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An Inspiring Story - First $100 journey on Hubpages Earning Program

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A dreamer & achiever sharing insights of a dream journey on HubPages that began long back and hustled all the way till I didn't achieved.



The journey started around 8-10 years ago, wherein like every other person I was looking on the internet for some income to take care of expenses. Started to write articles or blogging on during my junior college days with the hope to make some pennies for fees and other expenses. Did well research on what could suit best without skipping college or education, and besides trying level best to do some work to earn during the leisure time. "Writing" or "Blogging" was something I zeroed in on and started first writing on blogger with the default basic template.

I struggled a lot in the beginning, to write articles on topics that were interesting to me, but to put them in words that could benefit the readers. Spent a lot of time reading articles - to sum up, things in a single page or 1000 words. Wrote and published some articles or blogs. Blogging was never something I ever liked or felt interesting in, but that was something I could try in those days. The investment I had to make was my leisure time and knowledge constantly without losing hope. No extra training or classes, only an internet connection with a computer and your precious time to understand the particular topic and put them in an article.

I went on to write a few articles which I felt fascinated like technology, self-help, tips, and tricks on computers, laptops, and so on. I applied to Google AdSense on blogger in 2009 for the first time with basic templates and zero knowledge of coding or website making. Due to a lack of readers or visitors to blogs I wrote the AdSense application was rejected. I was thwarted to read the mail received from Google, but that was the truth I had to deal with.

Google Adsense Application Rejection, year 2010.

Google Adsense Application Rejection, year 2010.

Felt like leaving blogging, but what I had lost was my leisure time and nothing else. Instead, I earned the knowledge to write, and reading becomes more interesting to me, but couldn’t earn a penny. Decided to try again with more dedication and go harder. Gathered information on website templates, HTML, trending topics, and every possible thing to improve the writing and presentation of the niche topic. In the years 2010 & 2011 again applied for the Google Adsense program but again failed for reasons like lack of readers, lack of articles published, and lack of website traffic. Shattered by this revert from Google AdSense. Overall 3-4 times the application remained vetoed in these 2-3 years while I kept trying and applying after 6-8 months of improvisation but all efforts were in vain.

I had to gather more courage each time to try again when the application gets discarded in the AdSense program. Again, I went on to give it one more try by upgrading my skills, writing, no plagiarism, fruitful information, SEO, classic template, and every possible thing to make a step better than the previous one.

The application got accepted once, but in a couple of days, it got deferred due to irregular traffic and inconsistent content publication. The earrings were also canceled and I had to again start from zero. The celebration of hard work lasted only a couple of days. But it did keep hope alive that it's possible, difficult, but possible with little more conscious efforts.

Adsense Account Disabled!

Adsense Account Disabled!

Since I couldn’t spend or hire for website building or take external help. I had to gather relevant knowledge through the internet and try out things by myself. It took time to understand the basics at first. While trying hands-on blogger, SEO, website building, backlinks, and improvising writing, HUBPAGES came across as an alternative to BLOGGER. Hubpages got affiliated to AdSense in past days and had inbuilt templates and you only had to write good informative articles.

While trying blogger and Hubpages at the same time, after publishing a couple of articles on both platforms for about 1 to 2 years I again applied for the AdSense program. Guess what? Rejected! Failed! Frustrated! Period. It was the year 2014, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Working on academic projects, applying for jobs, preparing for the Entrance exam to pursue Masters, and working to get the AdSense program approved as well.

Hubpages AdSense Program was rejected in the year 2011 as well.

Hubpages AdSense Program was rejected in the year 2011 as well.

Down and Distressed

It felt like writing and other pieces of stuff are not my cup of tea. After trying so many times, giving so much time and energy, and the dedication behind every article and website preparation, the result remained the same Failed! Failed! And wrecked from inside. Those 6-7 years of endless time spent began to flash in front of my eyes. Wondering why the line couldn't cross even after putting the efforts like hell. Self-confidence went downwards at this point and felt like putting it away this time. Decided to take a break from blogger and Hubpages, while altogether it had 35-40 articles and few among them were having regular organic traffic.

Positive Note

The 6-7 years spent earlier while trying hands-on blogger and Hubpages taught me something which could be reflected and realized only later. As an individual, the language got improved in terms of speaking, understanding, and writing. The grammatical errors, extortionate words, storytelling, presenting knowledge in an impactful way, and many things the failed & the dejected AdSense application taught. To overcome the failure each time, a lot of articles were read. It made reading and writing a habit turned hobby later on. Business, self-help, technical, and biography Books were read after I moved away from blogger and Hubpages. What I earned was knowledge, language improvisation, building more confidence, new hobbies, and most important the resistance and perseverance I developed "To never give up".

