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The conservation of human resource

The conservation of human resource

The conservation of human resource

As producers, human beings are positive resources, adding greatly to the sum total of our industrial production. As consumers, they are negative resources.

The conservation of positive human resources begins with health improvement, in which vast progress has been made since 1900. However, medical services and various types of equipment for the lame or the blind could be made more widely available if public money were appropri-ated to cover the costs. The profit to the country would far outweight the cost in the long run, since those benefited would become gainfully employed. As a result, they would become a positive resource and would add to the national income.

Human conservation also takes the form of education and training. The growth of technology and automation is plainly pushing us toward the employ-ment of fewer workers in the production of things and more workers in services, ranging from schoolteaching to the designing of electronic computers or the op-eration of large organizations. Growing scarcity of physical raw materials will impel our descendants still further in this direction. To accommodate themselves to the new jobs' they will have to be far better educated than their forebears. Otherwise, they will contribute nothing to the economy and will become a nega-tive resource.

Human beings as a negative resource -as consumers rather than producers - will clearly become the most serious prob-lem facing the U.S and the world in general - that is, if men avoid illing themselves off by the hundreds of millions in a nuclear war.....

(From The Book of Popular Science, pp.11-12)



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