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A Tribute To My Favorite Hub Pages Writers


I have been a member of hub pages for almost two years now and although I’m not as active as I should be when it comes to writing, I appreciate the freedom and opportunity that hub pages has provided to the world wide web community as well creating a platform for all kinds of writers and publishers.

What intrigues me about hub pages is that you can discover brilliant, but hidden writers who you will never hear of on famous publications due to the fact that most writers here have either never bothered to become established authors or they have tried and sadly have not managed to become a JK Rowling or Stephen King. Nevertheless, for the last month I have seriously done some hub surfing and I can tell you that now I read an average of 75-100 hubs a day. This weekend alone I think I have read close to 500 hubs. It does explain why I have not published as many hubs as I ought to because I spend too much time reading other people’s work, which I enjoy very much.

Now through my vigorous hub trotting, I discovered that they are several writers that I frequently read their work and most times I leave good feedback as an encouragement to them to keep on writing! If I don’t leave a comment it’s simply because I’m either engrossed in thought or I read the hub decided to raid the fridge first and by the time I get back to hub reading I forget to put a comment. So forgive me if I don’t leave comments but rest assured your hubs are read indeed.

So without further ado, I would like to dedicate this hub to these brilliant writers who in my opinion deserve to be recognised for their work. I hope through these hub series, somebody or some entity that are looking for brilliant writers will be able to find these guys and showcase the world their amazing talent. So in no particular order I am going to start with these writers:


Bill Hilland aka BillyBuc - I don’t even know where to start with this guy! His writing is so lovable and enchanting. Of the 740 hubs he has I think I have read about 200 of them as his writing is so interesting and when I read them, I imagine it’s Santa telling me these dear wonderful stories whilst I’m seated on his lap. Exceptional writer and deserves a standing innovation for such wonderful work. One of my favourite hubs of his is Love Is: A Moment with Bill Reflection. Judging by the fact that his hubs gets an average of 100 responses within 24 hours after he publishes them is a testament of true writer. So from me, Bill, I just want to thank you for having the ability to glue me to your hubs. Love them and keep ‘em coming!

John Hansen aka Jodah Dr Seuss has got nothing on this guy!! I was never a fan of poems but thanks to this brilliant down under native, I’m obsessed with poems. Every time I read his poems I either laugh so hard my tummy hurts or I cry so much like a baby teething (tears of joy by the way) Such an inspiring poet filled with a good spirit of writing soul searching and beautiful poems. I truly believe his poems are magic and one day it would be nice if he would publish these poems in a book. I would definitely buy it ( and get 5 percent royalties for suggesting it!) So from me, Jodah, thank you so much that your hubs are always a positive side to my daily life. I especially love this poem - God’s Perfect Creation – and I love your wittiness but gentleness that comes from your poems. You’re definitely the best poet writer here on hub pages.

I imagine all  these writers started like this!

I imagine all these writers started like this!

Swilliams aka Emunah - She’s not only a stunningly beautiful woman but she can write!! How many pretty ladies out there do you know that can write so blissfully and wonderfully? Her hubs are entertaining and educational and you’re bound to find out something you never knew. My favourite hub of hers is Things To Do In Okinawa Japan! Travel With Grace. I like the fact your articles are written in a way that I feel I’m part of it so that’s what makes your writing special. You include the reader which is brilliant. Emunah, thank you for entertaining me with wonderful videos and insightful writings.

Kenneth Avery This Alabama native was born to write. I’m pretty sure he scribbled all kinds of stuff inside his mama’s womb as what he has given to the hub community is pure solid gold writing. Absolutely fantastic writer who has it all - wittiness, charm, intellectuality and technicality. Although I’ve only just discovered him, but I feel like I found the gold pot at the end of the rainbow without looking too far! Ken, thank you for adding quality and richness to the hub pages community. You’re an asset to this site so keep the good writing coming from your sweet home Alabama indeed!

Thank you for all effort and work in writing brilliant articles!

Thank you for all effort and work in writing brilliant articles!

They are a lot of writers on here that deserve to be recognised for their work too (I actually have a list of them) but because of time constraints, I will stop here for today. I truly believe that if you find someone that has impacted you in anyway, the least you can do is thank them and since I have never met any of these writers, I figured they should know that their work on here is valuable and appreciated and give them the boost to keep on writing. Writing is like baking the perfect cake that even the one that doesn’t like cake will enjoy eating it. It’s how I see these hub page authors - writers that can influence and give birth to new and up coming writers and turn many lazy readers into book worms. So from me, it’s very big thank you to all you folks who make hub pages the best place on the web for writers to showcase their talents. If I ever get to meet any of you, drinks will definitely be on me! I do wish there was some way I could give you all big hugs. Forgive me if this looks like a lame hub but hey, everyone deserves a pat on the back when they do a good job and make a difference in a person’s life no matter how big or small that impact is. So this is my way of expressing my gratitude. I realize it’s a bit unorthodox to just mumble on and write what seems like a snooze fest but in my defence, I have an overdose of the happy giggly bug at the moment, due to the fact that I just have too much of it and I need to offload some of it as it’s too heavy to bear alone so hence, this hub. I’m sure when I wake up tomorrow and read it I will die of severe embarrassment and hide in my cocoon for a year or so till I’m forgiven.

