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7 Writer Personalities You May Recognize on HubPages


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Not too long ago, I made it to my nine-year milestone. During these years, I’ve experienced many phases during my writing journey. Not to mention with my counterparts on HubPages.

I’ve interacted with many Hubbers, and some of those personalities I’ll not forget. So many compelling, thought-provoking, knowledgeable, and talented people, and then, well I won’t waste any more of your time, and I’ll just say you can figure out my hesitancy in the next seven descriptions - a somewhat sketchy, cynical low-down on the different personalities I’ve come across on this exciting world of HubPages. So, let’s have a closer look at the 7 writing personalities you may recognize.

Humorous Depiction of a "Noob" or "Newbie"

Humorous Depiction of a "Noob" or "Newbie"

Baby Steps

Do you remember the day you wrote your very first hub?

I’ll bet there was loads of confusion and eternal hope, yet you persisted. Your first hubs were atrocious, except for the exceptional few, and you didn’t even realize. Not until later, when you started catching on.

God Bless, the Noob.

Their lack of experience and knowledge on how the Hub works keeps it all in perspective for the more seasoned Hubber. We veterans wouldn’t have a reason to achieve any more merit than casual comments on our favorite hubs if it weren’t for their constant questions and forum posts.

It’s ok not to get it. It’s ok to ask questions, and it’s ok to feel stupid. Don’t worry! Most of us veterans are gracious to know that we’ve all been there oh so many times before.

Give the Noobs a break!

  • Be nice and remember ~ YOU were there before!
  • Always leave POSITIVE feedback.
  • Patience is a virtue.

The Noob

The Elitist

Elitist Cartoon

Elitist Cartoon


ou know this Hubber?

Don’t tell me. I’ll bet you’ve out-stretched your hubbing-hand, offering a mutual friendship by following with a witty comment on a most recent hub, and then topping it off with some flattering fan mail praise.

You wait.

Minutes, hours, days, a few weeks, a few more comments, and still.


Scratching your head, you wonder to yourself.

Where in the heck did you go wrong?

You start re-analyzing your comments. Were they offensive? Overbearing? Worse yet, stupid?

Then, the realization dawns on you brighter than a doomed deer stuck in headlights.

You’re getting the snub!

You have that problem too?

No, worries. Please don’t take it personal. The elitist cannot help it. You see they started early, coddled and adored by their mother, egged-on by their father, and worshipped to a point where they could do no wrong. They were, is, and will always be the epitome of perfection, and unfortunate for you, but they have no room for anything, or anyone, less than perfect.

You have two options:

  • Keep on trying, and hope that one day they will recognize your effort in gaining their undivided attention, and hope you get your charitable nod of worthiness. ***wink***

Or ...

  • Tire of being a sucker, un-follow and ignore because what goes around does come around. (Careful for what you wish for)

The Ego Maniac



It's all about MEEE

Sometimes, this individual goes hand in hand with the Elitist, but there is a slight difference. The Elitist may or may not be an out-spoken person, whereas the Ego Maniac craves the limelight and takes advantage of forum threads and rubs it in fellow Hubber’s faces. It doesn’t matter if they’re the best writer on the Hub. Not at all - it’s all about how they think they’re perceived. They stop at nothing to make sure that everyone else recognizes who they are and what they are all about, even at the cost of throwing another Hubber under the bus. They will go as far as devaluing another writer’s skill or pointing out perceived faults to separate what they deem the wheat from the chaff.

Ways to deal with over-inflated ego:

  • Smile
  • Laugh
  • Ignore it

The Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

Social Butterfly

Beautiful Wings

You’re checking in on the hub feed and notice a comment left by a fellow Hubber.

It’s Tom, and he’s just left an appreciative comment behind with another Hubber of his acquaintance. The response is intelligent, friendly, and altogether witty. You shake your head because everywhere you look Tom has already been there, leaving his social networking trail behind him.

He’s harmless, this Tom, but downright annoying!

You think this, not because he’s someone who doesn’t have a life, nor because he’s a know it all or even a schmoozer. No, you think this because you know you can’t do it and him. Tom has a gift. Social-networking is his forte, one thing he’s great at doing. Everyone loves Tom, and no one forgets him.

Some words of advice?

  • Reach out: ~ make an acquaintance and don’t be afraid to expand your horizon.
  • Be gracious. No matter how much you agree, or disagree ~ civility is the key.
  • Remember the field of dreams? If you build it ~ they will come :)

The Prodigalist

The Prodigal One

The Prodigal One

Easy Come, Easy Go

These Hubbers have their reasons.

