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The Benefits of Writing for Hubpages

Celebrating Life on Hubpages

Celebrating Life on Hubpages

Benefits of Writing for Hubpages

I'm celebrating 5 years as a writer for Hub Pages. As I reflect on my time here my thoughts turn to the personal growth that has come to me.

When I first began writing here I had no idea how much my life would change. Little did I know that the journey I was about to take would lead me on a path to self-discovery. I believe that every writer can learn more about himself through writing than any other medium.

One of the most helpful benefits of writing for hub pages was learning to overcome the fear of being wrong. As a seasoned writer, I have learned to build a thick skin. I know that no matter what we write about if it comes from a foundation of truth there is nothing to fear. Writing is a noble thing to do.

You, the writer have an endless reservoir of words to serve you. These words are sacred and deserve respect.

Although writing is its own reward, there are benefits and other advantages available that make writing a worthwhile experience.

It might be a good thing to take a minute or two and reflect on some of these benefits. Richard Branson has said that his most essential possession is his standard-size school notebook which he uses for regular writing.

Thanks, Hubpages For My Growth as a Writer

Thanks to all who have helped me develop my writing skills.

Thanks to all who have helped me develop my writing skills.

10+ Reasons I Love Being a Writer For Hubpages

  1. Self Discipline. With each new hub, I find myself growing on a higher level of self-discipline. This happens to most of us as we work continuously at becoming a better writer. I've learned to step outside of my comfort zone and write about areas and interests that I believe in and the importance of providing information to others.
  2. Therapy. Writing is therapeutic. For me, it has been a wonderful outlet. My mind is focused on the present instead of the past. Also, I have come to know myself on a more truthful level through writing. I call it "A journey of self- discovery."
  3. Friends. I have been fortunate to find these "crown jewels" right here on HubPages. Yes, each friend is a jewel - supportive, caring, kind and loyal. I treasure my hub family.
  4. Support. I have never felt that I was alone and in-the-dark regarding rules and how-tos. With an array of people ready to help as well as The Help Center which is always available, I have managed to find answers to my questions and comfort my frustrations.
  5. Income - Yes, it's possible to earn a monthly income as a writer for Hubpages. It takes dedication, knowledge, some talent and spending a few hours each day honing your skills and participating in activities. But - it will happen.
  6. Setting your own hours. I can write at 3:00 am or 3:00 pm and have done both.
  7. Flexibility - You can write your hubs at home, at a park, the beach or coffee house.
  8. Showing up for work in your pj's. Do I need to say more?
  9. Personal Freedom - I report to no one but myself.
  10. Opens lines of communication - This is accomplished with people I never see and will never meet face to face.

And my favorite benefit - Writing allows me to leave behind a body of work for other individuals to learn from long after I'm no longer here on this earth.

Writing Regularly Keeps the Mind Sharp

More than once I've sat down at my desk to write when I'm feeling down in the dumps. By the time I'm well into my article my mood changes from sad to happy. This is especially true with expressive articles. Statistics show that expressive writing is known to improve mood and reduce stress.

Writing regularly also keeps you sharper as you age. And for me, writing leads to knowledge. The research for the subject at hand along with occasionally using the thesaurus constantly improve my mind opening new interests which I happily explore.

My Favorite Things To Do On Hubpages

There is so much available to do here, besides writing hubs. One of my favorite past times is to read writers profiles. By doing so, I feel a more personal connection with my fellow writers as I learn more about them. I particularly enjoy those profiles which give some personal history.

I also enjoy participating in forums. It's a good way to find answers to questions I may have.

Welcoming newbies is important to me. While I try to keep up with who is new, this is something I want to do more regularly. Lending my support with a quick " Hi, I'm glad to find you here on Hubpages" just takes a minute of my time and may make a difference to a brand new writer. I still remember how this helped me when I first joined up 8 years ago. I think new members appreciate hearing from seasoned writers offering advice and support.

Why Do You Write For Hubpages?

Ready for More Writing Opprtunities

With each new day, comes a new opportunity to grow beyond what I thought possible. I celebrate this new opportunity with passion and with a grateful heart. There is always a writing challenge going on inside of me.

