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10 Mistakes I Made on Hubpages as a Newbie

Uriel enjoys creating content and helping other authors to craft stellar content.

Hubpages logo

Hubpages logo

HubPages is an online platform that was created by Paul Edmondson. It went live in 2006. It later acquired Squidoo around 2014. The Maven Inc bought the Hubpages network in 2018. It has its headquarters in San Francisco.

Hubpages gives writes the freedom to write about things they are passionate about and get paid. It enables brands to create content that gets brands discovered.

1. Writing low quality articles

Many new writers struggle with creating quality content on Hubpages. Hubpages requires writers to write high quality articles that can be Featured and indexed by search engines like Google.

When I started writing for Hubpages, I was not aware of their quality requirements. I wrote several articles that kept getting rejected. I later realized that even though I considered myself a writer, I had to learn how to create high quality articles.

Woman typing on laptop

Woman typing on laptop

Hubpages requires articles to be between 700 and 1250 words. This requirement enables writers to cover their subject matter thoroughly. It also allows Google to be able to place their ads strategically throughout the article.

The articles should be written in English. The articles should not contain grammatical or spelling errors.

Hubpages has numerous tools, tips, and articles that enable writers to create stellar content. If you are just starting out check out the Learning Center.

2. Going on a Follow Spree

Hubpages is a community of writers, authors and bloggers. When other hubbers like your content they will naturally follow you to keep updated with your content. New hubbers often make the mistake of following other hubbers blindly.

It takes time to build an audience on Hubpages. When I was starting out, I also wanted to have as many followers as possible. I approached Hubpages with a "Twitter" mindset. I followed as many hubbers as I could.

If you are a new hubber, you should first focus on publishing high quality content first. If other hubbers like your content, they will follow you.

3. Plagiarizing Content

Plagiarism can be defined as passing off another individual's work or ideas as your own without acknowledging that individual.

New hubbers often make the mistake of copying content from other people and publishing it as their own. Hubpages flags the content instantly as ''duplicate content'.

When I was starting out, I tried to repurpose content that I had published on other sites. I later discovered my error and I vowed to always come up with original content for my hubs.

4.Failing to respond to comments

New hubbers often overlook the comments made by other people on their hubs. Comments on hubs are a superb way of interacting with other hubbers and getting tips and advice on improving your hubs.

When a hubber fails to respond to comments, other hubbers might lose interest in reading that hubber's work.

6. Failure to use capsules correctly

When I was starting out on Hubpages, I was not very proficient in the use of capsules. I would fail to break up large chunks of text into multiple capsules. I would fail incorporate pictures into my text. The result would be that my hubs looked hideous.

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Hubpages provides several kinds of capsules to make the publishing process easier. Hubpages has the following capsules :


  • Text
  • Video
  • Photo


  • Poll
  • Map
  • Quiz
  • Callout
  • Rating
  • Code
  • Link

7. Posting controversial subject matter on forums

Forums on Hubpages provide hubbers with an avenue of interacting, sharing and solving problems. These forums cover a wide range of topics and issues. New hubbers often have no idea of the rules that govern these forums.

When I was starting out as a new hubber, I did not follow the proper etiquette when I was posting on forums. I later realized that when it comes to posting on these forums one should observe the following rules:

  • Be polite to other people as you would be in real life.
  • Be helpful to other hubbers.
  • Avoid posting inflammatory or controversial comments.
  • Avoid replication of issues that have already been dealt with or posted.
  • Avoid posting unrelated comments or links to your hubs.

New hubbers should break up huge tracts of text into smaller paragraphs through the use of text capsules. Picture, poll, map, quiz or callout capsules should be used to break the monotony of text.

8. Using Copyrighted Photos

Copyright infringement is something many hubbers are not aware of when they are creating content on Hubpages. While plagiarism is often easily spotted copyright infringement is easily overlooked.

While I was starting out as a new hubber, I would download images from Google and use them on my articles. Many of these images are owned by others and downloading them for commercial purposes is an infringement on their copyrights.

I later discovered that one can use the Creative Commons license to filter images that can be used for commercial purpose. Also, sites like Pexels, Unpslash and Pixabay have images that can be downloaded and used for commercial purposes.

9. Using numerous Amazon capsules

Hubpages provides hubbers with Amazon capsules. These capsules enable a hubber to incorporate products into their articles. When products are purchased through a hubber's link, the hubber earns a commission.

When I was starting out on Hubpages, I would use numerous product capsules on my articles. You should only employ Amazon capsules only if they are relevant to the article or if you have written a product review. Use Amazon capsules sparingly.

Hubpages allows hubbers to use hyperlinks to link to other hubs or other websites. This feature is often abused by hubbers to drive traffic to their sites. While I was starting out as a new hubber, I used to employ numerous hyperlinks on my articles to drive traffic to my other sites.

You should use hyperlinks properly to avoid violations on Hubpages.

When I was starting out on Hubpages, I thought it was a wise move to post my links on the comments section of other people's hubs. I thought at that time, I would be able to drive traffic to my own hubs.

Posting the links of your hubs to on the comments section other people's hubs should only be done if that hub is relevant to the hub. If your hub has a similar topic, it is advisable to post the link of your hub. If the hub is unrelated do not post your links. Keep in mind that the other hubber retains the right of accepting or rejecting your comment.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Uriel Kushiel

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