Unless they tell us, we will never know.

All we know is that they seem to come and go without rhyme or reason, and we wait, day after day, wondering where they went.

You see we enjoyed seeing them around, reading their hub, laughing at their comments, and just plain happy they are there, and then, one day we notice they’re gone.

Days, weeks, and months pass — you don’t hear a peep from the writer. Six months, or a year later, and then they show up on the scene. While some Hubbers practice patience, others are not so forgiving and don’t take the missing in action Hubber as a severe content writer. Hence, we have the prodigal.

Important things to consider:

  1. Perhaps the Hubber has a full-time job and little spare time.
  2. We all go through hard times, and some more so than others.
  3. Do not pass judgment, if you do not know!

The Achiever

Doing it right

Doing it right

Thumb's Up

These Hubbers are what everyone else so often aspires to be.

Whether they are part of the apprenticeship alum, or they are the Hubber with every merit and hundreds of popular hubs, they are the achievers.

Unrelenting and faithful to the core, the achievers have whittled away, building a sizeable fan base, perfecting their hubs, and never, ever, do you hear them complain about the Hubpages format, lack of rewards, or their share of misgivings.

These Hubbers know what it takes to succeed in a dog eat dog world of content writing amid social networking sites. They know the essentials of SEO they’ve taken Hubpages training courses, and they have perfected their Hubber score to 90 or above.

We all should be thankful for the achiever.

They are the few who lead us to the finish line. We look up to these writers, try to emulate them, and God forbid, stalk them. Without the achiever who would we look to for the goal of near perfection?

Tips to near perfection:

  • Research, write, and edit.
  • Don’t get sidetracked with false promises from other social content sites, which by the way, pale in comparison as far as professionalism.
  • Do not stray. You must stay the course.

The Pariah

The Pariah

The Pariah

You Know Who They Are

Yes, they are the root of all hubbing annoyances!

  • Whiner
  • Anarchist
  • Left Wing Nut
  • Right Wing Nut
  • Negative Nelly
  • Radical Hater
  • Uncivil Cynicist
  • Forum Stalker
  • Satanist Solicitor

I’m sure there are more titles that I can come up with, as would every one of you. Yes! They’re the button pushers who may get on our very last nerve. Yet without these unique hub personalities, the hubbing world would be less than exciting, a never-ending, hapless void of humdrum. Sometimes we need their silly antics and infuriating drama. C’mon. Admit it. Life on the hub would be dull. The key though is not to get sucked in.

Ways to avoid the drama:

  • You don’t have to respond.
  • Unfollow a post and dismantle from the live feed
  • If it gets nasty, and I mean stalking bad ~ report them

A Hubber's Last Thoughts

So, which Hubpages personality am I?

I would have to say the Prodigalist.

I come and go, and sometimes not always by choice. If they retired me, I would write in content heaven (ahem). However, this is not the case, and I do not have that luxury. I work full time, and every little break that I get, I’m right here on the hub.

Which of the Hubpages personalities do I loathe the most?

The Pariah, of course.

There is so much more than I would like to say about this personality, but alas, I’m going to keep it civil and take the high road.

I’m putting this one to rest.

© 2014 ziyena


ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on October 15, 2019:

You're so Welcome, Steve


S P Austen from Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada on October 14, 2019:

Very interesting Ziyena;

I think I've encountered some of these on HubPages, and once an "All About Meee" one who commented on one of my posts. A real know-it-all who thought she had all the answers!

Thanks for writing this post.

Best Wishes,


ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on March 24, 2019:

Thanks, Audrey ... from the Prodigalist just checking in ;)

Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on March 23, 2019:

I'm back for another read. Such a fun article - unique and clever. So thanks again Ziyena!

Rochelle Ann De Zoysa from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on March 11, 2019:

Interesting observation :) It's creative and fun to read :)

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on November 08, 2018:

Glad you enjoyed! Cheers John

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on November 07, 2018:

This was a fun read, I have been here nine years and encountered each of these personailities. I'm not sure which I would fall into though, maybe a little of all....well, not the elitist or pariah.

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on October 16, 2018:

haha! made me chuckle ... Thank You :)

CMHypno from Other Side of the Sun on October 16, 2018:

This hub made me smile. I think I have been a Prodigalist over the last few years, but life does get in the way sometimes. Maybe your definitions could be a new accolade lol!