I discover that I have a need to say something, to explore an idea or share my own knowledge about my chosen field. Often I am motivated to write because I've just read a hub created by another writer and found it to be inspiring or helpful. Every writer should read something every day, whether it be a poem, an article or a short story.

Do I still have the same desire, dedication, and determination to succeed on HubPages that I had in the beginning? I have carefully evaluated all the time, sacrifice and even some of my own frustrations. I can joyously say, yes. In fact, I have an even greater desire and a heightened dedication to succeed on HubPages.

Closing Thoughts

You, as a writer, may not be celebrating your finished work or even a part of it. Perhaps you will begin to honor both your writing and yourself with a simple celebration. It is well deserved.

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I will continue Celebrating Life on Hubpages as I continue on my journey of discovery. To write is to make my heart sing.

"Write your first draft with your heart. Rewrite with your head" - Mike Rich

© 2011 Audrey Hunt


Elizabethparramore on May 10, 2019:

This is an informative and helpful article. I haven't written for hubpages or any other blog yet,but have wanted to for some time. I co-pastor with my husband and have been a hairdresser for 33 years. I tinker with jewellery making,love to read,listen to music and take walks and desire to help others make the most of their lifes journey.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on March 15, 2015:

Kristen Howe - Hubpages is the best! The support is amazing. I've grown as a writer here and have no plans of going anywhere else. Thanks Kristen.

Jodah - Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I'm going on 7 years here at HP. I love our community. The money varies month to month but it's consistent. You're a great writer and will do very well here. Thanks for the vote up.

John Hansen from Australia (Gondwana Land) on February 15, 2015:

Glad this one was reshared Audrey. I have mostly the same reasons for writing on Hub Pages. I have tried a few other places but this one feels like home and I doubt I'll ever leave. It's a great community, and I actually look like making double my usual monthly income this month. That's a plus.Voted up.

Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on February 15, 2015:

Audrey, great hub. I agree with you on all those reasons. I used to do articles for Yahoo Voices, before the site went down last summer. I did it for a few years and earned some money in my Paypal account (an average of $1.50 a month). I wished I kept a copy of my old articles, since I lost half two years ago, and kept some that I pubbed her last fall. A Twitter/Facebook friend told me about this last summer. Everyone here have been real nice to me since Day One.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on August 31, 2014:


How are you, and how are things in Sweden? I enjoyed reading your comments and it feels so good to be Congratulated after 4 years of hard work. I feel honored to be a part of this amazing community and look forward to many more, God willing. Sending lovely thoughts - Audrey

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on August 31, 2014:


How kind of you to take the time to read my post and to congratulate me on my 4th year here at my HP home. This means so much!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on August 31, 2014:


Thanks a whole bunch for sharing your own reasons for why you started writing on HP. You are without a doubt one of the most loved ones here in our community. Your ability to 'give' to others knows no bounds. You truly are an endless array of sunshine. Keep shining dear Linda!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on August 31, 2014:


Hello beautiful lady. Love your photo. I truly treasure my HP friendships. And I have learned a great deal about writing as I follow the example of talented writers like yourself. Appreciate your support.

Christina Lornemark from Sweden on July 22, 2014:

This hub is a joy to read and every word describes HubPages so well! I recognized so many familiar hubbers when I read trough all the comments and I agree that the writers was, and still are, what makes HubPages so special. Congratulations to 4 years on HubPages Audrey and for more to come!

Deborah Neyens from Iowa on July 22, 2014:

Congratulations on reaching your 4-year anniversary, Audrey. What a lovely post.

