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Webanswers! Content Creators Beware - A Warning From The Past

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Michael has been teaching social science economics and ICT since the 1980's.

Webanswers traffic collapsed.

The now defunct website webanswers still appears in web searches due to this article you are reading right now.

This article was written as a warning and the content therefore will remain largely unchanged as It is a reminder to all content creators not to place all of your content on one website.

The original content continues...

Judging by their collapsing traffic statistics over the last few months of it's existence. The decline was terminal. A once mighty website supporting 1,000's of writers with millions of views daily. Just disappeared overnight.

Trying to access the website on the 8th October 2015 returned this comment:-

"Failed to open socket - No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it error."

I was alerted to this collapse by a fellow hubber. he told me that webanswers was having some problems. When I tried to check in I found that the website was unavailable.

Shame it was an interesting website.

This is a timely reminder to never put all of your content in one place.

My original post on how webanswers used to work is below. It has an amazing 236 comments from readers and fellow hubbers.

Needless to say there will probably be no earnings from webanswers any time soon.

The link to webanswers and related items have been deleted from this hub.

Goodbye webanswers. It was good while it lasted.

Webanswers Traffic Plummets.

Steemit the Future for Content Creators?

Webanswers... How it used to be.

You as a writer would get a share of the revenue, generated from the adverts that appear beside your answers. Simple.

You can make money writing new answers and answering questions online. It is a very simple website to use and more importantly. It actually works.

They pay you cash, for asking questions and writing answers to questions that the public have asked. The website uses Google Ads, and the adsense revenue sharing system.

You will get a share of the adsense earnings, after you have answered your first 50 questions.

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The good news is, it work's. This is the 9 month update to this hubpage as promised and I can confirm that webanswers does indeed work. It's very simple to use too.

Where is Middle Earth?

The map of Middle-Earth courtesy of

The map of Middle-Earth courtesy of

Do know this Woman?

It's Her Majesty, The Queen. Someone had to put all this stuff on the net...Why is another question

It's Her Majesty, The Queen. Someone had to put all this stuff on the net...Why is another question


It is a legitimate business. It does work and the earning potential depends on 'you'. Your amount of engagement on the site. More input, more money, that simple.

Is it one of the top money makers on the internet for this type of activity. I really have not given it as much effort and time as I should. I just wanted to prove it worked first. It does. Each of us should give it the effort we feel we wish to put in.

This money making guide, along with the extensive comments section from others. Cover just about everything you need to know, about how to answer questions to how to get paid on Webanswers. You will need an adsense account. If you haven't got one already, you can sign up after you have answered 50 questions..

To begin. Sign up. The referral link is below on this page. When answering questions, try to make sure that your answer is over 100 words in length.

I have read on the tutorials that you are paid according to the quality and the depth of the answer. You can also add a photo. Make sure it is copyright free and attribute the source of the photo.

The sites income is generated by advertisements from Google's adsense program, you will need to sign up if you do not have an adsense account. After you have answered 50 questions you will be offered the adsense account sign up page. These adverts are shown alongside the answer that we have custom written. We get a share this adsense revenue.

Custom Writing.

When I say custom writing. It means that the answer we have written is specific to that question and has not been copied from anywhere else. It must be original custom writing, for that question only.

100 Words Makes Sense

The 100 words apparently has an influence on the ranking, given to the answer by web crawlers. (programs that search the internet for Google & Bing, and add your custom writing answers to their index pages etc)

You are paid per line.

Currently my answers are averaging slightly over $26.00 PPC. Remember this is based on the mille idea or per 1000 clicks. These rates vary according to a mysterious ranking algorithm that no-one knows anything about.

I have answered over 2000 questions with answers varying in length from 5 words up to a maximum of 100 words (at most I have answered 10 questions with 100 words) and made £6.50 for November 2011.

I haven't answered a question for about 5 weeks now, and I still made £8.40 for December 2012. So it is profitable considering I have done very little work. I was paid on a ratio of £54 per 1000 hits So it work's. These ratios change according to the questions you answer. Business answers seem to pay more.

Even when I am not actively working on the site. I am still earning. You do however have to do a bit every now and then, otherwise your earnings may drop dramatically.

Now if I were to answer 2,000 questions I can imagine that earnings potential will increase exponentially. There is only one way to find out. Do it. So I am doing it. Slowly but surely.

