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The HubNugget Hunt for Big Foot

The hunt begins

Once again, it was my turn (Enelle Lamb) to write the HubNugget round up hub that showcases the new writers on Hub Pages. I had a few ideas for the article, so I decided to go through my pictures to see if there were any that related to my ideas.

Most of my pictures are ones that I had taken during our many dog walks in Golden Ears park, and the many trails that we discovered throughout the lower mainland, so I didn't think there were any that I could use...that is, until I started taking a closer look at them.


Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Did I actually see what I thought I saw? I couldn't be sure, but when I was taking this picture, Patty Inglish MS and Koffeeklatch Gals were standing behind me. Redelf and ladyjane1 were still on the bridge taking pictures of the rushing water, and ripplemaker was busy studying a small 'grove' of fairy toadstools. I know there was no one in front of me to obstruct the view. So what could this possibly be?


It's time to call in the team

Hurriedly, I placed a call to the rest of the team. I needed fresh eyes!

We all gathered at the clubhouse and I showed them the pictures. Patty pulled out her gigantic sized magnifying glass and scrutinized the photos. Sure enough, she saw exactly what I had been telling them. There was a figure standing in the trees, watching us.

"We have to check this out in person," Patty said, gathering her gear. "We need more documented proof."

"I agree," ripplemaker said, "but we should do the picks for the Entertainment and Media Nominees before we leave. We can do the rest en route and on the way home."

"Agreed!" shouted a chorus of voices as we all scrambled for our cameras and the list of nominees.

The Entertainment and Media Nominees

  • 5 Characters That Don't Get the Credit They Deserve
    There have always been and always will be characters that do not get the perks that they deserve despite their efforts. They will always be second or third to the main protagonist even if they work harder than they do. There are more than I have...
  • The Ultimate 1969 Playlist
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  • Listener's Guide to Radiohead
    Radiohead is one of the most successful British bands of the 90's and the 2000's, yet their catalog of music is extremely diverse and sometimes, alienating to some fans of Radiohead's older albums because of the experimentation in their music. For...

Back to Golden Ears Park

The trip to the park didn't take very long. We had the other lists to organize as well as all the speculation about whether we would catch a glimpse of the elusive Big Foot to keep us occupied for most of the journey.

When reached the park entrance, we grabbed our gear, split into groups and started our hunt. We agreed to search for two hours, synchronized our watches and made sure our walkie talkies were on the same channel. Patty and Gals decided to hike to Fanghorn's gate, Redelf and ladyjane headed to the Faery Realm, and ripplemaker and I struck out deep into the forest trails.


A sighting?

It didn't take long before our radios crackled and Patty's excited voice whispered over the air waves. "I think I see something over to our right. Gals is trying to sneak a bit closer and snap a picture."

"There doesn't appear to be any activity in our neck of the woods," Redelf whispered back, "but we are taking tons of pictures just in case."

"We found an animal trail leading into the forest that looks well traveled," ripplemaker murmured. "We are going to hide in the brush half way down the trail and see if we can spot anything. While we are waiting, Enelle and I will check out the Sports and Recreation nominees."

The Sports and Recreation Nominees

  • Southern California Bike Rides
    Read as I bicycle across one of SoCals most challenging stretches. I provide an exciting story with exhilarating pictures, all in a desert oasis. Do you think you can make the trip? Find out now!

Gifts from the Faeries

The radios crackled again, only this time it was Redelf with news.

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"This is very strange," she whispered. "Someone left a trail of candies through the toadstools. Ladyjane found another trail just off the path and she is following that one. I'll keep you posted if we see anything else. I'm going to follow the candies and see where they lead."

Movement in the trees

Ripplemaker's excited whisper exploded from the radios. "There's something moving in the trees! It's tall and looks like it's walking upright. It's definitely not an animal, at least not a four-legged one, and it's moving really fast! Enelle is trying to get a picture of it. She is following the creature, sneaking from tree to tree."

