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The Most Popular Money Making Application

Introduction: Do you know there are a lot of money making options online. But, they are not all easy to start with. Fortunately, there are some options for everyone which are quite easy to learn or start earning money through online. Micro jobs, that are available on the internet on different crowdsourcing platforms, are absolutely good for beginners willing to make money digitally.

Now, talking about some good micro job applications that are available on play store or app store for mobile platforms, there are some good rated reliable apps that are growing in popularity by degrees off and on. Among those, toloka by yandex is highly popular in terms of both downloads and ratings.

Well, toloka is a very good paying micro job application where anyone can join without hesitation, even if unsure of many aspects it holds. Toloka is relatively newer than some other apps but it has been downloaded so far a lot more than its competitors like clickworker (which is also a good micro job application). And it's higher rated as well.

In toloka, you will complete easy to understand jobs which do not take a lot of time. It's upto you how much time you spend on this platform (or app). Not only this, it has a lot of different payout option apart from PayPal. And amazingly, it requires as little as 2 cents to request a withdrawal usually.

There are several types of tasks on toloka like categorisation jobs, text evaluation tasks, similarity checking tasks and so on. You can favourite tasks; You can reserve tasks for later. The payment rate per micro task vary from 1 cents to 20 cents on average. There are exams, trainings for different jobs to check out the quality of workers before they can start working on the paid tasks. You will earn skill badges as you keep progressing on this platform.

Verdict: Should you try this app? This app is best for anyone who is looking for some part time easy work or starting to make money as an absolute beginner. Even though it does not make you rich, It can be a very decent application for making some good side income on the go.

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