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on July 22, 2014:

All of your reasons are excellent! I started writing for therapy, it's cheaper than a shrink...I stayed because of all of the amazing friends I've made here. The support is overwhelming at times. Sure, during my journey on HP there have been ups and downs, but the ups far outweigh the downs! :)

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on July 22, 2014:

Audrey, not only is this beautifully written, but it's from the heart. I'm here for the same reasons you are. HP is a wonderful venue for honing our skills as writers and making beautiful, lasting friendships.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

danielbatista from Lisbon, Portugal on August 10, 2011:

Well done, this hub is an inspiration to try to reach one year here on the HP.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on August 01, 2011:

Countrycitywoman - What you say is all so true. I appreciate your reading and commenting to my hub. I will hop over to your place now :) Thanks

Martie - You have been an example to me from the very day I joined up. Your magnificent, truthful and unique articles combined with a glowing personality helped to shape this "rosebud". I am happy to have found you here, Martie. Blessings, my friend.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 29, 2011:

R Talloni - What a very nice message from you. It is so nice to hear from a fellow hubber filled with the enthusiasm you have for HP. Hubpages is the best thing that has happened to me in years. Thank you!

Happyboomernurse - One of the rewards for being here on hubpages is meeting you! I love your positive and supportive attitude. And - your hubs are marvelous. Aloha, my friend.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 29, 2011:

Ashantina - I'm raising my glass to you and ready for that toast! You are such a sweetie. Thank you:)

Hello, Hello - Thank you dear friend for the good wishes. My intention is to work harder and write more hubs. :)

sudeep - Thank you so very much. Really means alot to me. Its so great to see you here.

Betty - Well, I thank you so much and want you to know that you are a huge blessing to me as well. Have a day filled with joy:)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 28, 2011:

James - Writing for HubPages and meeting friends like you has been a wonderful blessing in my life. My own personal growth this past year would not have been possible without the connection of my hubfamily. Thank you, dear James for all of your amazing hubs and for your support. :)

James A Watkins from Chicago on July 26, 2011:

Isn't it great how HubPages can help transform a life. It is therapeutic to write and interact and gradually get a feeling of accomplishment. You are a bright presence here. I am glad to have you as my HP friend. :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 19, 2011:

Dear Jt Walters - Wonderful that you have learned how to use images for your hubs. And I am happy to be of help whenever you may need it. I am still learning too. Keep up the good work and let me know when your hub is ready.

Thank you for your rating. Take good care. vocalcoach

CountryCityWoman from From New York City to North Carolina on July 19, 2011:

What a lovely hub and all so true. I have found here a writing community that has been the absolute greatest. I know of no other place online or otherwise that can offer this much fun and accomplishment and passive income too.

What a great bunch of people. Whew!

Rated up.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 17, 2011:

Eiddwen - Your comments always touch a special place in my heart. This is no exception. I am blessed to know you and to have found you here on HP. Even though we are far apart in miles, you remain right here with me. :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 16, 2011:

SuzieQ42 - Great, uplifting comments from you. I like "your style". Hubpages rocks!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 16, 2011:

greenlotus - thank you for giving me a headstart on HP with your encouraging and supportive comments. You were the very first one to respond to my first hub. I could always count on greenlotus to inspire me, even as I struggled to write. What an example you have been for me and continue to be. Your own hubs are first rate. I highly recommend them to everyone as each hub is worthy to be bookmarked. All my appreciation to you, greenlotus!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 16, 2011:

Powerpoe 1 - How very nice of you to acknowledge my first yr on HP. I really appreciate that. Just one more reason I love hubpages. :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 16, 2011:

Fiddleman - You are so kind to congratulate me on my first year here on hubpages. Thank you very much! :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 16, 2011:

Epigramman -, thank you Colin for posting this on facebook. And your comments brought tears to my eyes. I am touched to know that you look upon me with such respect. And are so correct about miracles. And the day I first met you here on hubpages was an unexpected and lovely miracle. Enjoy your magnificent lake.

epigramman on July 15, 2011:

.....well you have been a gift in my life here at the Hub for over the past year dear Audrey - and if I may, I would like to post this most beautiful hub of yours on my Facebook page with a direct link back here.

It's always a thrill when we hook up as I respect your awesome talents as a writer, a singer, a teacher, a humanitarian, a friend and esteemed colleague - you see, in life miracles do happen don't they?

lake erie time 1:49pm

where the sun is currently reflecting those sparkling diamonds on the water

JT Walters from Florida on July 14, 2011:

I think the mere offer of help has made me better on HUbpages nd I am now on facebook as well. Thank you for all of your support to the newbies.

