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The Grand Launch of Specscart in Urmston, Manchester

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Specscart - the award-winning eyewear startup born at the University of Manchester - is planning to launch another store in the heart of Greater Manchester at Urmston. Since its inception in 2017, it has made a name for itself in the community for its brilliant user experience and lightning fast delivery. As a social initiative, it also offers free eye tests for everyone, regardless of NHS vouchers. This will be Specscart’s 3rd store in Manchester - the other being in Walkden and Bury.

About Urmston

Urmston is a town in Trafford, Greater Manchester, England. It has a population of 41,825 according to the 2011 census. The whole land is around 4799 acres which is about 19 km square. It is 5 miles or 8km southwest of Manchester city center. Historically it is situated in Lancashire. The railways here acted as a catalyst in transforming the town into a residence for the middle classes. It is a bustling town with lots to explore.

About Specscart

Specscart is an eyewear startup founded by Sid Sethi, which brings justice to the eyewear market by making eyewear a fast moving fashion accessory. Specscart is born to change glasses from just being an instrument for corrective sight to a fashionable supplement. Specscart says that if there is an option to have 2 pairs of glasses in the wardrobe instead of one at the same price then why not we buy two instead of one.

The tagline “Frame for every game” says that we should have eyewears for every purpose and outfit. This makes us curious to know more about the company Specscart.

The first store was launched in Walkden in 2017. The place was very small inside a shopping mall yet it paved the way for Specscart to expand more. It started with a small group of people but due to its goodness and customer friendly nature it has got some good reviews from its customers. This Walkden store expanded itself to a 4 times larger place in that shopping mall in September 2021. This was a grand launch by the company. The second store was launched in Bury in 2018. This was how it started its journey.

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Specscart provides the facility to try the glasses in the store only. The facility to try glasses in the store itself is open for all the customers coming to the stores. There is no restriction in trying the frames before buying them. And this facility itself has helped the customers choose Specscart over other companies. Even the price of the glasses are budget friendly to the customers when compared with the other companies.

Impact of the pandemic-

During the pandemic, it was a tough time for a lot of stores, including Specscart. But they have taken it as a challenge and have faced it with all their courage and remained focused on their goals. Thus during this time, shopping for online glasses has increased. This online facility has helped Specscart to expand even more during and after the pandemic. Specscart provides a free eye test for everyone and also free shipping to all its customers. These are some of the reasons for which Specscart is expanding.

Why more retail stores in the age of ecommerce?

Since the pandemic is almost over, it has decided to launch its third store in Urmston. As it is expanding itself by the great responses from all over the world the decision has been thus taken.

It has always been tradition to go out and buy things by seeing and checking the things physically. The reason behind this is that we can get the things in hand and see and try them before buying it. It is exactly like that in the case of Specscart. When we visit the store, we get more options of frames and glasses in the store. We don’t have to wait for the delivery at home. We can get them instantly.

Though the online services are very flexible these days, it is always better to visit the store and buy the things.

In this New Year, Specscart is going to launch its third store in Urmston with a new variety of collection of spectacles and sunglasses. More exciting offers are coming on the way for the Urmston people. So all the people living in Urmston are invited for the grand launch and visit the store for some exciting collection of the eyewears.

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