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5 Things That Happened When I Did Not Write on Hubpages for a Month


For a while, as a new Hubpages member, I wondered a lot about the mechanisms of Hubpages. About the Hubscores, Hubberscores, Earnings, Traffic, Accolades and concluded that the only way to really understand Hubpages was to just stop doing anything for a month. I had been writing articles and contributing answers towards questions, commenting on other people's articles diligently. I wondered what would happen if I strictly stopped writing anything and only snooped into my account after a month. Well, to be honest, the real reason why I stopped writing is because I got lazy. There was no wondering or anything. Just laziness. Anyway, it was an interesting trip, I promise you.

The main areas that most people would be curious about would be the;

1. Hubscore
2. Hubberscore
3. Traffic
4. Earnings
5. Accolades

1. Hubscore

My Hubscores dropped from an average of 70s to 50s. Even my best articles that were in the Hubpages Network Sites were just hanging around the 60s. That was discouraging since I have always imagined that my writing skill was beyond just average yet that was the position Hubpages placed me. At just average. Articles of over 1000 words. Average. Articles that took me days to write.

We should not be bothered about the Hubscores. Just write. But even though the Hubscore is only visible to you, the account holder, it can psychologically demotivate you. Especially when you realise that there is some connection between the Hubscore and the Hubberscore.

2. Hubberscore

Hubberscore went down. Drastically. I was intially at 83 and I helplessly watched it drop to 60s, 50s and now 40s. Hubberscore is not just some number that Hubpage throws at your profile. I now believe that it is the overall score of both your hubscores and your general behaviour on Hubpages. Hubberscore is your report card. My Hubscores were at 50s and so was my Hubberscore before it broke free and started dropping even way lower. Two reasons why the dropping Hubberscore is annoying;

i.) The higher your Hubberscore the higher the 'respect' on Hubpages
Seriously. Well, from my point of view. I honestly do not take comments from people whose Hubberscore is below 50s seriously. I might respect someone in the 60s, a bit. Someone in the 70s, more respect. Someone in the 80s, someone to be taken very seriously and someone in the 90s extremely seriously. Yet I am at 46. Since I am at 46 I have not been commenting on updates or questions because I know people will get curious about my Hubberscore. I honestly wish I could hide my Hubberscore with a curtain. But no involvement in other people's affairs on Hubpages also means I could even drop to 10, oh God. So today I decided to start being involved. I hope this new resolve works.

ii.) It demotivates you

Crumbling Hubscore, crumbling Hubberscore can make you close down your Hubpages account. I tried deleting some articles and instead of my Hubberscore improving it slipped further. In fact before I deleted the articles I was at 50s and after deleting the article I dropped to 46. I am really trying to press on. I honestly am demotivated. I was running out of ideas to make my Hubscore improve when it hit me that I had not commented on anyone's article for months. No one has commented on my articles either. Is it karma? Is it the universe speaking to me? Is God reminding me about good 'neighbourliness'? Is Hubpages punishing me? I do not know. Only time will tell.

So in just one word, Hubberscore is your REPUTATION. Let no one lie to you that Hubberscore is not important. It is very important for as long as you have an account on Hubpages.

And wait! Be careful about editing when your Hubberscore is too low. Initially, when my Hubberscore was of ' fine repute' I could edit an entire paragraph because the editor probably trusted that I knew what I was doing. But off-late, whenever I edit a sentence the article gets unfeatured. Nowadays when I post an article, getting it featured is suddenly a fantasy.

3. Traffic

Of course your traffic on Hubpages will drop.Mine dropped. My Hubberscore is low so no one bothers to read my articles. They do not care if I have been contributing in the Hubpages community or not in fact even if I contribute no one will take my comment seriously when my Hubberscore is at 46. I know I would not take a Hubber seriously if he/she has an Hubberscore of 46. The general assumption is that my Hubberscore is low because my articles are of low quality. Well my Hubscores are at 50s, who am I to argue with Hubpages? The one fact that encourages me is that the Hubscores were once around 77s and sometimes they add a point or two, they drop too, even though I haven't been editing anything. So they are what they are. However, the fact that my Hubberscore is low means prospective readers do not expect me to post meaningful articles and therefore my traffic suffers. It doesn't matter what I believe about myself, my Hubberscore will tell people everything they want to know.

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Zeros on some days nowadays. A cent or two maybe. Several days simultaneously, just zeros. No traffic, no money. Some months pass with zeros. I do not know whether to laugh, cry or just give up. And when I Google about Hubpages, hey, is it true that articles can be unfeatured due to low traffic? Seems the worst is yet to come. No earnings, no traffic, getting unfeatured...time to pull up my socks. No giving up.

Just know that if you do not have traffic in whatever you want to do wherever online, you will not earn anything. Traffic in the internet is directly related to earnings. Improve your traffic, earn more. You will not earn more when your Hubberscore is 46.

5. Accolades

Before I went on 'holiday' my accolades were impressive. They were like trophies. But now they just seem like ordinary, basic, common accolades I could have even if my Hubberscore were at 10, goodness. 24+ articles, over 9 months later on Hubpages and I'm still a level 1 commenter!

What does being a level 1 commenter mean on Hubpages?It means you contribute very little in the comment sections. Some people are at level 6,7,8,9,10 commenters yet I've been at 1 for almost a whole year - no wonder my Hubberscore is 46.



Mary Florence (author) on June 21, 2018:

Honestly, me neither . I do not understand it. It does fluctuate. Absolute mystery that shouldn't have any meaning although I have noticed that if an article is of low quality the hubscore will dance in the 40s and below, but that can change if the author makes nice changes to the article.

Shaloo Walia from India on June 20, 2018:

I have really not understood the concept of hubscore. It keeps fluctuating.

Mary Florence (author) on April 24, 2018:

Thanks Fernie. I won't give up.

Ferny Vise from San Francisco, CA on April 24, 2018:

Don't. Give. Up.

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