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5 Article Topics That Will Always Be Relevant

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I used iWriter for a week trying to find ways to write articles online and turn a profit. This is my experience.

Someone who likes to write articles almost daily on a variety of issues may find themself struggling at specific points. We all have a certain niche where we write some of our best content but, sometimes, writer’s block may happen, or you could go through a rough patch where ideas and the will to write seems to elude you.

To help article or content writers get over this hurdle and quickly get back to what they know, they do best, I have decided to comprise a small list of topics that are easy to write about, and that will always be relevant, no matter what happens.


1. Healthcare

As time goes by, we start to get more conscious about our health and the effects that our lifestyle choices have on it. We want to live a long and healthy life and finding advice online is the cheapest alternative there is. This is why articles focused on healthy lifestyle options will always succeed and gather a small crowd.


  • Easy to write
  • Research time is not extensive as there are multiple other sources online
  • Offers information promptly
  • Can be written in an informal style

Possible Article Topics

  • Simple workout routines
  • Easy meal prep options
  • Benefits of including teas in your diet
  • Importance of stretching
  • Walking as a form of working out
  • Healthy food options

The list goes on, but these are just a couple topics that you can choose from if you ever decide to write about a new subject. Feel free to do more research or speak about your experience with something that improved your health. Success stories are always welcome, and I find them very easy and enjoyable to read!

2. Skincare

Skincare is not only a topic that women are interested in it, but men are also starting to take an interest as well. Having healthy-looking skin and trying to keep it looking firm and soft is not just something that is gender-based. If you are going through a writer’s block, you may want to give skincare-related topics a try. Who knows, during your research process you may even learn something new and incorporate it into your skincare routine


  • Easy to write
  • Can be written in an informal style
  • Easy to read
  • Educational

Possible Article Topics

  • Skincare routine importance
  • How to start a skincare routine
  • Cheap but efficient products
  • Different products for different skin types
  • Problem areas and how to fix them

As I have said with healthcare topics, there will always be more options available if you are not pleased with the few that I have decided to point out. Feel free to experiment, look up different topics online, be it on Google or social media websites.

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3. Makeup

Who doesn't love makeup? Yes, there are people out there that do not like to use makeup on a daily basis, and that is perfectly understandable, but there are many women interested in seeing a new makeup look. Here is the place where you can be creative!

Write about different looks for the different season, flattering colors for specific skin tones, cheap makeup options that are great alternatives for people on a budget, theme-related looks, reviews of new products and the list goes on and on and on! Be as creative as you want, include your favorite make-up artist(s), a tutorial that you like or looks that you were inspired by! Look up make-up dupes, give them a try and write an honest review, if you want.

Makeup is such a huge conversation topic these days, and it will probably always be, whether the trend will focus on more natural looks, simple products, or go towards extravagant lengths in the future!

4. Fashion

Who does not like to indulge their selves from time to time and look up some classic looks? Maybe you are just starting out creating a wardrobe that fits your style, and you want to look up classic pieces that you can mix and match to create as many options, or you want to educate yourself purely out of pleasure.

As a writer, you can take advantage of this very quickly. Look up period statement pieces, speak of fashion trends in the past, classic options that are timeless and various other reviews that you find are relevant.

You do not want to focus on writing about classic fashion trends? The world is your oyster, concentrate on writing about trends that you like! If you put passion in your work people who are also interested in the same topic will surely come and read your articles!

5. Travel

When all else fails, and you feel that nothing is up to your alley, you might want to give tourism-related articles a try. Of course, these articles do not always have to be written about exotic locations that you have never been to and have little to no knowledge about!

Write about the beauty of the tourist locations in your own country, in your area or in places that you have been before. From my experience, I always enjoy reading someone’s story and their trip to a location where they give me some personal details including their honest opinion of the spot instead of some cold and distanced review of a place that sounds so similar to other descriptions that it looks like it came from the same mold.

Final Thoughts

You do not have to stray from the article topics that you love but know that there is never anything wrong with deciding to experiment and write about something new. I made this list with the hopes that these couple topics (while incredibly easy and common to find online) could help in making a decision and starting to write about something new.

Do not see this as a lifelong commitment since it is anything but that. If you feel stressed and incapable of writing anymore when taking a break does nothing to improve your mood, maybe a new article topic will do you wonders, you never know!

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


George Xu from Philippines on September 17, 2019:

I would like to add on the list: Personal Life Experiences or Anecdotes, Education, Learning Strategies.

Vincent Micholo from New york on July 01, 2019:

Very helpful information .It has quite useful ideas and I can't wait to try these topics in my next articles.Thank you.

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