Look out for part two coming soon! If you would like me to feature you in these series please just leave a comment below.


Jasmine S (author) from Pennsylvania on August 02, 2014:

Vocal Coach - Thank you, couldn't agree more. Bill Rocks!

Msscoggins - Thanks for the vote up!

ChitrangadaSharan - Thanks for stopping by!

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on August 02, 2014:

Very nice tribute to some of the great writers on HP! They are my favorites too. Enjoyed the read. Thanks!

Michelle Scoggins from Fresno, CA on August 01, 2014:

Hi Aneegma great tribute to some of the best on HP. It is great when you can recognize others that inspire your own work. Voted Up!!

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on August 01, 2014:

Very nice tribute to these writers. Bill is "the father of the written word" here on hubpages.

Susan Ream from Michigan on July 01, 2014:

Ameegma, Wonderful words of appreciation and admiration for some gifted writers. I know most of the authors you mentioned and agree with your praise and affirmations.

Hubpages is full of surprises and authors who capture my interests with their articles and stories.

It was really nice of you to do a write up of your favorite hub page writers - what encouragement you give to them.

I don't know how you read that many hubs at a time .. you must read incredibly fast. :) Voted Up +++

Blessings to you this beautiful day,


Shyron E Shenko from Texas on July 01, 2014:

Aneegma, this is a nice compliment to you friends and followers. I wish I could read that fast but if I did I am afraid I would miss something important.

Jasmine S (author) from Pennsylvania on June 29, 2014:

Raine your a star! I will definitely check out more of your hubs. Thanks for stopping by x

Raine Law Yuen from Cape Town on June 29, 2014:

Gosh sounds like you are a speed reader. Have just joined a few weeks back with eight featured hubs so would love to get some constructive feedback from you if you can fit me in between the brilliant writers you mentioned. I will make a point of looking into their writing. Thanks for this informative post - I think this is the second time I happen to stumble on your hubs. Interesting and engaging writng.

Jasmine S (author) from Pennsylvania on June 23, 2014:

Hi Mary

Well Bill is a genius isn't he? I do love to read hubs a lot so sometimes yes I do go on a marathon read but not all the time. Thanks for stopping by x

Mary Hyatt from Florida on June 23, 2014:

I have often asked Billy Buc (Bill Holland) how many more hours of the day he has than I have! Did you know he has just published a new book??

How in the world have you the time to read 500 Hubs in a weekend??

This is a nice way to spotlight some great writers here.

Jasmine S (author) from Pennsylvania on June 23, 2014:

Thank you all! I appreciate your lovely comments!

Nadine May from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa on June 23, 2014:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to look-up two writers I have not yet come across Aneegma. I'm been with hubpages for 9 months and love it. I've learned a great deal in the 9 months about many different aspects to do with writing.

Dr Penny Pincher from Iowa, USA on June 22, 2014:

Nice job putting a spotlight on some great writers here at HubPages!

Debra Allen from West By God on June 22, 2014:

Yes, I would have to say that those you have picked are really good writers here at HP.

Audrey Selig from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on June 22, 2014:

Hi Aneegma - This tribute to good writers almost makes me cry, as you have selected the ones that I love to read and who inspire me. I am amazed at the number of hubs you read, but I love reading hubs, and wish I had time to do all that reading. I just read two of your hubs, and think you are an inspiring writer. You have views galore for the small amount of hubs. Sharing this hub.and good luck to you. Blessings, Audrey

John Hansen from Gondwana Land on May 04, 2014:

Oh Aneegma, I am at a loss for words. You don't know how much I appreciate what you wrote. I am truly humbled that my poetry effects you that way. I really hope that I can publish that book of poetry one day soon, and ye, you deserve 5% Thank you for the wonderful encouragement. I know all the other hubbers you gave tributes to (except swilliams, but I'll be sure to check her out) and they are great writers, very deserving. Thank you so much. Great hub.Voted up across the board...of course. :)

swilliams on May 03, 2014:

Oh my word! How beautiful thank you Aneegma! I feel the same way about you! Thanks for the shout out!

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