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Not doing all that bad...


Where it begins

I have done little updates. They are in " " which is my revised section

Hello everybody, let me inform you a little about myself. My name is Mark and I suffer from TBI or traumatic brain injury and do receive disability. I have become interested in the "internet business" because after doing some research and I research everything, this is the only industry that creates millionaires daily."But I am currently apart of a platform that is training me and now has me thinking differently. Instead of thinking to make money, I am thinking to help people with their problems" I can see why because there are so many avenues within this industry to go down. I started my whole internet thing about a month ago or so it seems and I love it. But I have seen no income what so ever and I NEED income, come January, if I don't have something "up and" going then I am going homeless again.

Having been homeless

I have been homeless before and it is not fun! I got mixed into the wrong crowd and started doing dirt (another word for work) and eventually got arrested. I was thrown into jail where I realized I hated it there! So I vowed to never do anything like that again, getting out "of jail" though and not being welcomed anywhere, well, that was a struggle in itself. An ex "of mine" allowed me to stay at her place for a while until the property owners had something against me and banned me from the property. Luckily, an old co worker let me move in for a little while, she "also" lived in a 55+ park and I "am not" wasn't 55+, so I stayed there a bit and then got kicked out of there.

Struggle continues

I was kicked out of there and "being kicked out of there I" went homeless for a little while. Until I found a halfway house! It was a working halfway house and to get in my Father had to pay my rent because I "had no" was out of money. So after their four day restriction, I was sent out "on a job search" to find a "employment" job. I stumbled into an auto body shop, not knowing how to do anything and got a job! It was easy work and at the time I was on probation as well as doing required drug classes.

Further down the road

I completed the required drug classes and tried to talk "the body shop" my work into "letting me work" working me part time because I didn't want to lose my disability. They wouldn't work with me so I ended up quitting from there. I then went onto another search for "employment" work and got an interview at this "retirement center" place which was a 55+ care community. I knew I didn't have any of the qualifications but I was working on my accountability.

The interview

"Working on my accountability" So I went into this interview, knowing that I did not have any of the qualifications but told the interviewer just that. The interviewer was a very attractive lady and I didnt realize that I would have a 10 month relationship with her very shortly down the road. After telling her that she thanked me but continued interviewing me.

The ending of the interveiw

At the ending of the interview she said she was going to interview some others and would let me know. Later that day, we came to chatting about multiple things that were not work related and later met up and became intimate.

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Intimate and more

Shortly after, I moved in with her and her four children. Now I personally dont have children of my own but kids love me. I was not working but really wanted to find internet work and eventually I did.. or so I thought I did. I really started looking into virtual assistant work and landed a job. Come to find out the job was a scam, I guess he was taking money from the Arizona unemployment program and transferring it to me and I did what he requested of it.

Things my "employer" wanted done

He often had me go buy bitcoin for him, which I had been looking into bitcoin long before this and assumed that it was understandable that someone of his figure would want to invest in crypto currency, as did I. Eventually Wells Fargo shut down my account because of this scam and he then disappeared. So I was left with no job, no bank account and a broken dream.

With the not working

With the VA job turning out to be a scam, that kind of let my hopes down just for a little bit. I then continued on my search to find something else. I joined Lionbridge and they have worked out but they pay minimal amount and the work is sporadic. I enjoy doing their work though, basically all I do is review websites for them. I do it from home and when I want. But I want/need more so eventually I joined a platform that is helping me create websites. It is still new so I am hoping and praying for the best of things to come.

Where I sit today

So we have broken up and I am now living with my Arizona dad or my ex step dad until January. He said he would fight the park(it also being a 55+ park) about me staying but didn't, which is fine, it gives me a little time to spend here and try to get things going online. I have researched many avenues of the whole online business and "I became an" am an affiliate for Amazon as well as multiple other companies. I have two websites created and manage them on a daily basis and I am starting to type also, which is why I am here talking with you.

Check out how the internet works!

A few other things I have set up

I have a personal blog, as well as, with my "had an automotive website" automotive website am trying to get google AdSense "which I heard pays peanuts" set up so they can start displaying ads on my webpages. Also, another thing I have set up is working for Lionbridge, I have had that going for a little while and that does pay a " a little chunk of change" little bit. But I continue to look for other avenues of making income, so wish me the best! Take care of yourself!

Just decided to step down YouTubes avenue

Earlier, I went on an educational drive and watched a couple videos off Udemy. They were about starting a YouTube channel and I knew about this but I didnt plan on doing that quite yet. But I figured f*ck it, lets just get it going. Not to mention, watched a video course on how to make videos without me being in the video! So I get back and learn that this is just like what I am doing now, I have to wait for traffic and traffic takes forever...


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