Answering Questions someone has to do it.

So many questions so little time.

So many questions so little time.

Micro update for Existing members 13th June 2012

Some interesting information that you should know. Many people have asked about getting their questions and answers awarded.

Please check out this answer from Animal_world (Brain (9,679), as it clearly states that you are better off not getting answers awarded. As then you continue to earn from them.

Once awarded then only the author gets paid. Please check out the above link as it clarifies this question.

Webanswers What is this Flower

Can you name this flower

Can you name this flower

How to Get Paid. Keep at it

I have deliberately not been on the site, as I wanted to test if we still earn with little or no engagement with the site. It does.(Dec 2012)

Unfortunately I am now answering just one or two answers per week. I have other more pressing demands on my time. (March 2012)

The evidence as far as I can tell; is that once you have put your answers on their site. Whether you engage with the site or not. is up to you. It is really that simple. I have been told that if you engage with the site you may make more money? I cannot confirm or deny that claim.

What I can say also, is that it is an experience, worth at least a visit and looking into.

And you get to contribute to the fundamental database of the web.

The answers eventually turn up on the search engines.

These are some questions that I have answered and been awarded.

Question on Infra Red Astronomy. Question on Hair Loss In Men

These two answers alone show the diversity of questions you may encounter and chose to ignore or answer. Your answers could potentially live forever in cyberspace. OK enough with the hard sell. They can be used as referrals to articles you may write.

Stay with me now it's gonna get a little repetitive for a minute. I will be as quick as I can.

Quick setup:-

Basically you go to and create a profile. Simple. It has been in Beta since it's inception many years ago. The interface is very simple; you have to ask questions and you have to answer questions. You get paid for both. But you get paid more for answers and long term. So by all means ask questions but focus on the answers.

You will see that other people may have answered the question but that doesn't mean that you cannot answer the same question. You can view their answers. If you think you have a better answer then go for it and submit your answer.

The questions that have been answered are then judged by the person who asked the question and awarded to who they think answered the question best. (take a deep breath)

Being awarded a question that you answered, means that you will get a bigger share of the advertising revenue, from that answer forever (doubtful, don't hold your breath)

So how do I Earn?

The answers are eventually displayed on sites all over the internet, raising and marketing your profile in the process. Whatever ads are shown alongside your answer at that time, you will receive a percentage of the revenue. Right so you are signed in and the screen is there. Hey what about, how to get paid?

50 question rule. You have to answer 50 question's first

When you answered the first 50 question's, a new tab appears in your profile where you just click and it links to your Google adsense account (if you have one) or creates a Google adsense account for you if you don't.? Sometimes this can take a few days or even weeks.

The 50 question rule was introduced to deter time wasters.

Just fill in your usual details. It is a secure site so no worries there. So here we are, 50 question's to answer. It did seem a little daunting but I just jumped into it and pretty soon I had answered 10 questions. Then they just started flowing and before I knew it I had done the 50 question's. Now I just drop in every now and again. I answer a few questions. There is no time limit on any of this work.

A Road Locomotive

What is this type of machine actually called?

What is this type of machine actually called?

Your Answers

Answers to maybe Avoid

It pays to be a little selective in what you answer. Consider a few other things before wasting your time on a question.

This is my opinion, you can of course answer whatever questions you like. If you want to know, how to get paid then follow these simple rules.

These answers are being created and are used by search engines, so misspelled or poor grammar will not be used, It is fair to assume. Search engines will often correct someones spelling when they are searching. So spelling correctly is very important.

(1) Don't answer questions that are misspelled.

(2) Some questions may be years old, you can still answer them and earn from these.

(3) Don't answer questions with poor grammar. For the same reason as poor spellings.

(4) Look out for web bot questions. (you still get paid for these)

Sometimes the system generates it's own questions.

These are usually on a theme i.e. variations on how to get pregnant and what to do if you are and don't want to be (phew!) You still get paid for answering them.

(5) Don't answer questions that are ambiguous.

(these answers are based on value judgments, that you may not share, so you may rarely be awarded them)

Whether you are awarded answers or not, you will still earn money. The awarded answers do earn more money as a percentage.

Torrent of Money coming Your Way?

The last thing to do, is just sit right back and wait for the flood of money to flow your way.

But hang on a minute, don't give up your day job just yet, and don't tell the boss what you really think.

