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No One Told Noobs Work Was Going to Be This Way

Razia Meer is Managing Editor at AmoMama. She worked in Corporate Banking in a past life.


Besides my day job of being the Managing Editor for a content provider, I am also the Onboarding Manager - or the person who trains noobs. It's not as glamorous as it sounds; trust me!

I used to think that nobody would be silly enough to apply for a job without doing due diligence in discovering what the post would entail and how it would suit them; I was wrong.

Over the past 2 years and more, I have trained countless individuals and wasted hundreds of man-hours [people-hours?] on trying to fit square pegs into round holes; failure is inevitable.

From the dude who told me he doesn't like to write (Hello? You applied to be a writer?) to the gal who said she doesn't have a computer or WiFi (Erm, the job is remote and online?); I've seen it all.

Some people who apply seem to use up all of their creativity in the elaborate lies they tell on their resumés. Their actual writing is mediocre at best and borderline plagiarized at worst; I'm not kidding.

Noobs come in all shapes and sizes, and I am completely invested in trying to hire them once they get past the testing and interview phase. There is nobody rooting for them as hard as I am; bet.


For this reason, I don't give up easily. Sometimes allowing them to continue training long after they pass their sell-by date i.e. have proven they do not have what it takes; I'm heartbroken.

Nobody told me that noobs would apply for jobs while having no skills, no drive, and oftentimes no interest. That they would require the simplest things explained to them; it's pre-K over here!

If all noobs invested as much energy and time into learning a new job instead of disappearing for lunch dates and then working until the following morning, more would make it; I promise.

I've had trainees who were in law school, medical school, and the army promise that they would have enough time to hand in stellar articles by the deadline if I would just give them a chance; they do not.


It seems no one told them that being employed is a serious decision requiring commitment to 8-hour days, a strong work ethic, being able to self-motivate, and having the drive to get the job done; it's literally work.

Every single person who applies for a new job and is given an opportunity should cancel all their plans for a month and use the time to plug into the company and absorb as much during training as possible; it's a life choice.

A determination to succeed is a wonderful quality, but people should not spread themselves too thin and take on more commitments than they can handle; there are only 24 hours in a day.

And especially do not enter fields that you are not passionate about. The old adage of "Find a job where you're doing something you love every day and you won't work a day in your life" is true; follow your dreams.

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