content yourself, ask for more. Once more people read your blog, you can ask for a few hundred dollars each.

You can find these kinds of opportunities through ad networks or by contacting possible sponsors. You might also get emails you didn't ask for that offer you money for a sponsored post.

Not everyone can use this method. Some bloggers don't like getting paid to promote a product because it makes them feel like "shills for a corporate sponsor," says Hogue. He says that you should only promote products you've used and would recommend. The products should also be relevant, so don't rave about a carpet cleaner on your smoothie blog unless you tend to spill your drinks.

How to make money from a blog.

No matter what you do to make money from your blog, it takes time. You won't be able to make a lot of money from your blog until it gets a lot of regular visitors and ranks high in Google's search results, which takes time. You should also learn about the business of blogging. Hogue reads "blogs about blogs" and sites with a lot of information about search engine optimization.

Since you have to work hard to make money from your blog, it's best to write about something you're interested in. "You'll talk a lot about it, and sometimes that's the only thing that will get you to do it,"


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