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Top 3 Best New Micro Job Applications

Top 3 new trusted micro job applications to earn money in 2022

Introduction: There are a lot of earning opportunities in the digital world of internet. But every opportunity generally requires potential workers who have the necessary skill(s) to avail and utilise it properly. But, there are opportunities that require no professional skills and anyone can earn money easily through them and, of course, without the investment of a penny. And micro job platforms are the ideal examples of those ones. Anybody who has no precise skills that require to be learnt, but is willing to earn money in one's spare time, can definitely work on micro job platforms. There are some good micro job applications for mobile devices. And I am going to write about 3 new good paying micro job applications here.

Task Mate: This is an application developed by Google. It is a micro job application. Anyone can join this platform on mobile. It is, in my opinion, the easiest micro job platform or application. Anyone can register here but being in an early access stage, it is not accessible for all. But one can stay in the waiting list until one is given access to this application which is uncertain as of now. The first time one joins here, the minimum withdrawal is pretty low. But afterwards, the minimum withdrawal amount is increased as much as five times of the first payout. However, it is a promising platform or application by Google.

OneForma: Oneforma is a crowdsourcing platform like appen. There are several types of work opportunities on this platform. They have an application as well. The application is also pretty convenient to use. Translation, transcription, data collection, annotation, judging and so many other types of work are always available here. Anyone, who registers here as a worker, need to qualify for paid jobs through exams. There payout is also pretty decent which you can find out.

Toloka: This is a very well known micro job platform or application that is growing in popularity day by day. It is a must have application for those who want to earn money doing micro jobs online. As I discussed it previously in another article, I thought not to discuss it in details here.

Verdict: Micro jobs are great for beginners willing to earn money online without skills and investment. So, if you are among them, I definitely suggest you to register on those platforms.

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