I am rating you "interesting" since that is a new rating that is available to us. Thank you once again.


Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 14, 2011:

Dee - And here's toasting to you, my friend.How nice of you. I value your comments as I do your hubs. In fact, I shall go treat myself to reading one right now. Hugs

Eiddwen from Wales on July 13, 2011:

So very beautiul Audrey, and it says so much about the lady who wrote this hub.

A lady that I am so proud to know !!

Take care my very dear friend.


Jt walters on July 10, 2011:

Thank you so much. Today I just figured out how to insert imagines and hw to obtain them for free. I guess it is a learning process. Thank you for availing yourself to us newbies.

All My Best and With Gratitude.


Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 10, 2011:

CMCastro - Look at us! Beginning year 2 together here on HP. You have been instumental in inspiring me as a writer and I thank you for that. Congrats to you also Christina and for all of your magnificent hubs. We are both so so many ways. Sending you a big hug!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 10, 2011:

randomcreative - Your good wishes fill me with positive energy as I enter year 2. I appreciate the time it takes to read, digest rate and comment. Thank you so much.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 10, 2011:

Prasetio - You have been here from the beginning and always been very supportive. Your constant encouragement has been like the "wind beneath my wings". I am blessed to be part of your family here and I have learned about being a better human being through you.

Now, as I begin year 2, on hubpages, I am excited about what lies ahead, not just for me, but for us all. We all love you, my brother and my friend. You are a light of kindness and inspiration. Blessings and hugs to you, my dear Pras. :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 10, 2011:

JT - Feel free to contact me with a question referring to hubpages. Happy to help. You have a great deal of talent and will do well here. Thanks for following me and for your comments. Have a pleasant evening.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 09, 2011:

FCTier - Hello my friend. Appreciate the congrats. And to answer your question, I spend most of my time here on hubpages. I only visit facebook occasionally. Hubpages is my home and I'm open for business 24/7 :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 09, 2011:

marcoujor - Awwwwe, thank you. Year 2 will be even better with you at my side. I'm just getting warmed up!

Many thanks, my dear, sweet friend. :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 09, 2011:

breakfastpop - Just want to thank you for helping to make my first yr fun and informative with your outstanding hubs. Think I will go check one out right now.:)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 09, 2011:

H P - Your kind words mean everything to me and I thank you so much. You are an inspiring man.

Jt Walters on July 08, 2011:

I think we are all blessed to have each other. Adn I am following. I will write more fan mail in the furture. I am still just figuring everything out. I am still relatively new. I am working on some other hubs of more serious topics. I love the light hubs as well though. I got thorugh periods were I work on ten articles at once and then publish them all and then take a few days off.

I am in an off time and am working on thinsg to publish later. I wonder if there are any movie producers on the hub pages. I have a lot of television and movie scripts just hanging around my home. My grandmother built a theater were I live and we hve practically been raised in the theater so writng movie script snad Tv scripts has been one of my favorite hobbies along with oil painting.

I have a children's series all ready for tv production as well but I don't seem to be able to make the right connections.

Congratulations on our one year anniversay and may ther be many more.

All My Best....


Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 08, 2011:

myster!ous - Thanks so much for your kind comments. If not for hp, I would not have the opportunity and blessing to meet people like you. :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 08, 2011:

JT - For some reason, your fan mail has still not come through, altho hubpages confirmed that you sent it to me.

At any rate, its great to have you as a fan and follower.

Thanks again :)

Jt walters on July 04, 2011:

I am saddened that you are getting the codes either but I am honored t be in such great company with my strife. Thanks for being honest.

Good Night and will talk soon. I think I just left a standarded remark as fan mail. Many people have left me standard remarks so when I send fan mail I often do the same. Sorry if I did this incorrectly. I am new and still learning.

All My Best,


Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 04, 2011:

Peggy - I am going to follow your suggestion. I did list this question a few months ago and received 2 good responses - however there must have been a step missing, as it did not work at all. I think the key is (as you said), explain step by step as tho teaching an elementary student. You are so kind to help me. :)

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on July 04, 2011:

When I just don't understand a technical problem I ask in the forums for someone to explain it in a numbered sequence as if teaching an elementary school student. Generally some kind soul takes the time to answer and I have figured out several things that way.

