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The Rose Game for Direct Sales Home Parties


Book 2-3 Parties at Every Party

The Rose Game is a fun, non-threatening way for direct sales consultants to encourage guests to book their own home party with you. You will continually get 2-3 solid home party bookings from every single party you host.

It can be overwhelming as a direct sales rep to figure out where to get bookings. With the Rose Game, you don't have to put on the spot asking people to host a party. You don't have to create your "list of 100." Start with a launch party hosted by you and giveaway the hostess credits to a guest, and play the Rose Game during the launch party to get your first two or three party bookings.

How to Play the Rose Game


The Rose Game is less pushy than asking every customer if they want to book their own party. You offer incentive - everyone likes something for free! They get to make the decision to help their friend out. The Rose Game also encourages the hostess to get involved with booking parties, because she gets an additional bonus if three people book a party. And of course, you reduce the risk of cancellations by keeping your parties booked within 30 days!

Time required: 5 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: $5-$15


  • Plastic roses
  • Flower pot (optional)


1. Buy 6-12 plastic roses. Throw them in your demo bag or kit so they are always ready to go at parties.Optional: get a cute flower pot and foam to hold them during the party. If you work for a candle company, you can create votive roses to use as well.

2. Start by introducing yourself and your company at your party. Do your normal introduction and icebreakers to get things going.

3. Tell your guests, "We're going to play Bachelorette, [company name] style! I'm giving Suzy Hostess three roses. Sit back and enjoy, and watch what we do during the party. When you're ready to book a party of your own, come up here and take a rose for yourself. If Suzy gives away all three flowers, she gets a bonus worth $100, and you get a bonus worth $50! Enjoy yourself and come up for a rose whenever you're ready."

4. Remember to mention the roses throughout the party.

Say things like:

"Suzy Hostess is going to earn stuff like this for free for hosting this party. Don't forget to get a rose to earn free product of your own!"

"Suzy Hostess only has 2 roses left, let's not let her miss out on that $100 bonus!"

"Are we having fun? Get your rose from Suzy Hostess if you want to have your own party!"

5. After the party during the ordering process, when a customer comes in with a rose, you can immediately jump into the booking process. Make sure they are aware the party has to be booked and held within 30 days to be eligible for the bonus (and to allow their hostess to get the bonus).

6. Once they are booked, let them know they must have at least 10 people in attendance to get the bonus - you can say something like "Now all you have to do is get at least 10 people at your party to get your bonus gifts!"

7. The hostess only gets her bonus when all three parties have been booked and held within 30 days. If any parties are canceled or moved farther than 30 days, they are no longer eligible. You get to choose what her bonus is; you can do samples, discontinued products, or even products not from your company that might work with your product. Make sure it's worth $100 to your hostess.

8. The $50 bonuses work the same way. You choose, and are only distributed if the party is booked and held within 30 days and have a minimum of 10 guests.

Offering Incentives for Booking a Party

Have you ever played the Rose Game or something similar to book parties for your home party business?

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