These kinds of projects take time to develop, to build up your stock of answers and of course. As we know some of these companies, can just disappear overnight.

You will have to carry on working, and do this type of project as and when you have time.

I would imagine that this type of work, would appeal to a wide variety of people, and of course it keeps the mind active.

If you like a challenge or need stimulation. Then my advice is to give it a go, but discipline yourself. Don't overdo it.

Take a break for 15 minutes every hour.

That's just good advice for any computer worker. Don't start piling all your eggs into this little basket just yet. I do hope this simple, money making guide, helps your online search for your own personal Eldorado. Not everything in life has to be 'complicated.'

Like the X-files "it's out there somewhere".

P.S. The question are ranked in a variety of categories. You are bound to find something of interest.

I was completely astonished at some of the things that people ask 18+ rated and definitely not for the squeamish.

If you are open minded and realise these are genuine people, asking genuine questions, then it is just another online writing job, with some interesting aspects on how to get paid for writing answers

I hope my guide has answered your questions about webanswers. If you liked it share it with your friends. Thanks for reading.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

© 2011 Micheal


Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 03, 2020:

Yep this is an old article and needs a refresh. Thanks for reminding me. :)

Treathyl FOX from Austin, Texas on January 28, 2020:

Great article. Chocked full of advice. But the beginning statements were a disappointing opener. I Googled sites with a good revenue-share program. WebAnswers popped up in the results, along with HUBPages. Through it all looks like HP is the one that's still standing!

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 26, 2016:

Hi Missy and Lena. It was an interesting website for sure.

It never ceased to amaze me what people would ask questions about.

It used to generate quite a bit of revenue for contributors.

It was a top performer for earnings. It's a shame it hit the buffers.

Lena Kovadlo from Staten Island, NY on July 04, 2016:

I loved WebAnswers though some questions people asked were ridiculous or stupid. Some questions even made me think that people posted them just for the sake of posting them... and that they weren't really looking for answers. Some people even asked questions that clearly they should know answers to. Like for example: asking what 7 x 7 is is just crazy. People should know the answer to that.

Joining that site and being a part of it actually helped me get to my first $100 AdSense earnings minimum. It seems WebAnswers is no more. Makes me wonder why great sites cease to exist.

Missy from The Midwest on June 15, 2016:

I miss WebAnswers. I used to make extra cash there when I needed a break from my regular freelance gigs.

Gina145 from South Africa on February 20, 2016:

WebAnswers has been online for about 2.5 days now, but it's very slow and sometimes when I click on links it says it's down for maintenance. According to the leaderboard two members have each posted once today though I can't work out what they're posted. The front page shows a lot of "activity" over the last day including questions asked 6 hours ago with over 400 views. None of it makes sense.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 20, 2016:

Hi eugbug, Thanks for the update. I'm sure people will be pleased to hear that they may be able to view their content using the waybackmachine.

As you say it may not have everything but being able to navigate around the archive may give folk the chance to retrieve some of their content.

Thanks buddy.

Eugene Brennan from Ireland on February 20, 2016:

Hi again Michael. You can't actually login, search or do similar stuff on the Webanswers home page on the Wayback Machine website (because you're just viewing a HTML page and the page can't execute such operations). However since pages are linked, you can navigate through categories and end up on your profile page, and from there view questions you've asked and answered. However I don't know whether the Wayback Machine takes a complete snapshot of every page on the site, so pages could be missing.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 20, 2016:

Hi kmackey32, I know. Its a pain.

They do say that they think the website may be back online soon? whatever that means.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 20, 2016:

Hi Gina145, I check in one webanswers every so often but it never seems to be online. I hope other people have better luck getting their work back.

kmackey32 from Pittsburgh PA on February 18, 2016:

I just noticed Webanswers was up today after being down forever. I check every month or so because I used to love making money there. The only problem is, I try logging in and it just sits there, wont let me...UGH very frustrating...

Gina145 from South Africa on January 31, 2016:

What I find really confusing is that I keep checking isitdownrightnow to see whether the site is running or not, and it always says the site has been down for only a few hours. I really had hoped to still access some of my better answers which I spent time researching, but it doesn't seem like that's going to happen.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on January 30, 2016:

Hi Eugene, thanks for your comment.

I'm pretty sure that the waybackmachine would not allow users to access their posts.

It just shows what the main website looked like back then.

