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Underappreciated work

The author wants everyone to appreciate the efforts and sacrifices made by people in our life to keep us happy.


The more we are provided with resources the more we underappreciate the facilities we are being provided in our everyday life. From a milkman to the employee in charge of sending you emails for a company. A lot of work like such remains unnoticed by the general public. Sometimes we are so busy in our life that we do not really care about the efforts put in by the people around us. If you are a youngster who hasn't started earning yet; your parents work day and night to provide you with your necessary supplies and ensure that you are being taken care of very well. If you are a parent, you are probably not properly addressing your child's efforts for being appreciated by you. An employee who is fed up with his boss or vice versa. The same goes for many other people. I decided to list a bunch of such people in this article whose work is probably something we are all missing out on. We may be able to understand the situation better by an example of Sonya's life given by me.

The list we need to pay more attention to

We may be able to understand the situation better by an example of Sonya's life given by me.

Our parents

Sonya had a poor childhood, but now she has grown up to be a self-sufficient woman. She always dreamt of living in a posh villa in a popular street and to say the least her dream came true. But amid all of this, she couldn't care much for her parent's.

Her mother who taught her to walk, and the father who let her pretend to drive the scooter so that she could have a laugh, do not have her by their side . No one to teach her mother how to use a wheelchair and no one to repair her father's old scooter.

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Technology has reached a new level of height during the past years and its advantages are undeniably good. Finding an old friend on the internet to making new friends online, technology has a variety of pros but unfortunately, cons are followed by some malicious people. Many people that live far away from their families, loved one's and friends have found comfort through the proper use of technology.

The link below consists of an article that shows how technology can be so much more than just an entertainment system.


House help

By house- help I mean the group of people including nannies and caretakers etc.As you might know that many Asian families prefer housemaids for household activities as many individuals are not totally independent when it comes to cooking their own food, washing their utensils or clothes. I suppose we take these people for granted who are ready to spend their day taking up someone else's responsibilities.


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