Here was my forum question and the answers which helped me. Hope it makes sense to you as well.

Congratulations on your 1st year here. You are a great asset to this community and will be a terrific greeter!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 04, 2011:

JTWalters - I am still just not "getting it" with the tracking code. I am more than a little frustrated and somewhat embarrased that after a yr it is still a "thorn in my side". You left me some fan mail which fails to appear when I click on it. Thank you anyhow for the follow and the fan mail. Really appreciate it. Take good care now.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 04, 2011:

chatkath - You are one of those kinds of friends that one is blessed to know. I always light up when your name comes up in my list of email. I so appreciate your support and all of the many kind and motivating comments you leave on my hubs. Here's to another awe-inspiring year!

JT Walters from Florida on July 04, 2011:

Congratuations on your first year. It seems like an eternity of writing to me but you write wonderfully and gernerously and you are so inspiring. I am so glad you mentioned the referral traching codes. i felt like I was th eonly person who didn't instantly understand this.

Congratulations and Happy 4th!


Kathy from California on July 03, 2011:

Audrey has it really been a year! Hard to believe even though I am looking at the proof (for me too) - I am so grateful, as you are that I have had the chance to meet such awesome people who are more than online followers. I have met so many wonderful friends like you that make HP what it is and keep me writing. I am so glad that I met you and thank you for all that you have given in the past year! You are an amazing and inspirational friend!

myster!ous on July 03, 2011:

wow! Congratulations for reaching 1 year. Many years and friends to come..

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 03, 2011:

Tamarajo - I like your comments. I, too, prefer finding my answers right here on HP. There is so much here. And that includes the friendships we make.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 03, 2011:

emilybee - I have enjoyed your comments on my hubs thoughout the year. I have learned and benefited from yours as well. Thank you for your loyal support. Blessings...

Ashantina on July 03, 2011:

Well done and a big hug vc!!! And lets toast to another year at HP :)

H P Roychoudhury from Guwahati, India on July 03, 2011:

Congratulations on your first year wonderful contributions in Hub Pages which is the torch bearer to many like us. I'll be looking forward to more hubs from you in the coming years.

breakfastpop on July 03, 2011:

Congratulations. Here's to a great first year!

Hello, hello, from London, UK on July 02, 2011:

Congratulation and my best wishes for the future.

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on July 02, 2011:

You go girl! I am proud of you, vocal!

You are a friend and a role model of excellence and positivism. I wish you continued success as you inspire us all. Voted UP & UAB. Happy 4th, mar.

Chip from Cold Mountain on July 02, 2011:


And I'm curious: Do you spend more of your online time on Facebook or Hubpages?

Keep writing!

Betty Johansen on July 01, 2011:

Congratulations on a year of awesome hubs! You're a HUGE blessing, and I'm so grateful to have met you on hubpages.

prasetio30 from malang-indonesia on July 01, 2011:

Congratulation, my friend. Thank you very much for your appreciation to me, by put my avatar on this hub. I am impressed with this. A year isn't a little time to be focus in HubPages. You have done it well and you had passing through all difficulty with your spirit in sharing useful information. Especially for singing or vocal tutorial. I always learn from you.

You are my teacher, my friend and my family too. I am proud take a part in your community. Just keep it up! Always do the best. My prayer and my love always for you. I'll press all buttons here, except funny. Have a nice weekend!

Blessing and hugs, Prasetio

Rose Clearfield from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on July 01, 2011:

Congrats on finishing your first year here! I'm glad that it's been a good one for you in so many ways. I look forward to reading more of your hubs in year 2!