Individual contributors content is not generally accessible.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on January 30, 2016:

Hi martygoldengate, I agree Webanswers was a good platform for a long time. Shame it went, the way it did.

martygoldengate on January 18, 2016:

Webanswers was a good enough money maker to be worth someone's time, but that was before the creators of the site sold it to people who didn't care about serious writers. The site dates back to around 2002, but was sold around 2011 to people primarily interested in selling cleverly-worded domain names to website owners through a different site. Webanswers was neglected as the new owners put their efforts into their other activities involving domain name sales. Google kept lowering Webanswers' priority search position as the site, which still contains thoughtful answers by intelligent people, became overrun by jokers who destroyed the reputation by posting ugly remarks and foolish questions.

Eugene Brennan from Ireland on January 12, 2016:

For anyone trying to retrieve contributions they made on the site either answering questions or providing answers, its worth trying out the Wayback Machine which is a digital archive of the World Wide Web.

Gina145 from South Africa on January 11, 2016:

I've just paid WebAnswers a visit for the first time in weeks and things are looking worse than ever. The home page opens, but when I try to open any of the questions I get a message that the site is down for maintenance. Yet the front page claims some questions have just been answered. The leaderboard is gone though, so clearly those time stamps on activity are wrong.

I never earned a lot at WebAnswers, but I found it a useful site if ever I needed a question answered, so it's really sad to see this decline. It doesn't look like the owners are trying to save it.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on January 05, 2016:

Hello DreamerMeg, I guess that there are many with a similar situation.

I had unpaid funds on their too.

It is still quite a surprise that it just went pop in no time flat? Very odd.

DreamerMeg from Northern Ireland on November 24, 2015:

I had about £30 earned there but not claimed a couple of years ago and just logged in occasionally to keep my membership active. Looks like that's lost now. Pity, it was an interesting site, though difficult to find enough questions I could answer at times.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on October 31, 2015:

Thanks lotoole for your helpful comments.

Good to have some information on what happened on webanswers.

I'm sure many people will be wondering what went wrong?

The website was up and running a couple of days ago just briefly.

Losing adsense is bad news. There are alternative ad systems though.

lotoole on October 30, 2015:

I've been a member of Webanswers for over a year and posted about 8000 answers. The website has provided a very nice supplemental income for me so when it seemed to tank this month (October 2015), I had one of those dreaded "Oh crap, I put all my eggs in one basket" moments. The site has always been a lot of fun, affording members a chance to earn real money on line in a dependable manner without relying on some of the more boring survey/ad click sites. This month the site switched over to a new server according to the owners and obviously, the transition has not gone smoothly. It was up and down for awhile but the Google ad earnings were not reinstated for the members. Whether or not that was part of the server installation challenge or not, I don't know. I certainly hope it recovers from all this downtime. It was a unique site with many members who contributed quality content.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on October 28, 2015:

Hi Robert (rharper) it is looking pretty terminal over there for sure.

I actually managed to log in today which was a surprise.

There are so many issues that it is looking like a dead loss.

Interesting idea that you mentioned via YouTube.

Sub to me on YouTube and I'll look you up.

Robert from West Texas on October 23, 2015:

This week webanswers had a serious adsense issue and it does not look like it is going to get resolved. That said I have started posted video questions on youtube. I am trying to reach out to others that ask and answer questions and let them know there is an alternative.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on October 21, 2015:

There is always hope Mary. The web is changing at breakneck speed.

There will always be casualties.

Mary Craig from New York on October 09, 2015:

It's amazing how quickly things come and go in our technological universe! Let's hope HP stands the test of time.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on September 26, 2013:

Hello tillsontitan, It is pretty simple to do.

Webanswers consistently out preforms any website that I have come across yet, including Bubblews.

The more work you put in the more money you get out.

I do still pop in there occasionally to see what is going on. I still earn from the answers that I submitted ages ago.

Mary Craig from New York on September 26, 2013:

The funny thing for me is I signed up for webanswers probably around the time you first wrote this hub, however, that's all I did. Now that I've read this great hub maybe I should do more!

Voted up, useful, and interesting.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on July 21, 2013:

Hi Karen Hellier,

Glad you found this useful and congratulations on making some money on webanswers. It is pretty simple which is nice for a change.

This hub and all the comments is a very useful resource for people new to webanswers.

