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You Must Do These Things Each Day to Be Successful Online


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In order to run a successful business online, there are a few things that you need to do every single day.

These are tiny habits that, when done over time, will contribute to the long term success of any blog or website you have.

Start with just doing one of these per day. When you get comfortable, add in a second, and third. That’ll help you from getting overwhelmed easily and not accomplishing any of these daily tasks.

So, what are the things you need to do every day to run a successful online business?

First - Make sure you have content on social media

Social media marketing is an extremely important part of running a brand online.

Social media builds brand awareness and gives you credibility in your field. It’s also great for building a community of targeted followers who you can create content for.

Use a scheduler to make sure that you have some type of content to post consistently. Maybe that’s once a day, maybe it’s three times a day, maybe it’s twice per week. Whatever your schedule is, make sure it is consistent.

Need help finding content for social media?

Have any blog posts, videos, or maybe even a podcast?

Find little bits and pieces of that content and use it to create snippets to post on social media. Not only is this relevant content to your brand, it will give your audience something else besides just linking to your blog.

Second - Reply to any messages

Keeping up with customer service is a must in 2021 and beyond. It’s almost expected to get a reply within a day or two at this point.

That’s why you should be dedicating some time each day to reply to your customer’s messages. That includes social media, contact form messages, emails, etc…

A contact form is still an important part of your website.

Make sure you don’t get off track though. It can be really hard not to open that next message, but if you dedicate all your time to replying to messages, you may not be able to get anything else done.

You might have to decide if there are certain messages that don’t need a response, or can wait a little longer for the response.

An easy way to avoid getting sucked into replying to messages is to set a 15 minute timer. At the end of the fifteen minutes, reflect on what you have done. Are there a lot more messages to sort through? Set another timer for 15 minutes and go back to replying.

If you get to the third or fourth 15 minute timer, it might be time to stop replying to emails, take a break, and come back to it later.

Third - Do at least one thing to help achieve your goal

We all have some larger goal that we hope to achieve. If you work at it every day, little by little you will get closer to that goal.

A good way to make sure you do at least one thing every day to help achieve your goal is to work backwards from completion.

By working backwards, you can envision the steps that you need to take to get closer to the end. This makes it a lot easier to stay on track.

You can even break some of these steps into even smaller steps; steps that can be completed in a day, or even less!

So, on top of your usual daily tasks, try to complete a step towards your main goal, even if it’s a really small step.

Summarizing the daily tasks

Try to start with just one of these habits and work your way to all three. Start with the one that seems easiest to you.

Be sure to post on social media consistently. Your brand awareness depends on it, and after a while your followers will, too.

If you can reply to your users and customers as quickly as possible, it will show that you care. That builds trust within your audience.

Think about your goals. Instead of trying to build steps up to those goals, build the steps backwards. Think of achieving your goal. What was the step you took before that? And before that one?

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