Christina M. Castro from Baltimore,MD USA on July 01, 2011:

Congrats to you, vocalcoach! I,too, am celebrating my first year on HubPages. I have really enjoyed meeting you and reading your hubs. I am so pleased to find you and I have so much in common, our belief in Christ, our love for music and our love for children and family. Thanks so much for visiting me here, too, and thanks for all your wonderful comments and compliments. I get so enriched by the personal gain from writing hubs and from reading hubs. I look forward to your second year. Christina

lisabeaman from Phoenix, AZ on July 01, 2011:

Audrey - You should feel some elation! I didn't realize that accolade was rated. Thumbs up to you! It's funny how that all came together. I really didn't do anything special. It just so happened that two pieces of information came to me within a few days that connected and the light-bulb lit up. A greeter position at HP would really suit you and all the newbies that will get connected because of you will be very fortunate! :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 01, 2011:

lisa - I had no idea that I had an accolade with a high rating. Because of you and your kindess, I feel a touch of elation. I contacted Maddie about being a greeter. Thank you, lisa, for the link. You have really gone out of your way on my behalf. May your kindnesses come back to you 10 fold. You are a diamond!

Earth Angel on July 01, 2011:

Dearest One, you make both our halo's glow and our wings blush!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 01, 2011:

Earth Angel - How you make my heart smile! Your words are like finding a hidden treasure. Real, with the excitement of discovery and appreciation. Thank you for making this first year one of wonder and delight. Your friendship is an anchor. . .I am so blessed.

Martie Coetser from South Africa on July 01, 2011:

Audrey, you remind me so much of a rose bud that had turned into a lovely, scented rose. I’ve missed quite a lot of your hubs because of technical problems HP can’t manage to fix. But now with the new Home Page I can follow you again with only one click. I’m looking forward to catch up with reading in your corner. Take care! You have a lovely personality.

drbj and sherry from south Florida on July 01, 2011:

Congratulations, Audrey, on your first year of many at Hubpages. Your smile, your heart and your talent grace its pages and they are lucky, no, make that blessed - to have you! Brava, m'dear.

lisabeaman from Phoenix, AZ on July 01, 2011:

Audrey - I didn't know about this either, but I happened to read about it in the last HP newsletter. I thought it sounded interesting, but I don't qualify (I'm missing an HP accolade for great commenter of V or higher - I'm only a I). I'm pretty sure that you would meet all the requirements though. You can read about it here: Your commenter accolade is at a VIII!!! Wow!

Movie Master from United Kingdom on July 01, 2011:

Hi vocalcoach, congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and also a great hub to celebrate it, I and all your many followers look forward to the 2nd year, best wishes x

Christina Lornemark from Sweden on July 01, 2011:

Your hub is a tribute to your followers as well as hubpages so I must tribute you! I always enjoy a visit in your corner and you spread kindness and warmth in your comments. You strike me as a positive women despite all you have been through. Thanks for being here and make a big difference in hubpages community both by your writing and as a person! Congrats on your first year and I look forward to the next!


Dee aka Nonna on July 01, 2011:

Congratulations VocalCoach on your one year anniversary. I think of us (writers) as friends in the same boat, floating around in the waters of literary potential. So, let's pause for a moment and have an imaginary tea party and drink to the wonderful accomplishment of our friend and writer VocalCoach.

Denise Handlon from Michigan on July 01, 2011:

Beautiful, beautiful hub, Audrey-a winning hub from the gal with the winning smile! Congratulations on your Anniversary. Voted it up/awesome and beautiful.

I have to agree with you. It is a place of 'therapy' with writing and friends. I am witness to your increasing confidence as a writer. Thanks for the recognition-I'm touched.

Cheers to your second year at HP!

emilybee on July 01, 2011:

Way to go, Vocal Coach! A year already! Congrats and best of luck on the August Hub challenge.

Tamarajo on July 01, 2011:

Congrats on the first year.

I too am enjoying the hubpages experience and community. I find myself using hubpages sometimes instead of googling something. I learn so much on here and meet the most interesting people including yourself.

look forward to your second year.

sudeep13582 from Howrah on July 01, 2011:

Congrats dear.... carry on...

b. Malin on July 01, 2011:

Well a Big Congratulations Vocalcoach to YOU. I've enjoyed coming to your Page and Leaning and Enjoying what you have to say. I now Happily look forward to many more years of "You" here on Hub Pages. LOL.