Karen Hellier from Georgia on July 17, 2013:

Just wanted to say thank you for this great hub about Webanswers. I have been a member now since June 24th, and hit my 50 answers 8 days later. I am actually earning money from it and I am extremely pleased with the results. I would never have joined if it hadn't been for this hub so thank you so much for writing it and sharing this great information with the rest of us here at HubPages.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on June 23, 2013:

Hi Karen,

I think this hub with all the helpful comments, just about covers everything you could possibly need to know.

Glad you found it useful.

Karen Hellier from Georgia on June 23, 2013:

This is a very informational hub. I have been wondering if Webanswers was worth signing up for and here is all the information I needed. I am just starting a full time writing schedule for the summer ( even wrote a hub about it yesterday...LOL) and am looking for one or two more sites to help generate income. Webanswers looks like it may be a good fit for me so I will sign up today. It looks like I have a LOT of questions to answer before I can start making money but it won't happen if I don't start so I will start today. Thanks for the great information! Love the tip about the 100 words!

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 22, 2013:

Hello A Happy Man,

I couldn't possible comment on a whole countries emotional state.

But thanks for asking.

A Happy Man from Washington State on February 17, 2013:

Greetings-You and I have corresponded before. Question for you: How would you personally assess the emotional state of The UK at present? This is a quite serious inquiry, and I am genuinely interested to learn your candid response. Thanks so much and Many Blessings to you and yours. A Happy Man

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 16, 2013:

Hello sharingknowledge,

I agree it can have a positive influence on your earnings.

Webanswers is such a simple idea but works really well.

I am still surprised at my earnings from so small an input on my part.

The potential is immense if you put in the effort.

I really should do more I guess, but my interest on there is not purely financial.

If I wanted to just make money. I would definitely be on webanswers 24/7. I find it very useful for researching writing ideas.

Good luck to you.

SHAR NOR from Miami, FL on February 12, 2013:

Thank you. One additional thing to consider answering for webanswers is the keyword issue. Proper use of keywords in answers can lead to higher earnings too.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on November 30, 2012:


Thanks for leaving your comment.

It does work if you put the effort in.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on October 01, 2012:

Hi deepak2u,

I agree, webanswers is a great way to make some extra money.

I still drop in and ask question's with some interesting results.

Govind Deepak Kumar from Telangana,INDIA on September 28, 2012:

this is great, i am also using webanswers account since 210 and its Rocks !

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 16, 2012:

Hello GClark,

Thanks, this hub has answered just about everything anyone would want to know about making money on webanswers.

It is still by far the easiest way I have found, to make money online.

GClark from United States on August 15, 2012:

Interesting and well-written Hub complete with answers to just about anything one would want to know in considering whether to begin answering questions. Certainly gives you lots to think about. Thanks for sharing.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 14, 2012:

Hello Saloca,

Go for it and have fun.

Just about every thing you need to know, about how to make money on webanswers, is detailed in this hub and in the accompanying comments section too.

Sarah Campbell from Liverpool, UK on August 14, 2012:

Very informative hub, I'm off to sign up now and see it all put into action.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 13, 2012:

Hi Mazzy Bolero,

You are correct. Certain topics pay out regardless of participation levels. Pregnancy being one of the most common followed by job related topics.

Mazzy Bolero from the U.K. on August 13, 2012:

If you don't continue writing, the page views get lower each month. The first month I didn't write any answers, I got £1.53, the next only 45p. This month so far nothing at all. Some do claim to get residual payments but maybe they can get awarded answers on tax, legal or some medical questions, which seem to get a lot of views. Certain subjects do get views and clicks.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 13, 2012:

Hello Horatio Plot ,

£1.50 per day that's roughly £45 per month. Not bad for a few hundred words per day I would suggest.

Where else can you make that kind of money online with little or no experience.

I stand by Webanswers. It is the best earning site on the web for this kind of activity. No contest.

Pity you got banned. You did give me a giggle.

Horatio Plot from Bedfordshire, England. on August 13, 2012:

You can get there, but as Mazzy says it's a lot of effort to keep it going. After reading this Hub I got up to about £1.50 a day after about two months (best day £1.83!). This was by writing about 5x 200 word answers a day. Some of my answers were up to about 300-500 words. But once I slowed down after around 3 months the money dried up. I returned a few months later and just gave short answers, but this only generated peanuts. Then I could no longer resist the call of the crazy sex related questions and started giving silly answers. Then I got banned.

