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6 Ways to Increase Your HubPages Traffic



With the new Hubpages Ad Program, which is traffic based, the search for increased traffic to hubs is greatly in demand. One might ask, "How Do I Get More Traffic?". I wish the answer to this question was one sentence, and I wish that it was an overnight solution. However, the truth is that it takes just as much work to get traffic to your hubs as it is to write hubs themselves! Honestly, it takes nearly a 8 months to a year for an article from HubPages to get ranked properly in the search engines. With all of the updates to Google's 'spider', keeping up with SEO is harder nowadays as it has ever been. The same basic principles apply for SEO: keywords, backlinks, and views create search engine results. All of these factors will get you ahead of the competition in Google's eyes. So you might ask yourself, how can I get ahead of the competition? This is also isn't an easy answer. You must first identify the competition, then you must find what you can offer that they can't. Who knows, you might be able to use your competition to your advantage. You know where eyes for a particular topic are facing. Instead of trying to redirect their attention to you, you should redirect yourself to their attention. What I mean by that is put yourself where eyes can see you, instead of shouting from across the room, hoping that they will notice you.

Back on topic. I will now break down a few basic concepts related to HubPages that will greatly increase your traffic and your overall Hub reputation.


6 Ways to Get More Traffic

1. Comment, Forum, Question and Answer More Often

All of the suggestions above will help you get better exposure from the HubPages community. What this will do for you is potentially get you more followers, put your Hub Profile name all over the HubPages community, and build an overall "image" for your Profile. Comments, Forums, Questions and Answers will all bring users to your profile, and probably to your hubs. If people enjoy your hubs that they have just discovered, they will probably follow you. After all, most people follow their followers back. The more followers you have, the more people will see your recently published hubs, questions, comments etc. This might bring people back to your hubs for the second time on another day. When I said that commenting, posting in forums, questions and answers will build an overall "image" for your profile, I meant that all of your followers will know what to expect from you. If they are looking for anything on a particular topic, they might sift through your Hubs to try to find an answer because they know you are experienced in that topic.

Experiment a litte. Try to find out which works best for you. I try to write 3 comments, 3 questions and 3 answers a day. This is a pretty easy feat that builds up over a month. That's 90 questions a month! All of these things also earn you accolades over time that will impress new readers on your hubs and give you better 'curb appeal'.


2. Get the HubPages Mobile App

You aren't always at your computer are you? Didn't think so. The HubPages Mobile App allows you to do all the things in step one, anywhere in the world. The App allows you to ask questions, post to the forums or write a new status with a touch of a button. It also has a great 'hub hopper' option that is similar to Stumbleupon as it will take you to a random hub. You can check your stats and your earnings from this app too. It is a really easy way to keep up with all of your hubs on the go. Best of all, it makes it easier. You get a 'Facebook' feeling when using this app and somewhat forget that you are not on a 'social network' of popular sorts.

Push Notifications. You can know when things happen right when they happen! This way you can study the time of day most comments go your way. You can use these stats to measure when you should publish a hub, question or comment.


3. Write More Hubs

You might say, "this is a no brainer", and you would be right! However, statistically, the more hubs people write, the more their other hubs traffic increases. Hubbers with greater than 100 hubs have greater overall hub traffic than those with 1-99 hubs do. I guess this has to do with overall HubPages exposure. The more hubs that are out there in 'digital space', the more possible pathways to your profile, and to other hubs. I know I get a better feeling about a Hubber when I go to their profile and see they have tons of accolades and have written a bunch of hubs. I will more likely read their hubs than, lets say a Hubber with 1 accolade and 2 hubs.

Think about it. If you have 100 hubs that get ~7-10 views a day each, that will generate 210-300 views per article each month. If you have 100 hubs, that's 21,000-30,000 views a month overall. This is greater than having 20 hubs that get 15-20 views per article each day. You will have more exposure and your views will statistically grow more than that of the 20 hub profile. Think of each article as an asset, like an investment. You have more stocks and more potential to grow.


4. Link All Relevant Hubs Together

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This is one of the biggest aspects of increasing traffic. If an individual is looking for information on a specific topic, and is presented with a link to another hub that is related to that topic, they will more likely go to that hub than going back to the search engine. If you have written 5 articles about 'cars' for instance, post 4 the links of the other 4 hubs to each hub. That way you have somewhat of a cyclic function working for your hubs. Viewers will end up going all around your hubs without ever going back to the search bar.

Remember, only link relevant articles together. Doing anything else is kind of counter productive. If I am looking for information about how to install a cold air intake, I don't care about a link talking about comic books or TV shows. You have to get the ball rolling with the viewer so that they don't even realize that they have traveled to 4 different hubs of yours.


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5. Consistently Update All Hubs

Plain and simple, Google likes updated articles better than old articles. If you let the cobwebs collect on your hubs, don't expect people to come visit. I understand, sometimes you have nothing that you can possibly add to an article to update it. If you are in dire need to update ahub use it as inspiration to write a new hub. Write a hub that is relevant to the article that is in need of updating. Then, post a link on the old hub to the new one. Boom, the hub is updated and you have a new hub. Post a link on your new hub to the old one and boom, you have more traffic. See how this is starting to come together?