Fiddleman on July 01, 2011:

Congratulations vocalcoach on your milestone.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 01, 2011:

Barbara - Oh, thank you so much. I'm thrilled that you stopped by and I will be looking for you again. :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 01, 2011:

lisa - I didn't know there was an "offical greeter". How would I go about doing that and whom would I contact? Thanks, lisa.

Barbara Badder from USA on July 01, 2011:

Congratulations on your first year here. I'll be looking forward to more hubs from you.

Earth Angel on July 01, 2011:

Blessings of love and congratulations to you gentle one!

You are indeed a treasure to meet here on HubPages! It is excellent Hubbers like you, a truly gifted and loving person behind the avatar, that makes all this so rewarding!

Congratulations Dearest Audrey! Earth Angel!

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on July 01, 2011:

Amy - well, they just don't come any sweeter than you, do they? You are one of hubpages finest. Thanks for the congrats and for liking my new photo. Think I will stop by your place and see what you're up to.;)

Amy Becherer from St. Louis, MO on July 01, 2011:

Congrats, lovely Audrey. I've been meaning to tell you I love your new photo. You glow, girl! I agree with everything you've said here about the best part of participating at the hub. I can't imagine a finer group of friends that are now "family" to me. This was a joyous read, vocalcoach. Thank you!

lisabeaman from Phoenix, AZ on July 01, 2011:

I was just wondering... are you an official HubPages "greeter"? If not, you might consider that. You would be awesome at something like that!

Powerpoe1 on July 01, 2011:

Congratulations!...on your first anniversary on HubPages, continued success and blessings. Happy hubbing~

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on July 01, 2011:

I always enjoy reading your hubs VC and admire your talent and positive attitude in all regards. Hearty congrats on your first year here and keep up the good work. It does give back the love and learning you put into it.

SusieQ42 on July 01, 2011:

Wow! I've been here nearly 3 months and I do love the community. I've met some wonderful people. Thanks for sharing. I have lost loved ones too and have moved on from heartache (although it'll always be there tucked away in the folds) to LIFE!!!

Tim Nichol from Me to You on June 30, 2011:

Congratulations on your first year, vocalcoach :) I'll bet the time just flew right by before you knew it. Having read quite a few of your hubs, one thing that really comes out is your passion for your subject and a willingness to share. Thanks.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on June 30, 2011:

lisa - I want to thank you for being among the first to offer me support and give me confidence when I first joined up. Reading your hubs always inspires me. Which reminds me - its time to indulge myself in another one. :)

Sophie on June 30, 2011:

Congrats vocalcoach, isn't HP wonderful? I think we joined around the same time and yes it has been a great experience for me too. I am glad it has brought you comfort and friends and hope you will find much more in the coming years, Best wishes to you.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on June 30, 2011:

WriterDJ - So glad to hear you say that. This is just the place to spread your wings and fly! Thanks.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on June 30, 2011:

Will - Thanks so much. And am waiting to try out "How to carry a tune" on you for accredidation!

mckbirdbks from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas on June 30, 2011:

Congratulations Vocal Coach, your Hubs have been so full of energy and your support has been noted. Everywhere I travel on the Hub your warm refreshing comments are found. Your presence here, along with the cast of characters you have gathered around you have elevated the Hub.

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on June 30, 2011:

Congratulations on a great first year. Isn't God wonderful in how He sends people. places and things to help us heal? I am glad you are finding life again. I pray a million blessings for your happiness and future.

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on June 30, 2011:

Rob - Thank you for your compassion - this means more to me than absolutely anything. I miss Todd. I would give anything and everything to feel his strong arms around me once more. And my strength is fueled by friends like you.

Rob from Oviedo, FL on June 30, 2011:

Bravo on one year of hubs. I'm glad you found something to help you through the loss of your son. That took a lot of strength.


WillStarr from Phoenix, Arizona on June 30, 2011:


When will your "Teach me to carry a tune' studios be opening up nationwide?

WriterDJ on June 30, 2011:

Thanks for telling, this makes me eager to love more Hubpages :)

Audrey Hunt (author) from Pahrump NV on June 30, 2011:

Mentalist - You have been an ocean of support. This is most humbling, coming from one of the greatest minds on hubpages. Thank you.

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