So it can be done, especially if you have good knowledge about a niche subject, but it does take a lot of input.

Oh, and don't get banned!

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 13, 2012:

Hello Mazzy Bolero,

You are absolutely right about the need to keep working at it on webanswers. If you want to keep a steady monthly income.

Mind you, you did still get 45p, and you haven't written on there for...? I don't know how long.

So really, you are getting residuals for those 1000 answers you posted. Imagine if that continued for the rest of your life? would it amount to a significant amount of money for the time invested?

As you mentioned. It can be good training for more detailed article writing later on.

Mazzy Bolero from the U.K. on August 13, 2012:

I didn't have quite the success you had on Webanswers. I answered over 1,000 questions - admittedly some brief and insignificant, but many longer and requiring some research. I got about £30 a month for a couple of months. Once I stopped writing on the site, the cash disappeared. Last month I earned 45 pence. So no residuals and the £30 a month didn't justify the time it took. However, it's much easier to start making some money than by writing articles and I guess that can be encouraging to a beginner. I'd say do it if you enjoy it.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 07, 2012:

Hello kellyteam,

You can actually use it for good quality back-links to hubs you write.

i.e. if you answer a question that you have some expertise or experience on. You can write a hub about it and connect the two. They re-enforce each other. Go for it.

Willette from Michigan on August 07, 2012:

This seems like an excellent way to get some ideas for a hub as well. Good job! Signed up and answering questions. Thank for the information. Thumbs up!

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 06, 2012:

Hi tjdavis,

Yes you have to answer 50 questions. No you do not have to be awarded the answer to earn money.

If you check above you will see that in fact it is in many ways, better not to get awarded answers. You still earn money anyway.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on August 06, 2012:

Hello Suzie HQ,

Go for it. I still pop in there and answer a few questions. It so easy and doesn't strain the brain lol.

Teresa Davis from Moscow, Texas on August 06, 2012:

Ok so let me clear something long as you answer 50 questions you get paid or does your answer have to be chosen as the best before you get paid?

Suzanne Ridgeway from Dublin, Ireland on August 06, 2012:

Hi molometer, I have just signed up for webanswers so your article was great to read! Very interesting points and tips you've made that I will be remembering! Thanks so much for writing this, voted many and shared :)

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on July 21, 2012:

Hi Au fait,

It really is up to the individual. It does pay very well in comparison to other sites in terms of time and effort for cash returns.

In fact. From my experience it is the highest paying site. I have come across.

If I were looking purely to make money. I would be on there 24/7.

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment.

C E Clark from North Texas on July 21, 2012:

I've read about this before, but I think your explanation may be better. I'm bookmarking this page so I can read it again a little later when I have more time think about it, but it sounds good.

Voted you up and useful.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on June 20, 2012:

Hi onlinecashdigest,

Send Webanswers and email. I am sure they can sort it out quite simply for you.

Good luck and thanks.

onlinecashdigest from Manila, Philippines on June 20, 2012:

I have forgotten my username and password with WebAnswers and I can not retrieve it...their FORGOT PASSWORD does not work.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on June 19, 2012:

Hello PawpawWrites,

Yes it is very easy to track your earnings, through your adsense account. The Webanswers URL will show up in your account, and you can track it there. Good luck and have fun.

PawpawWrites on June 18, 2012:

Ok, if I give a try, how will I know if I made money from it. I have an adsense account, but how will I know it is from them, do they have a way to show up as Webanswers, kinda like channels?

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on June 13, 2012:

WebsiteConfetti, Thank you for asking this interesting question. I checked it out and found some very helpful information for everyone.

Read The Update Micro

Update For Existing Webanswers Writers 13th June 2012

Some interesting information that you should know. Many people have asked about getting their questions and answers awarded.

Check the hub as I have added the link for you to check it out yourselves under micro update.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on June 11, 2012:

Hi WebsiteConfetti,

Maybe that is why many people are not bothered about getting awarded answers.

I must say I have not come across this in the FAQ's either.

Ness from Australia on June 10, 2012:

I have been trying out web answers and Im still on the fence on whether its a good program. Answering 50 questions first is an interesting concept, but what I dont like, is that once you have been awarded the answer and that questions Google Ads, you only get that revenue for 1 year. I wish that they would disclose that information more openly rather than hidden on some obscure faq

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on June 07, 2012:

Hello Kalmiya,

Thank you for your comments. It is not for everyone as I pointed out in the hub above. However it does pay relatively well compared to many other websites.

