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How To make a Simple and Effective Resume Form C.V

What Is A Resume?

A resume is a quick guide to your previous training, employment and personal achievements, it is a way to let potential employers quickly know your abilities and assess if you are suitable to be considered for employment in their company.

Employers are usually busy people and often do not really have the time to read through application forms from hundreds of candidates.

Your resume should be kept to a minimum allowing potential employers to see any relevant information at a glance.

Bullet points and chronological order help emloyers to quickly garner the parts of your resume that are important to their business.

sample resume


Making a Resume or Curriculum Vitae C.V (uk)

A resume summarises your personal details,work history,skills,experience,qualifications and personal qualities.

your resume is used to apply for work through advertisers or to employers who you think may be looking for people.

the main purpose of your resume is to tempt potential employers to invite you for an interview,

A good resume is a worth while investment,as it can improve your chances of getting a job.

Keep it Short and Sweet

Employers are busy people with little time to read lengthy documents,keep your resume short and to the point,it needs to contain all relevant information and be easy to read.

a resume should be accurate and honest but ensure you include all of the achievments in your career to date .

Even if it is your first ever job you are applying for you still have skills that may be relevant.

every day you use skills such as budgeting or problem solving which can easily be transferred into the work place.

What To Include In Your Resume

  1. Contact Details.(name,address,contact telephone number and if applicable email address).
  2. Summary of experience.use bullet points to highlight your experience,for example:computer literate-can use Word,Excel and Powerpoint software; Experienced team manager,8 years shop floor experience,implemented a purchasing plan that reduced costs by 20%.
  3. Qualifications. School or work related achievements and also courses that you have attended even if there wasn't a qualification at the end of it.
  4. Career history/work experience. Include employers name,start and finish dates,job title and summarise the role you played in that particular job.
  5. Personal details. Age marital status, can you drive,and any other information you feel is neccesary also include your hobbies and interests.

In an interview you are most likely to be asked to give more information about your resume be sure it is accurate,make notes that support your resume and read up on them on your way to the interview.

Producing Your Resume

It is a good idea to make a practice resume and ask a friend or relative to read it they may spot something you have missed or suggest improvements,you could also ask them what they think your strengths are since it can be difficult to assess your own and of course spelling and grammar are important.

once you are happy with the content print it to good quality white paper don't use colored paper the person you send it to may not like the same colors as you do.

Using Your Resume

A well produced resume will help in you job hunting. It can be used to apply for advertised vacancies, as a top up to an application form and you can send it to companies speculatively,it is your chance to sell yourself and improve your chance of interview and the ultimate goal a job.


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