However, don't think that you have to CONSTANTLY update an article. Don't ruin an article by adding useless information or posting tons of links. You should spend one day a month updating old hubs. Don't think that you have to cover all hubs in that one day. I would suggest targeting hubs that are falling in traffic or maybe even your oldest hubs.


6. Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a minor tool. Yes I said it, it is a minor tool. What I mean by that is that you shouldn't try to spend all of your time bookmarking all of your hubs on all of these social networks. If you have 100+ hubs and you want to submit them all to Stumbleupon, good luck. See you in a few hours, if not days. So, lets find out where it is most useful. I will first break down which social networks you should use.

Stumble Upon

Stumble Upon is great for a website like this. People get on Stumble to find random information that matches their interests. Since HubPages already categorizes your hubs for you, this makes it easy for Stumble to sort them out. While some traffic will be only click throughs, some will also be genuine users that, if familiar with HubPages, will follow you back to your profile and possibly read more. They might also follow some of those nice links you have posted on the bottom of your articles. This is truly a bookmark and leave concept. Post it on Stumble and watch it grow, or not grow. Do your homework and find out which topics work best for Stumble.


Digg is a little more difficult than Stumble, but can be way more effective if used properly. On Digg, you post a link that goes to your profile. If other people on Digg are following you, they will see what you are posting. The more people 'Digg' your post, the more exposure it will get. So what you want to do first is post a few links on Digg, then focus on getting a lot of followers. Once you have quite a bit, start Digging all of your hubs. As more and more people Digg your hub, you will get more traffic. If you make the front page of Digg, you could get thousands, maybe tens of thousands of views. I know some people that have had it happen to them. A friend of mine got ~100,000 views on his website from making front page on Digg. There is some inspiration.


The same concept goes for Twitter as it does for Digg. Get a whole bunch of followers and begin to tweet your hubs. Now, don't forget to dish out normal tweets from time to time as well. Followers will see you as a spammer if you continue to only post links. You might even get banned from Twitter. The reason why Twitter is so effective is that it is so easy. Use a website like tinyurl to shrink your URL link and post a small message on why they should follow your link. If you have 10K followers and 1000 people click through this link, you are already on your way. If you have 100K followers, imagine the possibilities.

In conclusion, don't overuse social bookmarking/networking. It gets annoying to see someone only posting links on their profile. You will lose credibility and people will shun you.


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help, but not as much as it could?

4. I would link my articles, but I tend to forget to link ones I make in the future, future plans perhaps

I liked this small message, I'm going to read the other hub after this one as it intrigued me

5. I try to update my hubs now and then, but not too often

6. Social bookmarking is always a great way to get more views, although it's only temporary, At least for me it is.

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The big question is: How do you get followers on Digg? I started using it and it just didn't go anywhere for me, so I quit using it. I write women's articles. Maybe that isn't the place for them?

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Unfortunately, it's difficult to measure which of those techniques work well and which don't, especially given that we are all somewhat at the mercy of the whims of HP and Google. Also, there is usually a long time lag between tweaking something and seeing results. It seems to me that updating my old hubs gradually over the past couple of months has increased traffic, but some traffic increases I can't explain.

Twitter is easy, yes, but it's also easy to get lost in the noise. I doubt most of my followers ever see any one particular tweet from me unless they are filtering. I've found that re-tweets from others, however, are very effective. Some day I will write a brief hub on one way to increase those.

Thanks for a great hub and some nutritious food for thought!

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MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on April 15, 2013:

Go to : . That will take you to the page to submit all of your hubs. As I mentioned above, Reddit made a huge difference for me. They are a bit stingy though. Views went from ~200 one day to over 600 the next after backlinking on Reddit. Stay in the 400s consistently thereafter.

Beth37 on April 15, 2013:

Thanks senor. Im doing most of this now, so that makes me feel like Im on the right track. I just opened a stumble upon acct, but I haven't figured it out yet.

MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on April 14, 2013:

Thanks for the comment DaffodilSky! Just trying to make this simple for people.

MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on April 14, 2013:

Thanks for the comment DaffodilSky! Just trying to make this simple for people.

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MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on April 13, 2013:

Thanks baja2013! Another thing I have discovered since writing this hub is that using the website Reddit to bookmark your hubs will significantly increase your traffic. Also try starting forums! This will attract others like you all into the same place.

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I am always thankfull when learn some good stuff.

MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on April 11, 2013:

Thanks sriramapriya. You just have to create a routine that works for you! Everyone is a bit different based on what they write about.

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MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on April 08, 2013:

Just remember to spend a day a month editing and updating! Every time you do google will crawl your whole page again!

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Rarely will hubs generate hundreds/thousands of visitors instantly overnight. Organic traffic takes time to build up but will ultimately provide a consistent income, if you keep building good quality hubs! ;)

MountainManJake (author) from Seattle on August 02, 2012:

If you check out some of my other hubs, it will show you how I link them. I revolve content around linking.

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