Kalmiya from North America on June 05, 2012:

I joined WebAnswers and read that they require 50 Awarded Answers before they consider you for the Adsense account and even then you only make revenue from your Awarded strings. From what I can see this might take any length of time as I've seen answers awarded after two answers that were super brief so the process of getting awarded is arbitrary. Personally I think it is too time consuming to get any reasonable income from the effort tho it's an interesting idea and profitable for WebAnswers no doubt!

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on May 17, 2012:

Hi Alison,

So sorry to hear that you are having these issues. I hope they can be resolved them soon. Good luck and keep your chin up.

Allison on May 10, 2012:

They have never ONCE emailed me back. Webanswers doesn't seem to care about you until you GET approved . From what the support pages say only the ones who have been on there for years get replies. And "support" is somewhat of a joke. They know nothing of the way Google works or how they accept anyone and they I am just a peon to them now. Yet "support" sits and speculates on HOW you get accepted when NONE of them really know. They all like to pretend they have inside knowledge when none of them know crap. If they did I would know what adsense wants to get accepted. You wont find exact answers just vague speculation.

What TOTALLY disheartens me is some guy just said in an answer that he got accepted , and he signed up AFTER me. His answers are awful --very short two lines, very vanilla and plain. AND his last answer doesn't even answer the question. I am beginning to think it is not what you answer but WHO you know to get on there.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on May 08, 2012:

Hi Allison,

I have heard that it can take a while to get the adsense approval sorted out. There is a discussion in these comments on this very issue.

Have you emailed webanswers about this yet? That would be the first thing to do.

Allison on May 07, 2012:

I have over 100 high quality , decent length posts and many awarded answers with an invitation from Webanswers to apply to adsense. I did that. It has been nearly 3 weeks with NO word in my email from Adsense.

It STILL says that my account is under review on my account page. I am about to give up posting on Webanswers. I'm down to two to four posts a day since I'm now VERY discouraged.

I really don't want to put any more time into it if I'm not going to get accepted by Adsense.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 27, 2012:

Hi MelKL,

Thanks for leaving a comment. Go for it. Good luck.

MelKL on April 27, 2012:

Great hub! I need extra cash, so I am going to give this website a shot! Thanks for the advise :)

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 25, 2012:

Hi Lisas-thoughts101,

Thanks for reading and leaving your comment.

I have been more active on webanswers.

My awarded answers have gone up quite a bit, as a percentage of my overall answers.

I expect to be making more money from now on.

Glad you found this money making guide helpful.

Let me know your webanswers name and I will answer your questions too.

Lisas-thoughts101 from Northeast Texas on April 24, 2012:

Molometer, Your hub gave me hope. I have been on webanswers about a month. I didn't know about the 100 words. I have answered 100 questions but only a few are very lengthy. I haven't started earning any money yet. I have only been awarded 3 answers though, so far. I guess it just takes time. I appreciate your tips. I am going to read the other hub you suggested and more of yours. Great writing. Voted up and useful and will be following.

Take care,


Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 24, 2012:

Hi Lyn.Stewart,

webanswers pays but you have to put the effort in to get it rolling along.

Don't forget to ask questions too.

I will answer them. If you let me know.

Thanks for reading and leaving a comment.

Lyn.Stewart from Auckland, New Zealand on April 22, 2012:

Thank you for writing this informative hub.

It's good to know what is actually worth trying as there are so many sites that end up being a huge waste of time.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 17, 2012:

Hello thesingernurse,

Don't forget to ask some questions too while you are on webanswers.

We need well written thoughtful questions as well.

Good luck.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 17, 2012:

Hello thesingernurse,

Thank you for your wonderful comments. I hope you have a good time over at webanswers.

I have just been going through my own answers with a view to use them as back links.

I have done a few already and only have 200 + left to go lol. Have fun.

Tina Siuagan from Rizal, Philippines on April 16, 2012:

Indeed, Hubpages is a helpful family and community. You are a living proof to that! And I am very pleased to be part of your wonderful network. Not everyone is generous enough to share these types of valuable information about opportunities on earning extra bucks on the side. Thank you very much my friend. Will be checking on the site ASAP. Rest assured that this is another breakthrough stint worth the try. :D

Voting up and sharing!