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on October 16, 2018:

Thank You, Carolyn. Nice to meet you!

Carolyn Fields from South Dakota, USA on October 16, 2018:

Great read, thank you. Also I noticed that this hub was written years ago, but it's still absolutely relevant today. That's the power of evergreen content. Another reason to love HubPages.

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on October 10, 2018:

Thanks, Shauna ... yes, I had unpublished this one for a while and then just recently re-read it and laughed. I'd forgotten that it was the only article that I've ever written and had so much fun. Hope you are well!

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on October 10, 2018:

Ziyena, I had to come back and give this another read. Your interpretations are spot on. I really enjoyed this. Fun read!

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on October 10, 2018:

@ Audrey ... Likewise Doll. Cheers

Audrey Hunt from Idyllwild Ca. on October 09, 2018:

Great description of HP personalities. This is a hub to be enjoyed. Very clever and original. While I'm here, I'd like to thank you for the follow. I look forward to treating myself to more hubs created by you!

Linda Jo Martin from Post Falls, Idaho, USA on September 24, 2014:

Very analytical of you to write such a cogent hub - I recognized all the personalities except my own.

Linda Crist from Central Virginia on July 03, 2014:

You nailed it with this hub. I recognized each of the personalities and remembered my first few months writing for Hubpages. Gosh I was intimidated by the processes and trying to build a following. Now, I don't care so much. I write because I love to write and think I have something to say. lol Thinking that I was going to make a living here has fallen by the wayside too. I follow people who write about things I care about and I try to leave worthwhile commentary in the comments. It has paid off. There is a great deal of freedom that comes with not trying to fit in the box.

Joanna Chandler from On Planet Earth on July 02, 2014:

Nice hub well done :)

Sure right about the side tract because so far i find hubpages to be the best writing site ever. Their standard is great! & i write for free because writing is my passion and joy to bless someone.

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 16, 2014:

Welcome to the club :)

Peter Messerschmidt from Port Townsend on January 15, 2014:

Prodigalist. Sort of... I come and go, and mostly don't have time to write much. Occasionally I come back and feel determined to write something new... and then end up leaving after updating six existing hubs, instead. Have been saying "By the end of this year, I WILL have 50 Hubs written" for... six years.

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 09, 2014:


I concur! lmao

Ben Blackwell on January 09, 2014:

Actually, about the Pariah vs Pirahna, I didn't even notice I did that. That is pretty funny, though.

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 09, 2014:


You're right ... nobody thinks they're a "Noob", or a "Pirahna". I'm guessing you were making a funny when you wrote "Pirahna" ... Pariah ... Pirahna ... they're defintely the same LOL

Ben Blackwell on January 09, 2014:

I am probably the Prodigalist, simply because of my college schedule. Hopefully, I can find some spots in between here and there to do things.

This is an interesting hub. What's funny is that nobody thinks they are a noob or pirahna.

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 08, 2014:

Of course, I don't mind Savvy ... knock that one out :)

Yves on January 08, 2014:

Hi Ziyena. Your article sparked an "issue" that had come up within my family, way before I read this hub. Consequently, I am asking a question about it because it "struck a chord," although I did not "see" this when I read this wonderful article. I hope you do not mind.

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 07, 2014:


You've got plenty of time to figure it out, for sure :)


ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 07, 2014:


Glad you enjoyed. Thanks for the UP


Mackenzie Sage Wright on January 07, 2014:

I think I'm coming out of Noob-dome so I'm not sure what I'm moving into, but I think I'm a contender for a few different categories. Time will tell. Very astute, lol. This was funny.

Randi Benlulu from Mesa, AZ on January 07, 2014:

Interesting and pretty on target. Me? Probably the Achiever, although not necessarily proud of it! Thank you for a fun, interesting hub! Up+

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 07, 2014:

And Fox ... I was sooooooooo tempted to call the Bubble Blews Boaster out, but then I wouldn't be taking the high road :(

Thanks my clever friend!

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 07, 2014:

@Brave ... it's so funny, but you and I are much alike. I don't often post as I'd like either but I try given what little time I can play with. thanks for stopping by and I'll be peeking in on you in the next few days *Hugs*

@Sunny ... I concur ... love it when I'm here too :0

@Bishop ... Being the Noob sucks! And you're right, we are all still Noob in one aspect or another. thanks for the share !

