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Adult Content on Hubpages

As a person who has worked in the adult industry (I'm was an account administrator for a very large company that deals with adult video-on-demand services) let me preface the hub you're about to read with a disclaimer: I am not a prude. There is simply a time and place for everything, including sexy girls and guys and everything else.

With that said, I would like to address the question of adult content on Hubpages. Before I found HubPages, adult content, nudity, pornography, sexually explicit content was permitted. Times, and the site, changed, and this sort of thing is no longer allowed. HubPages has evolved, yet one constant remains: users still post adult content.

Now wait a minute, didn't I just say HubPages no longer allows adult content? That's the thing! First you have to look at what adult content IS.

What is adult content?

Adult content is a phrase that refers to anything (text, images, sound, video) which is designed for - quite simply - adult viewing. If the material may be objectionable to a minor, then it's adult content. It's a rather broad category that includes pornography, violence, extreme situations, foul language, and many other topics.

HubPages defines the line between what is acceptable and what is not in the FAQ, so please take the time to read it before considering posting content which might catch the eye of the moderators.

Additionally, Google Adsense program policies can be found HERE, and explain in detail what kind of content is prohibited. Again you see the catch-all line of:

  • Pornography, adult, or mature content

In short, and by the rules of both HubPages and Google, your content is adult and should not be published if it is pornographic (depicts sexual or sensual acts, poses, a varying degree of nudity or suggestive behavior) or could be deemed offensive or unsafe for viewing by minors.

What to do about adult Hubs

If you have found a hub that falls under the heading of pornographic, adult, mature, explicit, or anything which you think comes close - please please PLEASE flag the hub! You can do that by scrolling to the section of the hub where you would thumbs up or thumbs down the hub. Next to the thumbs down is a little link that says "flag this hub" - use it! Flagging a hub allows a manual review process to occur, and means that the objectionable material may very well go away.

It has been stated numerous times: a single flagging will not cause a hub to be unpublished. Be aware, though, if you are flagged repeatedly throughout your account you may have other actions taken against you - such as the bulk unpublishing of your hubs or a mandatory review every time you publish or edit hubs.

In the end, HubPages is a site for writers. It is up to each and every one of us to write well, provide content which is within the terms of service for HubPages, Google, Amazon and Kontera (at the very least.) This also means it is your responsibility to actually abide by and adhere to the rules you agreed to upon signing up for these services.

That means you, sexy girl photo gallery poster!!



Vidhya L from Chennai, India on April 28, 2013:

Great info! thanks for sharing.

Benson Yeung from Hong Kong on September 20, 2008:

thanks for the voice in the desert. besides, I really enjoy hubs, like yours, that clearly makes the point and gives the effective arguments in minimal number of words. keep them going.

Karlyn from on September 20, 2008:

Great hub! Nice to know that someone else thinks this way.

blogit2050 from india on September 19, 2008:

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top information hub, nice work......its good to see that someone is helping of luck

Earth Angel on September 19, 2008:

Okay, I have zero ads, adult or otherwise, on my Profile!!?? Yes, I am hooked up with Google Adsense, Ebay, etc.!! Or am I just viewing them incorrectly?? I have only viewed my Profile from within HubPages?? Does it look different from the outside world??

I thought we all had a say, or veto power, on the ads on our Profile and/or HubPages??

Okay, back to the forums!!??

Blessings, Earth Angel!!

Earth Angel on September 19, 2008:

You Go GamerGirl!! Blessings always, Earth Angel!!

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on September 19, 2008:

Thank you for posting here so that the folks who believe softcore porn and "sexy boobs" need to NOT be the primary focus of Hubpages.

There are many sites you can post on and receive revenues from without doing it here on Hubpages.

Now I'm off to flag the rest of your adult-based hubs.

adrainsean on September 19, 2008:

Well get me worng me wrong but seems a lot like prejudice, if someone if posting adult HUbpages and adsense will take care of it why waste ur enegry behind it all, and "adult" hubs rae no good as there aint adsense on such HUBS, all so called adult hubs which have ads are surely not adult at max they are sexy.

KT pdx from Vancouver, WA, USA on September 19, 2008:

Great hub, GamerGirl! I, too, am disgusted with the ads, soft porn allowed, etc. I came here to write about other stuff that anyone can read. If I wanted to write about sex, I would go to another site.

Stephanie Marshall from Bend, Oregon on September 19, 2008:

Hi Charlotte - great work!! Really well though out and presented. Have you considered pursuing a law degree? But really - I've been watching the soft porn/photo gallery debate for months now, and engaging when I can (sometimes it feels utterly futile). My hubs and profile pages often get questionable ads put on them. And its definitely a "default" ad with a new hub. How horrible! Frankly, I am much less active in the forums and do not like to go to the Hot Hubs pages as a result of HP's policy to continue to allow it freely here.