6 years time lapse

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From the year 2014 to 2020, a lot of things happened that made me forget the blogger and Hubpages. Earned Master’s degree in Mechanical engineering, worked in Research and development department in the automotive sector. Switched into the real estate sector, food manufacturing, and earned certificates like a life coach, and motivator tag. A lot of progressions happen at a personal and professional level, but Hubpages never came again in thought since the mediums of earning money were already there.

Trending Articles penned in the year 2012

Trending Articles penned in the year 2012

Hubpages - second innings

Fortunate or unfortunate, the Hubpages had something left, which brought back the thought to check the account. It was during the COVID-19 first lockdown in the first half of the year 2020. The scenery outside was horrible and everyone was at home for a couple of months. Staying idle and having not much to do by staying home for weeks and months. "To be idle is a short road to death" - Buddha, Wiseman is diligent. To utilize the time effectively with what you have on hand was something tested. The internet was booming at that moment and the thought of earning a couple of bucks through various means while sitting at home. Became reseller, grocery vendor, first aid provider, oxygen concentrator supplier, and content creator on YouTube and ultimately led back to Hubpages just to check how and what is happening on Hubpages and blogger. That's when Hubpages second innings began.

Hubpages - The Golden Chance

A glimpse of account insights was like the Hubpages had started its ad program and Amazon-affiliated program. The articles which I had written have had a good number of organic traffic, but the earning program was inactive. I vouched for this golden opportunity and applied for AdSense. Guess What? It got accepted and earnings were started straight away. The feeling felt at that moment was something that cannot be described in words. The dream to earn bucks during college days seems to come alive, but a lot later. It was important to take full advantage and not lose the opportunity this time. Few articles were featured on affiliated websites like turbofuture.

Earnings Started on Hubpages in May 2021

Earnings Started on Hubpages in May 2021

Write, Write and just write.

With plenty of time available during the lockdown and sitting at home with a dream left unaccomplished. It was decided to accelerate and write great articles as much as possible. Blogger felt a little incomplete and unfinished which made it to left out and focus on Hubpages only. After all, I have to write articles only and SEO, template, domain, hosting, audience, and other technical parts were taken care of by Hubpages. The focus was on presenting informative information with minimal grammatical mistakes and a pleasurable reading experience for the reader. I went on to write a couple of articles in no time with all getting featured at the beginning itself and some getting pro tag. Favorite subjects I love to write about were engineering, technology, the Internet, gizmos, self-help, Motivational, and health which I experienced throughout my life.

Spot the difference between now and before

One word - Huge! Huge! Huge! The difference I could see in writing and presenting a package of information now. There are zero to minimal unknown grammatical and punctuation mistakes, no plagiarism, many unheard pieces of information in the articles, compiling tremendous updates in 1000-1500 words, advanced language, elegant reading experience, consuming less time to write. All the mistakes or qualities lacked before were improvised immensely and habitually over time. This time writing on Hubpages was for the dream to be fulfilled and not for the bucks. My curiosity to write more and more grew with time.

First 100$ Finally Achieved

It came in two parts and exceeded a little over, but it felt like 100 times more. I could write a couple of articles in lockdown only. Once things were normalized, the dedicated writing time was taken over by regular chores and work activities. The momentum was lost, but it had enough to achieve the first milestone. It's not the amount that made it feel proud, but the achievement of a dream and the thought process behind it evolved made it feel plenty to pen down the moment. From knowing nothing to achieving this milestone is a stepping stone to the next level but this reach was the hardest one. Vincent Van Gogh - " The beginning is perhaps more difficult than anything else" rightly said. The only key to reaching here and moving to the next milestone is perseverance, Period!

Perseverance was the key here

With all the years and months spent on blogging and writing the only thought that exists in mind is to stay focused and keep trying till you don't succeed. The risk was also evaluated and harmoniously executed wherein the risk includes the loss of time, aptitude, and little money spent if it failed, but on the other side, the gains were much heavier and worthier filled with knowledge, experience, confidence, development, and of course, money is the by-product if succeeds. Walter Elliot - “Perseverance is not the longest race, but many short races one after the other".

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