@D.william ... I don't think we've met but thank you for your input. I'll have to check you out on my days off :)

@Michael ... nice to hear from you and I got a laugh. Something I don't usually bring out in people. Surprise!

@Savvy ... Thank you for the uplifting approval! Yeah ... I was so tempted to write about my own recent experience with an Elitist ... could not figure out for the life of me why I wasnt accepted, but then ... sometimes peeps don't click. Glad to see you again and I SOOOOOOO promise I'll be stopping by as I've told everyone else ... Two Days off coming soon! Ciao

Writer Fox from the wadi near the little river on January 07, 2014:

You could probably write an entire article on the The Bubbleblews Boaster, but it would probably be too funny to read. I think the pariahs are just the garden-variety sociopaths who learned how to type. Enjoyed!

Yves on January 07, 2014:

Absolutely brilliant! Seriously, this was so clever, cute, and witty. I loved it! I have to say, the elitists get on my nerves. They're apparently really "smart and educated" and everyone else who doesn't agree with them are "uninformed" or worse. Furthermore, they will give you the thumbs down for being so stupid. They're not nice. Yikes, I hope I haven't ever come off that way, especially since I'm a pretty average gal.

Up, awesome, funny.

cleaner3 from Pueblo, Colorado on January 07, 2014:

ha, ha. good hub.. although I would fall into a few categories.. it is a great look at the hubs..

d.william from Somewhere in the south on January 07, 2014:

Interesting article. A pleasant read.

Rebecca from USA on January 07, 2014:

So fun! I remember being the Noob, in ways I still am, and I'm getting more social on here. Sharing and voted up! Although I am an acheiver too. Also, I follow a right wing nut! I argue with her all the time, but have to admit, I've enjoyed it. No need to name names, but her narrow-mindedness is MINDBLOWING!

Sunny River from A Place Without A Name which resides somewhere between Fantasy and Belief, just north of Reality on January 07, 2014:

Great hub! I'd say I'm probably the Prodigalist as well. I come and go depending on how much free time I have, but I love it when I have time to be here. :)

Shauna L Bowling from Central Florida on January 07, 2014:

Congrats, Ziyena. I celebrated 2 years this past October.

I think I'm somewhere between achiever and social butterfly. I don't post as often as I'd like, but I comment every day. I don't have a huge fan base, but I do have loyal followers. At the same time, I don't follow everyone who follows me. One, I don't want my inbox inundated and two, not all who follow me write about topics that interest me. While I've never had a hub score below 92, I've only recently started earning an HP paycheck. Even so, it takes 2 months to hit the $50 threshold. I am proud to say, however, that I only have 3 non-featured hubs out of the 117 that I've posted.

Bottom line: I guess I'm a half-breed hubber. Regardless of where I fall in the HP personality scope, I love being here!

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 07, 2014:

Eric ... too funny. Glad you had some fun with this one. :)

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 07, 2014:

Thank you Dora. I may have a little bit of achiever too, but I never have the time! Slo but sure ...

Eric Dierker from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A. on January 07, 2014:

Very fun with a whole lot of truth. I hope having multiple personalities does not mean I have to go see a shrink again!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on January 07, 2014:

Ziyena, I found this hub very creative and interesting. I'd like to be an achiever. Looking forward to more quality hubs from you during your new hub year. Congratulations!

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 06, 2014:


Happy Anniversary to you too ... and yes, I thought a little humor was due. HUGS

ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 06, 2014:

Georgie ~ so far ... seems to be a hands down vote ... should have created an all-combined personality. Ah well, it was certainly fun to write about that one.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on January 06, 2014:

Very entertaining my friend. Happy Anniversary; I turned two two days ago. Totally enjoyed this different slant on the HP overview. Hope you are doing well.


ziyena (author) from the Somewhere Out There on January 06, 2014:

Nice Romeo ... I could narrowed that down to ~ the Narcissist :)

Romeos Quill from Lincolnshire, England on January 06, 2014:

Lol! What about the elitest, prodigal, noob butterly achiever, Pariah Carey who likes lists of seven? :) ( jk )

Congratulations Z on your twenty-four month trek in Hub land.

Best Wishes,


GH Price from North Florida on January 06, 2014:

I think I'm the achiever that disappears for months on end. I whine sometimes, too. I never could fit in just one box!

Great Hub, by the way. It's a fun read. I'm sure most Hubbers will see themselves having at least a few of these traits. :)