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Workplace Impact on Work

Vinit singh is a computer science student pursuing his B.Tech degree in Bharath institute of higher education and research, Chennai, India

What is a Workplace?

A Workplace is simply a surrounding where you work for your employer. Workplace to an employee is just like a classroom to a student. There is a very strong relationship between an employee's performance and physical workplace surroundings. The workplace environment directly or indirectly has a big contribution in maintaining the high-level productivity of an employee and hence the high productivity of the company too. Employees are very crucial assets to an organization or company.

Workplace, Classroom and Physical Factors.

A workplace to an employee is the same as a classroom to a student. For example, if the classroom is clean, good ventilation, no sound pollution, no trash like waste papers here and there in the classroom then the student can concentrate on his/her studies.

These are all physical aspects of a classroom (workplace for a student) that affect students. In the same way, this kind of physical aspects is applied to the workplace of an employee like building design and age, quality, space, ventilation, cleanliness, workplace set-up, lighting, noise and air pollution. This physical aspect of the work environment has a direct impact on the Employee's productivity, performance, health and safety, concentration, job, satisfaction and working morale is directly impacted by these physical conditions.


Company and workplace.

An employee spends a lot of time of their lives at the workplace while carrying out their work at the organization. So, the organization needs to take care of the employees. A good organization always takes care of its employees. This is often done by paying attention to their workplace environment by keeping the workplace neat, clean and in an organized way.

If the company does not help the workplace to keep it good, then it will the productivity of the company. Sometimes organization consider the workplace as extra, resource-consuming and non-productive, and only concentrates on pushing the employee to work more so that the productivity could be enhanced without improving the workplace. This management fails to notice that the lower productivity is because of the bad workplace environment.

Colleague and workplace.

Many studies have found that cleanliness and tidiness induce us to be more ethical, increases concentration at work, make us more proactive, produces very positive effects on our health well-being and keep us happy. Keeping things in an organized way helps us keep our mind to be in organized way. If a workplace is not clean and tidy, it may increase the risk of multiplication of germs and bacteria and therefore increase the risk of an employee falling sick.

Even your colleague comes under the workplace environment. The positive and being happy nature of your colleague can be a major factor in your workplace environment. If people working with you, keep you motivating then it becomes easy to work and improve your working capabilities. A negative environment will lead to many mental health problems.

just like your colleague plays an important role in your working place, you also play a key role in your colleagues working environment. Being good to them, motivating them helps your colleague to feel good and provide better productivity and therefore increase companies productivity.

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Workplace affecting an employee psychologically.

When you were in school, you might get irritated when your teacher asks you to throw all the dust and waste paper in the dustbin and keep the class clean. Our teachers had a good reason. Maintaining cleanliness and neatness is not a direct reflection of how perfectly you do your job, but the human mind is formed in such a way that it makes all these associations unconsciously. In the same way, the workplace affects the employees psychologically.

Several studies have found that keeping the workplace organized gives the job satisfaction and the feeling of pride in their job and if you feel proud of your job then your working productivity will suddenly or gradually increase with time.

A favourable workplace environment brings improvement in the employee's physical and mainly mental proficiency. An improper and unfavourable environment may induce work stress and this will lead to errors being committed by the employee and under-utilization of potential available with the employees.

There should be Workplace Psychological Protection (WPP) for every employee. WPP is exhibited when employees feel free to ask a question, send feedback, report a mistake and propose a new idea without fearing the negative consequences about their job or themselves.


Physical workplace environment.

Commitment to their job and loyalty also comes in a free packet when the workplace is in a well-organized way. With a bad workplace, emotional distress, bad temper, constant tiredness, lack of enjoyment, and excessive dwelling of negative thoughts comes free of cost.

Some job requirements are of very high risk like a construction site, steel and iron manufacturing company. A construction site is a very high-risk life work because sometimes the construction workers have to work at high rising buildings which has the risk of falling from the height. According to International Labour Organisation (ILO) 2.3 million women and men in the world cave into work-related accidents or diseases every year.


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