"Don't lose sight of her, ripplemaker!" Patty warned. "We don't want anyone getting lost in here. As soon as she gets the pictures, we should think about getting back to the clubhouse. The sun is starting to go down, and the park closes soon."

Two by two, the team straggled back to the car, cameras in hand. Redelf and ladyjane's pockets were bulging with treats, and everyone looked to see what they had found.

"Sasquatch Kisses!" Redelf grinned, handing out candies. "It looks like the faeries left us with a Big Foot sighting after all!"

Everyone tumbled into the car for the return trip. Cameras were checked, chocolates were eaten, and of course, the Fashion and Beauty nominees were read!

The Fashion and Beauty Nominees

Trick of the light? You decide...

Back at the clubhouse, Patty scanned the pictures again, just to be sure. We have posted three of the best shots, and we are positive that what we saw and photographed is definitely Big Foot, however, we will let you decided for yourselves.

Did we really capture the image of the legendary and elusive Sasquatch, or are these simply photos of scrub trees in the distance? Get out your magnifying glasses and see for yourselves...but in the meantime, don't forget to vote for your favorite nominees!


You be the judge


Enelle Lamb (author) from Canada's 'California' on November 01, 2012:

Well Patty Inglish examined the photos very meticulously and it was her opinion that we did indeed see something that could have been Big Foot...

So I'll take her word ;) LOL...

Thanks so much for the compliment, and I'm glad you enjoyed our adventure :D

Alastar Packer from North Carolina on November 01, 2012:

What an adventure! Golden Ears is a cool looking place. Some very interesting pics taken- they need to be analyzed pronto! Hey you have some cool hubs- if you want to Enelle we could follow, up to you but I'd like to see your new productions as they are published!

Enelle Lamb (author) from Canada's 'California' on August 06, 2012:

Rosyel, he is a tad camera shy, but those were the best pictures we had! Hope you voted in the poll too LOL

It was fun Gals, glad you like our photography :D

Susan Hazelton from Northern New York on August 06, 2012:

Awesome hunt. It was so exciting. Love the photos.

Good luck nominees.

Rosyel Sawali from Manila, Philippines on August 05, 2012:

Exciting hubnugget quest! ^_^ And I thought I'd actually see the big guy LOL :D

Enelle Lamb (author) from Canada's 'California' on August 05, 2012:

And the chocolates were amazing!

Michelle Simtoco from Cebu, Philippines on August 04, 2012:

Enelle, I don't think I would be that adventurous if I hadn't been in the company of the team hahahahhaha I enjoyed it immensely! Awesome...

On my way to read and vote! Congratulations to all the nominees. Love and blessings.

Enelle Lamb (author) from Canada's 'California' on August 03, 2012:

You got that right RedElf, he can't hide from us forever ;)

RedElf from Canada on August 03, 2012:

Great photos, Enelle - yours are about the clearest shots of our "woodsman" out of the bunch. Love the title photo!

The chocolates were REALLY good -anyway, who else could have left them? We'll get the big guy next time, for sure!

Congrats to all the nominees!

Enelle Lamb (author) from Canada's 'California' on August 03, 2012:

Thanks for the votes Patty! It has to be one of our most unusual adventures to date :)

I agree Simone, it's getting tougher to choose every week!

Best of luck to all the nominees - don't forget to promote your hubs!

Simone Haruko Smith from San Francisco on August 03, 2012:

Bigfoot hunts are so much more fun when there is candy involved. Loved this Hub- and love this week's nominees! I really had trouble choosing my favorites this time. It'll be interesting to see who ends up winning in the end!

Patty Kenyon from Ledyard, Connecticut on August 03, 2012:

That is really Awesome!!! I was unaware!!! Thank-you sooo much for sharing this!! This Hub was very entertaining!!! Well Done!!! Voted UP, Awesome, and Interesting!!!

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