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on September 19, 2008:

I agree! I don't know why they're allowed to remain, but if more people realized what adult content IS, they might now post it.

amy jane from Connecticut on September 19, 2008:

Hi GamerGirl, thank you for writing a clear, fair hub about this issue! For me, it is really about the fact that the adult content brings down the overall quality of the site. Adult content is not supposed to be placed side by side with educational content. I would never send a potential client here to look at my work, especially now that there are "hot cheating housewives" adds on my Mommy Meltdown hub! Lol! It's so awful at this point that I have to laugh!

It needs to change! :)

Roberta Kyle from Central New Jersey on September 19, 2008:

Good work gamergirl. So many of the cheap girlie hubs do cross the line and I hate seeing them clog up the hot hubs page. I also am getting a lot of "hot Asian girls" banner headlines on my hubs lately along with some really questionable google ads. I guess google and hubpages don't care as long as this stuff makes money for them but I do. I'm ready to flag:-) But first a big thumbs up for you.

Anna Marie Bowman from Florida on September 19, 2008:

Excellent hub, Gamergirl! I am glad someone got this information out there. Thank you!!

solarshingles from london on September 19, 2008:

Dear Gamergirl, I like your fight against cheap soft porn spammy photo galleries on Hubpages. Yesterday, I was really shocked, when I found Google AdSense sexy adds all over my profile page. It looks like I am an ultra 'horny and needy' guy, who wants to date on a 24/7/365 basis and who has never enough. Dating adds all over my profile pic! Very scary, indeed. What will my father and mother say, if they saw that crappy 'Asian girls dating' adds?:)

Due to the policy of Hubpages to allow that soft porn photo gallery spamming (mostly from India:) I am not publishing about SEO, Google search engine ranking, quality back linking, which I am performing many hours every single day for quite a long time...not to be used by those people for even more intensive spamming of Internet's virtual reality.

profiler from Currently in this universe on September 18, 2008:

Nice hub!

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on September 18, 2008:

Aww Thank you ladies! Just trying to do my part, and provide a little knowledge to those who may not understand. :)

Bonnie Ramsey from United States on September 18, 2008:

Great hub, Charlotte! Got a thumbs up from me! I once tried fighting this type of content as well but I got pounced on so I just left it to the Hub Gods lol. I have flagged a few of these this week, though that weren't any question as to adult content so hopefully things will improve in that area. Thanks for writing this hub!


Kathryn Skaggs from Southern California on September 18, 2008:


I think I love you:-)



Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on September 18, 2008:

Thanks for weighing in guys! Much love. :)

Misha from DC Area on September 18, 2008:

Despite of all the words you used you still has the ads displayed :D

You chose wisely to vent your frustration here, instead of forums :P

And good luck with your efforts to change the world :)

Ananta65 on September 18, 2008:

Your hub is quite clear, GamerGirl, well done.

Personally I only flag hubs with poor quality (the pictures of 'hot' ladies with no additional value) or spam. Most of us here are mature people and as long it's not x-rated porn, I don't really care much.

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on September 18, 2008:

Thank you so much ladies for your support and input! **HUGS**

Merle Ann Johnson from NW in the land of the Free on September 18, 2008:

Yes Gamegirl a great hub here...and of course I learned something...flagging hubs...wasn't really aware of what it did...Thank you for that...G-Ma :o) hugs

Earth Angel on September 18, 2008:

Thank you GamerGirl!! GREAT Hub!!

I concur with both you and Patty!! HubPages makes it very clear that this site IS used and visited by minors!! AND that the purpose of HubPages is for writers to share original content, not provide sexual stimulation to those who don't seem to find enough elsewhere!!

I do not consider myself a prude either!! I teach a balance between being fully spiritual and fully human at the same time!! Some people catch their first glimpse of the Divine through sexuality - which I love!! I write erotica!! I am a watercolorist who paints sensual nudes and love scenes!! None of which is posted on HubPages, or anywhere in cyberspace for that matter!! It's not appropriate!!

Thank you for encouraging the HubPages community to "flag" inappropriate content!! It helps make HubPages a unique and high quality arena!! I flag often and just this last week was beginning to question my own sensibilities!!

Blessings to you GamerGirl for taking on a controversial subject - and taking a positive stand!! I am your FAN for life!!

Earth Angel!!

Kiz Robinson (author) from New Orleans, Louisiana on September 18, 2008:

Aww thank you Patty! I can only hope my hubs are helpful to folks. :D

Patty Inglish MS from USA and Asgardia, the First Space Nation on September 18, 2008:

Well-written and effective, gamergirl!

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