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 13, 2012:

Hello Kiwi Max,

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment.

Average time on site is difficult to predict as it takes in too many variables. Typing speed, knowledge, value of the answers.

I can tell you that another hubber Brett Tesol has answered 2000 questions and last I heard he was making 50 bucks a month. Hope this helps.

Check out Brett's hub on webanswers too.

Max Zvyagintsev from New Zealand on April 12, 2012:

Hi Molometer,

I'll add webasnwers to my favourites and when I get the time I'll definitely try it out. Currently I'm studying at University, hubpages, and playing sports outside my studies - I'm afraid I won't be able to commit to it just yet.

How much time do you recommend to spend on this website if you want to make an extra 10-20 a month?

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 12, 2012:

Hi Rajan,

It is a very simple and quick way to make money.

It does take strong discipline.

I know that there have been some issues with certain countries, not being on the approved list.

I'm not sure why or what the situation is now.

Hopefully India will be okay.

Rajan Singh Jolly from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA. on April 12, 2012:

Molometer, this is another interesting way to earn. I applied today. They say they will get back in 48 hours.

Very useful hub. Voted up.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 12, 2012:

Hello sandrabusby,

Thanks for the follow. It can be a steep learning curve. Just stick with it and remember to have fun too. That's the point really, enjoy this time.

Sandra Busby from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA on April 12, 2012:

Thanks for sharing this information. I'm following you along on your hubs, because the technical aspects of writing on line are definitely my learning curve.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on April 06, 2012:

Hello AudreyHowitt,

It pays far more than anything else I have come across so far on the web.

I am still getting paid a little every month and I haven't been as active as I should, for ages.

It just seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list every time.

I must get back on it. It is so easy and fast too.

Maybe that is the problem. It is not challenging enough.

I should set a goal of say 200 answers a week and stick to it?

Thanks for reading. Glad you found it interesting.

Audrey Howitt from California on April 05, 2012:

This is the first that I have heard regarding this site--it is great to know that you have had a good experience there. Thank you for sharing this information with us all.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on March 22, 2012:

Hello vimier,

I don't quite understand your comment but I posted it in the hope that you will clarify your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

vimier on March 22, 2012:

I have been an individual of this web page for a few many months and I really like it but I reaction all issues such as spiders and old ones. Why would you not want to reaction those questions? Most income that people generate are from non provided alternatives.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on March 13, 2012:

Hello vespawoolf,

It works and I have made money quite easily here.

It was another one of my experiments into the online work business.

I really have not had the time to devote to it lately.

I have more pressing demands.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Vespa Woolf from Peru, South America on March 13, 2012:

This is the first I've heard of "webanswers". I'll check it out and let you know what I think! Thank you for sharing with us.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on March 09, 2012:

Hello Horatio,

Glad you found it useful. Once you get going on webanswers it goes pretty quickly.

Good luck and hope you make a million.

Horatio Plot from Bedfordshire, England. on March 09, 2012:

Another great article. Thanks Michael

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on March 07, 2012:

Hello lamika,

Sorry about the delay in replying.

I have see click bank but didn't think to investigate it further. I may give it another look. Time permitting.

Malika Zuberi on March 01, 2012:

Check the various affiliate programs as well. They work well, look at click bank.

Micheal (author) from United Kingdom on February 28, 2012:

Thanks for SHARING alocsin and thank you for all for commenting. I am pushed for time sorry.

To answer Keri's comment I rarely get emails from webanswers and then only about my account and never spam.

Keri Summers from West of England on February 28, 2012:

Hi Molometer. Thanks for a great Hub bringing attention to this op. I checked out WebAnswers and their privacy policy, and I'm curious to know whether you get flooded with marketing emails? Up & interesting.

Keri Summers from West of England on February 28, 2012:

V. interesting. Must take a look.

Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on February 28, 2012:

Great info! I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing this hub!

S Davies on February 28, 2012:

I am going to go check this opportunity out. I had seen the name WebAnswers bandied about but I just hadn't taken the time to look into it. Thanks for a thorough and detailed Hub on the subject! - Sarah

Aurelio Locsin from Orange County, CA on February 28, 2012:

I'm always on the lookout for additional web moneymaking opportunities. This is new to me so thanks for pointing it out. Voting this Up and Useful and SHARED.

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